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Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

So this blind, prickly, angry little cat is on FIRST?! Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah, because everyone obsesses over him. I can't STAND him. When he was a kit, he was this little brat who went around feeling oh so sorry for himself. Not that he ever improved, he just became all high and mighty when he found about the prophecy. And he gets all mad if someone doesn't tell him everything he wants to know right away. Have a little patience. And modesty. He gets all offended whenever someone tries to help him. News flash-they are not helping you because they think you're some sort of weak little kit. They're actually trying to be-gasp-friendly. A concept you apparently don't understand. And to be honest, he kind of creeps me out. He's got these blank cloudy blue eyes, and he can READ MINDS. Doesn't anyone find this at least a little creepy? Do you really want someone around who knows exactly what you're thinking?

I disagree with your opinion. I personally understand Jayfeather, being mute. People treat me like a newborn.

I have a big crush on Jayfeather. In spite of his grumpy temper and bad eyesight, he has special powers. Being with someone who cares about you and knows what you're thinking, you might get more loved by him or her! Okay, now all the other fans say that he is grumpy. It isn't his fault he's mad; he was literally not treated nicely when he is a kit. He pretty wanted to be a normal warrior, but he got the rank a medicine cat apprentice. He has a right to be grumpy after all, because it wasn't fair for him. Message me if you don't agree! - JayflightXStick (New Account Will Be Here Soon!)

You know, he had a right to be mad. When he was a kit, nobody really understood him. Even Firestar, who is usually a fair and calm leader (think Brightheart's name), didn't get that he viewed himself as the equal of any other cat alive. He wanted to be a warrior, and he was a bit pissed off because nobody thought he could become one. When he first became a medicine cat, he was pretty upset, and for good reason too. However, he has since adjusted to his role in the clan. He was probably most affected by (spoiler) the discovery that his mother was Leafpool. I mean, she was one of the few cats who saw him for who he really was, and then, all of a sudden, she doesn't want anything to do with him (end spoiler). He is a pretty grumpy and sullen cat, but he has a kind heart, and he serves his Clan well.

At first Jayfeather was probably met least favourite cat, but then I am part deaf and I get a little grumpy sometimes. But being grumpy and secretive is part of Jayfeather's personality! Imagine not being able to see and you're treated like a kit instead of a normal cat. How would you feel? He's still not my favourite, but I have warmed up to him. I don't have a crush on him, however. Grouchy-type cats aren't my type.
What doesn't make sense, though, is that people would want to be mates with a medicine cat. I mean, one, it's against the warrior code, and two, why Jayfeather?
I hope none of you are offended by this message. I think Jayfeather is a decent cat. Bye now!


Stonefur's not given enough credit. He is one of the most noble cats in the books. He reminds me a lot of Whitestorm in so many ways. He died one of the most heroic deaths: saving two innocent kits from a tyrant, knowing that he could quite possibly die in the doing so. He could have easily murdered Stormfur and Feathertail, apprentices at the time, but he chose to do the right thing and sacrificed himself to save them. He almost fought Darkstripe off, even in his weakened state, and died the death of a true hero. He was strong, noble, compassionate, fierce, and demonstrated the epitome of courage, wisdom, and loyalty in his final act. He would have been a fantastic leader, and he is one of the most awesome cats in the series. He's not one of my all-time favorites but he's such a good cat and deserved more than what he was given. I don't get how cats like Ashfur, who went ballistic because their "girlfriend" "broke up with them" get more credit than Stonefur. I respect all opinions so ...more

What a great, brave warrior. Such a loyal cat, Graystripe should be more thankful.

Ummm. First if there NOT real why would u have a crush? Second, okay Stonefur IS pretty u know what

It was so sad that he died. He was just trying to be loyal to his clan and protect his sister and Graystripe's kits. I really hate Leopardstar in this scene. What would Crookedstar think of her now?

Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous more.

He such a nice, wholesome cat. Not a crush exactly, but an absolute favorite cat.

I love ravenpaw but I think the comment that's above mine (or below) should have him... if ravenpaw were still in the clans (official) I would have liked to name him ravenblaze (if I became leader that is)

Back off, he's mine! Raven has always been my fave. He's so cute and needs TLC!

! I love Raven paw so much! He reminds me of Deku from My Hero Academia! He's adorable! :3 (Barley x Raven Paw! #Forever! )


He is so devoted. He turned down DEPUTY for Bluefur. He is great. - GraystripeFAN

I love him so much! He's funny, smart, and devoted to Bluestar. He really loved her and was a great father. - Splashstorm

I seriously loved Oakheart in Bluefur's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise. He was always so devoted and loyal to his clan and always supported his brother even when their mother rejected him. He had a great sense of humor with Bluefur when she spat at him from across the border! I thought that was so cute. He also loved his kits very fiercely even though they did not know he is their father. He is my favorite cat ever because he was brave, funny and a bit shy!

Ok so YES I do have a crush on him. His character is really charming and funny. That's like my dream guy. However he is also compassionate and kind. Great Character design Hunters!

Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

Those people who say they don't like him because Firestar is "perfect", he's not perfect. Helping cats that don't really need his help to survive and isn't really that necessary to the survival of the clans is not perfect. Not all cases of helping cats are good. For example, I really don't like Daisy. She was so dumb in The New Prophecy series. (Sunrise, page 120-121) Rock said (I forgot where) that Firestar could never have lead the journey to the sun-drown place because he loved helping too much. Remember the trouble he got into with Yellowfang?

Daisy isn't as bad as people think she is. I admire her in the badger attack on the camp when she puts on a brave face in front of her kits. Yes, she can be a wimp at times... But she would do anything for her kits. She is a great mother to a lot of cats in the Clan. I also like to think of the life Ferncloud gives Bramblestar. When she gives him a life for understanding that warriors aren't the only ones who provide for the Clan. That kit-mothers play an important role as well. "Without us, the Clan would be as rootless as an upturned tree. Honor the mother-cats for we give you all life."

He is a really sweet character and people who say he is perfect should reread the series and people who say he is annoying should realize they wouldn’t do any better

I honestly DESPISE him! He was a kittypet and ended up being leader?! And there was nothing wrong with him?! He also didn't support Graystripe and Silverstream. Seriously, he wasn't the best.

I do not have a crush on this cat and I never will he instead of supporting graystripe's relationship with sliverstream he insulted them and complained about it and he's the one who sneaks of to the twolegplace and breaks the code! And he judged inconsistent little bramble kit because of his father and he started a fight with graystripe and tired to break the code by murdering claw face when white storm told him not too


He was a big hunk a white fluff and was loyal and brave and so courageous and again so brave when his mother died he stayed strong forever and forever

R.I. p Whitestorm was the noble warrior that was born to be a leader but it was never his destiny

Whitestorm was always an amazing cat. I mean, that's probably where Bluestar got her goodness from before she went totally deranged when she got old. He should have been made leader, but I guess some things are just meant to be. Thank you, Whitestorm. You are our hero and our friend.

He is calm and loyal. He ignored his father, Thistleclaw’s, calling and became an amazing cat.

Yes I love Whitestorm! He is so sweet and caring, and -gasp- isn't hostile to other clans two seconds after seeing a border patrol!


He was so loyal to Bluestar. He didn't know who was the father of her kits. But he didn't care. He ACTED like their father.

He was such a good fake father. He would be one of my best friends. - GraystripeFAN

I love how he was so kind and loyal loving toward Bluefur and how even though when she didn't have the slightest interest in him he always kept loving her, but she was just so wrong and blind to that, so she chose Oakheart, the one cat from Riverclan, that was the reason that Snowfur died, because she got mad, then there were the Shadowclan cats in their territory and she was so distracted that she kept chasing them across the road so she got ran over by a car, which is one of the major downside of Oakheart. Plus, if Bluestar and Oakheart would have never fallen in love Bluestar wouldn't of had kits (unless they were with Thrushpelt), so there wouldn't be the danger of Thistleclaw becoming deputy Snowfur wouldn't of died, and the warrior code would've never been broken by Bluestar and Oakheart. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thrushpelt was so loyal to Bluestar. All he wanted was for her and her kits to be happy. Of all the cats, he is so nice that way. I also really like Brackenfur!


Why I like Graystripe:
1. Uh, well, he is rather attractive... IN A CAT'S POINT OF VIEW.
2. He is funny, smart, friendly, comforting, and he can make AWESOME quotes. Adding on to this, he is also quite a good fighter and isn't afraid to stand up for what is right. Plus, he is argumentative and ready to jump into battle at anytime. I remember many times in the books he was battle ready when Firestar was threatening an enemy patrol on the border. You usually don't see such a cool mix of personality on cats that are funny and friendly.
3. Come on, this poor guy's been through A LOT. His first mate dying... His banishment from not only RiverClan, but basically seeing his kits, except for once a month for ten minuets or so... Being captured by twolegs and having to find his way back to the Clans, since they moved... And then not really being, I don't know, accepted into his Clan. They just didn't seem like they were as friendly and welcoming to him as other cats already in the ...more

A brave, loyal cat who was also somewhat of a troublemaker in the start... what else could a she-cat want?

I love how clumsy and funny he is. He’s so outgoing, but also loyal.

I have to agree! The only things Graystripe ever does are the ones that will benefit everyone or the things he believes to be right. Even seeing Silverstream he thought was right.


Cloudtail becomes a great person with Brightheart and it is very sweet

He was able to convince Brightheart that she was still beautiful after the accident with the dogs, and that says something. I like how he's also not afraid to be different. I doubt he cares what others think about him not believing in StarClan. Sure, he's a little stubborn, but he'd go to the ends of the Earth for the ones he loves.

I actually DO have a crush on Cloudtail! BACK OFF BRIGHTHEART *snarls and claws Brightheart*

Love him! He was brave and loyal, and Brightheart was really lucky to have him! HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THE FAN ART?
It's like him casually SWISHING HIS FUR AND JUMPING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LEAPS, LOVE YOU! He didn't know how handsome he was. He is so adventurous!


I picked Jayfeather over him... But Crowfeather is also really great! I love how he has a soft spot for the ones he loves. It would make any cat/human feel special. And Crowfeather is probably one of the best looking cats in the series (in my mind anyway)! I really like dark gray cats with blue eyes. I do feel like he treated Nightcloud and Breezepelt unfairly... But if you think about it, he's lost a lot. The first cat he loved (Feathertail) died in the mountains and the second cat he loved (Leafpool) couldn't ever really leave her Clan. I'm not gonna lie though, it made me so sad when Leafpool and Crowfeather said goodbye in Sunset. He thought he would never matter enough to her yet she was just as sad and torn as he was! He seems prickly on the outside, but on the inside, he's really just a cat in pain. His heart wanted two she-cats he couldn't have. I bet it tore him up pretty bad.

Basically if I was a cat I wouldn't be Crowfeather's mate but be his best friend.
I'm complete like Crowfeather.

He may be a prick on the outside, but he's so sweet on the inside. He cared for Feathertail so much he was willing to kill himself for her. I know that's a bit too far, but it shows how passionate he can be about his loved ones. He also abandoned his Clan just for Leafpool.

I like the way he has smart retorts and common sense.
One star is an idiot.
He and Leafpool is mi favorite ship

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Tallstar forever. But Crowfeather and Alderfang are also so sweet. -Sparkfire

It's okay to have feelings for Tallstar, but I think he was more interested in toms (Jake). - Shiverfeather

How could you not grow slightly attached to him? I did, and I feel what a user below has felt, that Jake and Tallstar's relationship was really close but not enough to "mate". More like a brothers' relationship. I thought I was the only one - Bluestarleader

Tallstar wasn't interested in she-cats, guys.


If you read Firestar's Quest you really know who he is. I couldn't help but grow slightly attached to his uncertain personality. He seemed almost like Ravenpaw, scared but would come back and fight an army for the bonds he left behind. He's also pretty sweet, and if he stayed longer the clan would've been stronger. Or became a daylight warrior, even though I don't like their system. I would've preferred if he had a bigger role in the Clan.

He's so sweet and just like Ravenpaw, but I really LOVE Shortwhisker

Just a sweet cat.

Shortwhisker is the best


Wha *sputter* HOW IS HE NOT NUMBER ONE! Scars make you beautiful Crookedstar

I think Crookedstar was just awwdorable! Who cannot love him first as a kit then as a leader

Crookedstar is my second faveorite cat and Ravenpaw is my first fave. But since Crookedstar is here I vote him. He should be number one not ten.

He is amazing, so handsome and sweet and loyal. Willowbreeze was so lucky!


He is so loving. I’m glad he stayed in the mountains with Brook but, I miss him. - GraystripeFAN

Love him and he is mine he never gives up even when his sister dies in the story and because of that he made it home from the journey they made but I'm sad that his choice of mate was brook she is very talented but other people like me want him as a mate.


I love Stormfur! I think he made the right decision and I admire him for staying with Brook and following his dreams, even after his sisters death.

Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

When he was first mentioned in the books in Midnight I thought he was this just big mouthed tabby and a bit mysterious. I kinda liked him as a character but I was obsessed with Brambleclaw back then. But now he is just lying and causing a lot of chaos and crap. He made Mothwing lie and poor her. I actually screamed at him in my book one day I was reading Starlight. It did not go well. So I hated Hawkfrost to the death and I wanted to murder all brown tabbies and burn all the New Prophecy books in the world. (Unfortunately, I have brown tabby that's the nicest animal in the world so he can't die). Then in Sunset, Brambleclaw killed him and I'm like " yay! Your my hero, Bram! ". He went to the Dark Forest. Okay, that's the very end of all the bad guys. WRONG! Lionblaze used to be trained by Tigerstar but then he killed him twice. But, here is the most entertaining series of all of Warriors. Omen of the Stars! When they recruit innocent warriors into the Dark Forest. Well when I saw ...more

Ok I absolutely hate Bramblestar, especially for killing Hawkfrost!

Get away everyone he is mine. he was mine since the release date of the books with Hawkfrost in it!

Hawk frost is amazing! I love him so much. If it weren't FOR DARN TIGERSTAR EVEN THOUGH I LIKE HIM he wouldn't be evil!


I love that squirrelflight and him became mates, I was really hoping for that!

If I was a Female Tigerclaw that is not evil and is in ThunderClan I would love him!

I think I like him a lot because of his faults. He's not perfect but in the end, he tries his best. It was a little annoying when he got angry at Squirrelflight over the three kits... but if you think about it, who wouldn't? Imagine having the person you love lie to you for months about your children not actually being your children. I know I wouldn't exactly be happy with her. But in the end, he realizes that he was wrong. So I like him because he tries his best to be the best he can be. And what more can you ask of someone?

I like Brambleclaw, until a certain book where he gets serious and just tries to become deputy. I really like him though, I don't like that he got mad at Squirrelflight after she told him that the 3 weren't their kits, and when Squirrelflight was attacked by Ashfur, Brambleclaw (Her mate. ) wasn't there to protect her. But still, go Brambleclaw!

Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

I always had a crush on Scourge. He is so handsome. I like how he is the boss and has so much respect and how he is a villain it makes him dangerous I like dangerous characters. Love the collar too. Love the name. Love the colour black. Love the white paw. Love the blue eyes. Love everything. LOVE SCOURGE

Your just cool. Don't really have a crush.
Though I HATe you for killing Tigerstar!

At First when I read the Darkest Hour I hated Scourge, but then I read Rise of Scourge and I got his side of the story. He started to be my favorite character. Then I watched some of Flightfeathers Scourge AMVs I started to fall in love with him. He is just so sexy! - ducky

Why are you calling a cat sexy? That's just plain creepy and disgusting.

I ship him with my OC, Poopieface. Do not steal or Poopieface will kill you with her deadly poops.


I really love Brackenfur. Probably because I feel like I can relate to him more than the others. He likes to think about things before jumping in. I'm very much like that. He shows great forethought and I hope to have that as well someday. He's a quiet and noble cat who to me seems a little underrated. He's patient with younger cats, he's a good father, he's a good mate, he's brave and loyal, and he's willing to do whatever he has too to protect the cats he cares about. This is what I want in a spouse. And I don't agree with Scourge and Hawkfrost being above him in this list.

He is quiet but a great warrior, mate, and father. He would’ve been a great leader.

This guy is just amazing, he's a great warrior and is good enough to be leader, he's just so nice

Yes! Such a calm, wise, intellectual, thoughtful cat! He is very nice, and is very noble! He is loyal and cares for his mate and kits, and cares so much for them! He is my second favorite, tied with River Ripple and Gray Wing behind Crookedstar!

Fallen Leaves

I don't have a crush on him but it was so sweet when he told jay paw. "I'll walk with you just like when you did like a brother,"(I don't know if those are the exact words but it was still sweet)

Fallen Leaves was a awesome cat and he deserved Hollyleaf if they were still alive. They must be mates NOW!

It was so sad when he saw holly leaf dying they were perfect for each other

Um I hate it when people make stupid matches up like FALLEN LEAVES AND HOLLY LEAF!


Redtail would have made a great leader. He was an understanding cat with great and powerful faith. If Tigerstar hadn't killed him, his apprentice, Dustpelt would have made it through training. Redtail was a noble cat like Bluestar.

I wish Redtail would've been in the story more. He seems like a great warrior.

Redtail is awesome he is brother to my favorite cat spottedleaf and when tigersar killed him it was so sad!

I love Redtail like the last thing he thought was that he couldn't go on a hunting patrol with Dustpaw


It doesn't make sense that he has to be called Blackstar.

I'm indifferent about Blackstar though in a cat's point of view I guess he would look attractive (I don't understand why people go crazy over Warrior Cats and call then hot... that's very strange and creepy ex. OM GOODNESS THIS CAT IS TOTES HOT I WANT TO KISS HIS PRETTY FACE! People like that creep me out). Anyway Blackstar did try to kill two innocent apprentices and did kill Stonefur, but he felt sorry about the incident in The Darkest Hour, and Tigerstar did tell him to do this treacherous things and as the Warrior Code saids "The word of your leader is the code" (Though I find that part of the warrior code absurd because ex, Brokenstar ex. I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KILL INNOCENT KITS, due to the code they kill all the kits in the nursery and the expecting queens, wow great part of the code (sarcasm). Back to what I was saying, Blackstar did become a better character as a leader and including the fact that I personally LOVE Shadowclan.

Probably my favourite cat besides Whitestorm and mapleshade

I was so-so with him in Lost Shadows, but now I HATE him! He acted like a stuck-up in front of Brokenstar when Yellowfang was banished for 'killing' her own sisters. Let me just say:


He deserved better. Dovewing should have never dumped him. He would have done anything for her, and she was just like, "Bye. I'm gonna go date this guy from another Clan who descends from the most evil cat in the world."

Dovewing should not have rejected him! He is much nicer than Tigerheart! (Tigerstar)

SPOILER ALERT Bumblestripe really deserved to have a mate. But then Dovewing pretty much dumped him in Bramblestar's Storm. I suppose it's better than most warrior cat "dumpings" because there wasn't another cat involved. But still. He didn't deserve it.

Bumblestripe is so sweet! He's not annoying like Tigerheart, he's more like his father! And does all of these sweet little things everyday for somebody! AND SHE DIDN'T DESERVE HIM!


I love Sandstorm! She was one of my favorite character and I love FirestarXSandstorm

OH CRUD! I spam, Firestar, no I'm sorry, don'!

No. She picked the worst cat to become mates with and had 2 of the worst daughters. The only cats I like from Sandstorm and Firestar's family is Cloudtail and Hollyleaf. Sandstorm made a horrible decision. You ruined the books for me. Let's go back to when Bluestar and the cats before her were leaders that's when I actually liked Thunderclan. You should've picked Dustpelt Sandstorm.

I LOVE FIRESTAND SANDSTORM TOGETHER! True that Sandstorm was a bit mean to Firestar but their still adorable together!

Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild.

What a beautiful cat. Every other med cat had some edgelord backstory, it not Spottedleaf. I like this character a lot.

So Beautiful and brave! Thank you SpottedFire supporters! I hate Mapleshade and Clawfave but love her and Firestar! Who cares if she's a medicine cat! There are a ton of forbidden loves! And whoever said they weren't the same age? Even if they weren't are you guys forgetting about Dustpelt and Ferncloud?! She's the best and stop FRICKING hating because you guys have nothing better to do but stick your noses in the air! If I were there those noses would be punched! THIS IS FOR POSITIVE COMMENTS AND WHY YOU DO HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM SO JUST FRICKING STOP! Go Team SpottedFire! Go team SpottedFire!

I was soooo mad when she died! It is confusing though cause I like Spottedleaf and Sandstorm with Firestar but her death was so sad!

I love her so much, I hate clawface but I'm glad firestar killed clawface


Stupid thistleclaw! He ruined tigerstar's life

How the hell is this o'clock on here he's the biggest dick I've ever seen so annoying and very bratty to Bluestar yes he may have lost his little sister and his mate but think about it other warrior cats have had that livesthat are worse than his like bluestar and crooked star Bluestar lost her mother her father didn't care about her she lost her sister she lost her mate she lost her kids and then tiger claw tried to murder her and crooked star his mother hated him yes his father may still have loved him but since he made that promise to Maple Shade he lost everything he lost the chance of winning his mothers love he lost his father he lost his brother he lost his mate he lost two of his kids and when his final kit survived she died while giving birth to kits which basically leaves him with nothing and comparing that with thistleclaw his life is not that bad why should I give a crap about him him he is annoying Braddy and has no reason to do it and plus he kind of made scourge very ...more

Why is THISLECLAW up on this list?!?! He totally should have been leader if he weren't SO VERY EVIL! But he taught TIGERSTAR to be evil, and you see how he turned out!

Mapleshade, Bluestar, and Snowfur. The three that made him evil. THINK about it. Losing your mate, having your kit taken away, chased out of STARCLAN. So then, yes he is ambitious, but most Tom's are. He is battle hungry, but so are most Tom's. He is trained by Mapleshade to be evil and when Bluestar takes everything away from him he loses it. I don't LOVE him, but I can understand him. Imagine being with your mate and waiting for your son and then chased out by your mates sister. And people mostly hate Thistle because of Bluestar, but she treated him bad to! I felt refreshed to see a rivalry but then it went to far when I read that she chased him out. Thistle was a mis understood character and we should try to put ourselves in his paws. -Cricketleap, loyal WARRIOR of Timeclan

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