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Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.


I cannot stand Jayfeather. It makes me legitimately angry whenever I have to read his chapters. It boggles me why he's made it to the top of the list, even more why many warriors fans obsess over him and practically worship him. But hey, I guess I've just got an odd opinion. Can someone please explain to me why he is so popular? I get that he's snarky and witty, but he's just so mean-spirited to every cat around him. He's blind (pun intended) to other cat's opinions and feelings, despite having the gift to read minds. He can't understand other cat's perspective on things, or doesn't care enough about others to consider any different opinions they might hold. So Jayfeather fans: what about this character is so appealing? What are his redeeming qualities? I'm seriously interested, as I can't find many good things about this character. Can anyone help me with my perspective on him? - goldfishsticks

Super smart, sarcastic, funny, compassionate, curious, brave, strong, independent, complex, moody, loyal, fierce, introverted, short-tempered, tough, determined, intuitive, caring, grumpy, a gifted medicine cat, cool, a cynical world-weary pessimist, snarky, witty, spunky, rude, The Original Grumpy Cat, outspoken, and awesome? Combine it all and you've got Jayfeather! Something about this grumpy uncooperative furball is irresistible. 3 He's got the most hilarious sense of humor with his biting sarcasm, he's complicated with a lot of depth and layers to him, and he's a true sweetheart underneath his tough exterior. This blind, prickly, impatient, medicine cat has a lot of flaws, but that's what makes him such an interesting relatable and likeable character. He's basically a Male Yellowfang. And, admit it, in a cat's point of view, he's really cute. I find it interesting how he doesn't have a lot of friends or love interests in the books, but almost everybody fangirls over him. Why ...more

Yea Jayfeather is awesome, he is my favorite cat in the whole Series too, even more then Bluestar and I really like Bluestar! He looks awesome and cute, I like his temper and his sarcasm, it makes him awesome all through sometimes he's rude and I feel like smacking him laugh out loud. Also I like how's he blind, it makes him unique in a good way, and I have a thing for blind people too. Jayfeather is just awesome in every way possible. There are too many reasons to list here. Go Jayfeather! What? I'm not obsessed with Jayfeather!

Jayfeather's my favorite cat, and I'm not a crazy fan-girl. He's a moody, grumpy cat, but he developed the most over the series out of his siblings (we didn't see Hollyleaf's). Why don't haters of Jayfeather see that he changed? In the beginning, he went feeling sorry for himself, but he mostly covered it up by being prideful, and only being called a "worthless kit" triggered him to show self-pity. Anyway, he patched up his relationship with Brightheart. (They joke a lot and help each other. ) And powers have nothing to do with if a character is good or not. And it's not Jayfeather's fault his eyes creep you out, he's blind for Pete's sake. And I believe he felt abandoned by Leafpool, and he was the first to forgive her. And Jayfeather always mentions how he doesn't like pricking his clanmates' thoughts; he can't really help it. Literally. - TheFlyingOtter

I must admit, it is awkward to say, but I am jealous of a stick. Yes, I admit, I have a crush on a fictional cat. But still, his sarcasm, his comebacks, his everything! ITS JUST PLAIN AWESOMENESS. Let's just take that awesomeness, make it into jelly, and eat it on toast, then we might ALMOST come close to his awesomeness. I never imagined there could be anyone more awesome then Yellowfang, but, JAYFEATHER! How come nobody noticed how blind they were to everything! Jayfeather wasn't the blind one! Everyone else is! I HATE ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME!

I love Jayfeather. That's one of my biggest secrets, yes, I am in love with a cat in a book. If you don't think this is ridiculous, thanks a lot. I am obsessed with Jayfeather, I love him! I love his sarcasm, attitude, blindness, temper, and uniqueness. I admit it, I'm in love with Jayfeather!

Jayfeather was prickly, sometimes annoying, and easily mad, but he's amazing. Sure he's blind, but being blind doesn't affect his personality. Jayfeather is actually quite attractive in cats point of view, and he's funny, smart, and can get mad, but it's actually kind of cute. He is unique and stands out from all the other cats. Some people instantly hate Jayfeather because of his prickly personality, but look a bit closer, you might find a kind, funny side to him. Have some patience for him, later on in the series he doesn't as prickly anymore. - Asuna_Yuuki

Jayfeather is cool, I know he made mistakes when he was younger but we all do. He was also made bitter by an incapable mentor who said all the wrong things and pitied him when he was trying to make something of his life, so not helpful Brightheart. He then proceeded to accept his fate and serve his clan, I'll admit he was a grumpy about it but wouldn't you if you were forced to become something you didn't want to be? Jayfeather is so sweet with Half Moon too and was sad that he had to give up living among the ancient cats, his only shot at a normal life, that couldn't have been easy. - Songwind

I almost couldn't decide between Jayfeather and Crowfeather... but I have always liked Jayfeather. Sometimes I wish I could just be there with him in the books lol! Yes he's prickly, but he's also one of the most caring cats you can meet in the series! I love the chapters where he saves Poppyfrost. Once from greencough and once from Breezepelt. And I can't help agreeing with him sometimes... Sometimes warriors can be wimps! And I almost die laughing every time I read the part where he's apprenticed and Brightheart announces that she's asked Longtail to help with training and he thinks to himself: Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them! The one thing I didn't especially care for was his relationship with Half Moon... I didn't really like that that much. But other than that, Jayfeather is a superb character! - Falconflight

Everyone is so hard on Jayfeather. It's not really his fault his blind. Cats think his weak because of his blindness. Stupid Hollyleaf is just jealous of him because he and Lionblaze is in the prophecy and she's not. I was really upset when she said that Jayfeather was useless when they were kits. Jayfeather can see things she can't so basically, Hollyleaf's the blind one. Lionblaze really respected Jayfeather, as a medicine AND and brother. Hollyleaf respects Jayfeather for nothing. I LOVE JAYFEATHER SO MUCH!

Let's be honest warrior cat fans. Jayfeather is totally awesome. He's strong-willed, intelligent, brave, loyal, and I like how he's all sarcastic, sharp-tongued, and badass. I didn't know there could be a medicine cat as cool as Yellowfang. Jayfeather proved me wrong. I thought I was the only one who liked him and then I look online and I'm like... Wow, competition. But I love Jayfeather.

I hastily think that Jayfeather is a well developed character in the Warriors series. Although I can't see anyone fingerling over him,I do think he is a very fun cat to read about. I don't LOVE him but he is a feisty little cat and I think that is was fun reading about his life and how hard it was for him. Although I have to say, some parts about him are just eff-ing annoying. I mean COME ON! Him and Brairlight and this secret love thieve with Half Moon. He is no eff-ing different than all the other med. Cats! But his personality is different and he is fun to read about. So I guess I have mixed feeling of this spunky little he devil!

I do not. Not. Not. Have a crush on him. Anyone but him. I do have a crush on Lionblaze (not really but maybe if he were a human) Although I might not considering his freaky powers. Jayfeather would be a bad crush because he could read your mind and know that you have a crush on him... - Kaitlyntunn

Don't you DARE criticize my Jayfeather! He is NOT a brat and he is NOT high and mighty because of the prophecy. Besides, I'm sure YOU get mad when someone tries to help you and YOU don't want help! He's trying to prove that he can do it himself without anyone's help! Are YOU blind? Do YOU know how it eels to be BLIND? I think NOT! OMS! No, I don't think it's a little creepy because he can read minds, I think it's cool, and I ENVY him!

OH MY GOSH YES! I love Jayfeather so much! I understand him being blind myself. Everyone treats me like I can't do anything. People don't understand that I'm capable of doing things just like them. You wouldn't have been able to tell I was blind by reading this comment. I know exactly how Jayfeather feels because I've been treated in the same exact manner. I love Jayfeather, and the thing with Half Moon... Sooo romantic! GO JAYFEATHER!

Jayfeather is my all time favorite character. And you know you are a real fangirl when you have a crush on a fictional character. Pretty much all I do is read Jayfeather x Reader fanfictions. If you don't like him because he's a grumpy medicine cat, then you must hate the most previous grumpy medicine cat which we all know is Yellowfang! Oh and wouldn't you be sad if you really wanted to be something but you couldn't because it was your destiny? Firestar, oh my god I HATE him. My least favorite leader. Not that I like Tigerstar, it's just I started hating him in the new prophecy. It's really offending to be given a half blind mentor just because you are blind. Think of how offended Brightheart was. She never got an apprentice because FIRESTAR said that Hollyleaf couldn't be her apprentice because she's not blind. Did she ever get another apprentice? I don't know! Probably after Firestar died.And I also hate how he was always like, "Let's not spill blood. It bad for clan." And you know ...more

It wasn't his fault he was born blind! You would have been the same if you were born blind. Everyone thought that Jayfeather was useless when he could do much more than anyone gave him credit for. Besides, he is a handsome cat. Not the one I voted for but still.

Yeah, this is embarrassing but I admit it! I have a crush on Jayfeather. I'm very obsessed about him and think about him everyday. Erin Hunter did so good of a job developing a character that some moments of the day I almost feel like crying just because I can't see him. (No pun intended. )

Jayfeather's not my favorite tom (that title goes to Oakheart), but I absolutely love him with Half Moon. Who ever thought that grumpy Jayfeather would love a she-cat? This part made me cry, "I'll never forget you." I never would have thought JAYFEATHER out of all cats would say that. So while I would prefer Oakheart on first, I don't disagree with this so much that I'm mad at it.

Are you blind?! Are you mute?! Deaf?! You probably would be depressed if you were blind and all your friends weren't. I'm not saying he isn't a little rude at times, but he probably was trying to suppress his jealousy. All you haters have your rights and wrongs.

Who wouldn't like him? In my opinion, he's the best. I even have a poster of the power of three in my room because I like him so much! I cut him out of it and hung him on my wall. He's so great! ;3

Jayfeather Is smart, kind, grumpy, and rude. He has good and bad traits but has a good heart. When Firestar learned about the Three I was on the edge of my seat. Jayfeather has amazing powers and even looks. He is blind but his heart can see.

Jayfeather is AMAZING I think that nobody understood him because not many cats were blind and nobody knew what to say around him and how would you like it if everyone treated you like you were helpless.

I love him (too many reasons and too much to document) but would love to give a shout out to who replied to the most recent comment: I can relate as well because people treat me the same. But also no one likes him so I thought I had to

I find him hilarious and funny with amazing comebacks and remarks that just make me laugh. He's just so witty it's hard not to like his bad, grumpy attitude. Plus I get how he feels, it can feel good to be grumpy. - Songwind