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41 Ivypool Ivypool

Ivypool is my favourite cat if I were a Tom we would be mates

Ivypool is ok, but as an apprentice! I love dovewing! DOVEWING!

42 Clearsky

... How is he on this?

My love, I don't know why, k lime him a LOT! He made a mistake, guys! Imagine you were moved from your home to start a new life. You are thrust away from others to be a leader, and you are in deep pressure because you don't know how. Now look me in the eye and say you wouldn't act like him. A mate brought the best in him, even though I'm a bit confused how his sons girlfriend became his wife o-o but he is smart, loyal, brave, and made a great leader in the end.

Really? Who in the name of the Dark Forest put this on here?

I hate this idiot, I don't love him and he deserves to be in infinity and beyond on this list.

Reasons Why I hate Clear Sky

1.He sets borders for his cats, isn't his Tribemates also friends?
2. He throws his brother out! Poor Jagged Peak, he sure did loved the trees.
3. He steals Grey Wings beloved cat, Storm.
4. He promised Storm he'd take care of his kits.
5. He rejects his son when he knew his mate died! Did he liked his brother?
6. He kills his Tribemates because he wanted borders!
7. He takes Thunder and lies to him, making him turn sorry for himself.
8. He stealed Thunders beloved cat, Star Flower! Star Flower is so stupid.
9. He wants everycat to join him, why not Windrunner or River Ripple?
10. He is whiny of losing ANLOT OF MATES AND KITS! Clear Sky you keep losing kits and mates, just stop!

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43 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I HATE THIS CHARACTER. Squirrelflight was always great, simply because she was a rude but funny character with cat ADHD, and took many blows for Leafpool. But she is a Mary Sue that is always so perfect in everything she does except kill off my favorite character by being a whiny brat after committing her life to something, badly offending that character before she, ultimately, has a gruesome death. And then she whines and whines about it and the other cats are either feeling bad for her and also grieving because Cinderpelt was epic, or they are trying to get Leafpool to shut up.

Honestly female characters are ranked too low on this list (Which scares me). But I am a boy who reads warriors and I honestly loved every quality about her. She feels like a character who has done nothing wrong, according to me. Her sister Squirrelflight is horrible though. - Nayan2003

Leafpool is a whiny brat who is either pouting in the corner about being a warrior because she said SHE should be one or breaking the warrior code and making squirrelflight clean up the mess.

How is Leafpool a Mary-Sue? I don't get it. She wasn't whiny and she wasn't perfect at all. When she broke the warrior code, she didn't whine when she was stepped down! She knew she did something wrong, she didn't leave her kits to Squirrelflight either! She still loved her kits with all her heart, even though they hated her.

When she was an apprentice, she trained well with Cinderpelt and showed an undying love for studying herbs. She was intelligent and did her best. Yes, she did lie to her clan, but what choice did she have? Cinderpelt was dead by then, and if she told, she would be banned from being a medicine cat. Then Thunderclan would have no medicine cat. Thunderclan needed a cat to read Starclan's signs and prophecies- and Leafpool was the only one. It was really hard for her, she wanted to be a medicine cat since she was born. And when the truth came out, she faced it- she didn't deny, and loved her kits all the same, even though they hated her. She showed undying ...more - WatchItBurn

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44 Long Tail

Longtail has always been loved by me. I love "bad-boys" but even when he's loyal, I continue to be jealous of Mousefur. Long tail rocks!

Anybody seen the "I get all the girls" video about him; Yeah, I was probably one of those girls he got! He really is a really sweet cat and I loved his realtionship with Mousefur and I feel like if he hadn't gone blind, he would have made a really good warrior to his late age.

It, s so sweet how he runs straight to Mousefur in the last battle! They would have been mates if they weren't, t old


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45 Gray Wing

I really love Gray Wing. His point of view was interesting, he is intelligent, he can naturally come to sensible conclusions, he's just AWESOME. Go Gray Wing!

Who can't love him? His life was horrible.

Gray Wing is the smartest main point of view character we've ever had in Warriors. His ability to read read people accurately, analyze situations quickly, and reach sensible conclusions is impressive. His compassion makes me adore him.

Is there anyway in Star Clan you can't find this cat amazing?

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46 Berrynose

Even though he has a mate he's funny berrystumytail forever!

I'm weird. Therefore, I must like this usually annoying cat. He is arrogant and sometimes a mousebrain, but he will forever be my Berrystumpytail. ~Smokestar

He was cute as a kit and apprentice and all but after that? Um, no! this is literally his life:
'i'm a newly made warrior so that makes me better than everyone else in the clan so that means I get to boss everyone around. oh Honeyfern likes me? whatever. wow I'm all of a sudden attracted to Honeyfern! honeyfern lets be mates, I love you more than anything and anyone! you're my world! oh no! honeyfern! don't leave me! stupid snake! I will miss and love you forever, honeyfern. oh, who is that? you're sexy sister? well I'm just going to mate with your sister but I still love you. oh Poppyfrost, you're the best cat EVER and are kits are going to be amazing! '
Like seriously, that's messed up.

47 Hazletail

Yes, Hazeltail! I ship her with Foxleap and believe that she is one of my favorite background characters

48 Swiftpaw

He was so brave! He didn't have to die. If he didn't die your precious little Dovewing wouldn't ne here

I love bad-boyz. His death shook me. He reminded me of Draco Malfoy. But I'm in love with Draco.

Swiftpaw is so brave! I could see him and Brightheart together! - SeeU

He was one of the most brave characters I've seen.In my opinion it was really unfair he had to die.He would make a great warrior my favorite apprentice in the whole series.Why does every good character MUST die? ;-;

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49 Feathertail

I love feathertail she is so sweet and pure

She dies to protect her brother, her friends and the Tribe of Rushing Water. Now, that is pure bravery. Go Silverstream junior.

If I were a tom cat, I would be like SUCK IT CROWFEATHER

I hate her, just saying, and it was Stormfurs fault he wanted to help The Tribe Of Rushing Water

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50 Riverstar

He was probably on way too much catmint, that's why he was so calm and understanding...

I LOVE him he's so understanding and clam and beautiful and a great friend to Graywing -deep breath- (but Jayfeather is still my favorite)

Riverstar! AKA River Ripple, AKA River, AKA Ripple, etc. etc... So awesome! Adorable and lovable :D

I know this is weird but he’s so calm and handsome.

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51 Reedwhisker

He is a amazing deputy for Mistystar and will always be grateful to leafpool, who saved his life.

I like almost every "whisker" cat. Reedwhisker has a cool name and a great heart. He's one of the best deputys. #ilovereedie

He is the best cat ever!
The med cat of Shadowclan

Reedwhisker's Such A Sexy Cat! *Purrs Happily* He Is Hot And Very Slutty.

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52 Ashfur

DUCK. YEAH. ASHFUR. I hate when people say they hated him, even my only friend who reads warriors hates him. Why? All he did was love too much, even a StarClan cat said that (I don't remember which). He is a good warrior, he could have even been clan leader one day. I like Brambleclaw, too, and Squirrelflight only followed her heart, but no one likes Ashfur like I said before. (this is getting long) does anyone actually know what he looks like? Sure, in the novels it says he is a light grey tom with blue eyes and darker grey flecks, but in the official warriors pictures of him he has striped legs, face and tail as well as a body almost filled with flecks of dark grey. I dare you to search what he actually looks like on Google, like the official pic.

Ashfur was a loyal and great warrior until he got his heart broken and was so kind he even volunteered himself on a fatal mission with his sister ferncloud when they were apprentices. If you think of it if the mission went wrong Firestar, Sandstorm him or his sister could be dead.

I remember watching a drama that had like the exact same love story as Ashfur, Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight's. You know how that turned out? The Ashfur of the story. Yes, and the Bramblestar of the story didn't go all crazy. He had a pretty good life after that. (And no, he didn't die right after.)

Ashfur CHOSE how he acted. I wouldn't want to date someone who tried to murder his crush's kids, and that's what Ashfur did. Hate all you like, but I don't really agree with his choices.

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53 Tigerjaw

This name made my jaw hurt, but it's a cool name

Who is tigerjaw? I love the name though.

What the heck?

Who is this... - SeeU

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54 Ryewhisker

Cloudberry should have been more devastated by his death. Cloudberry just said something like, "Oh Ryewhisker, what have you done? "

This is from code of the clans! Ryewhisker loved Cloudberry and mated her. But there was a battle with WindClan and RiverClan (Ryewhisker and Cloudberry's clans) and pregnant Cloudberry was fighting. A WindClan cat tried to hurt Cloudberry, and Ryewhisker jumped in front of her and was killed by the blow. So the first Code was made: Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats in other Clans, but your loyalty must remain with your clan. (That was word for word - I a code of the clans copy)

Who's Ryewhisker? When did she love Berrynose? When were they expecting kits? Do you mean Honeyfern or Poppyfrost

Ryewhisker is such a sexy cat! *Purr! * I love Cloudberry, but Ryewhisker is such a hot little slut!

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55 Toadstep V 2 Comments
56 BrokenStar

I don't love him I think he is cool but murderous! Poor Yellowfang!

Love ya Brokenstar even if you're crazy

Poor kitty he was so abused growing up! We need a manga!

YESs, I don't like him because he is evil or anything I like him because his character development is one of the best I have seen, I love him in yellowfang's secret and I do believe a fox killed brightflower's kits not him. Go brokenstar!

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57 Runningwind

Couldn't it have been Darkstripe or something on that patrol instead of Runningwind he was a great character and lol that would've been a twist if Tigerstar was the killer of his supporter, not Graystripe.

Such a sweet cat, why did he have to die?! - Goldenflight

He was so innocent. Why did he have to die?

He died from Tigerstar

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58 Bone

Even though he was evil, I think if someone loved him, he could have warmed up

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59 Rainwhisker

Rainwhisker has a great name. He needs more attention, more hype... He's a great tom. I won't forgive Erin Hunter for needlessly killing Rain ;(

And he was killed by a stupid branch...


I love Rainwhisker! Him and Dustpelt are probably my favorite tomcats in this series. He is a great cat and an awesome minor character but then the Erins decided to kill him off needlessly like what WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU ERINS?!?! *cries*

60 Sharpclaw

As a fantasy warriors cat I have a look-alike. It's him. Sharpy is mine @-@ MINE! I can easily tolerate his "temper". He's a quick thinker. He's good for Leafstar, better for me. GO SHARPY

Sharpclaw would be an awesome leader! He is a great warrior and he is strong, brave, loyal, intelligent, fierce, and would protect the Clan with his life. He also does what he thinks is right. I think after more moons he will understand the warrior code and could be a skillful awesome leader.
- Lightningstar

I have a warrior in my fan fic named sharp claw oops

Its too bad that he died..(from Hawkwing's Journey)
why did you die sharpclaw?

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