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61 Tigerclaw

I think Tigerclaw/star is over looked because of his insane choices. For instance, almost killing Bluestar, killing Redtail and Brindleface, making Tigerclan, training warriors in the dark forest. I still really liked his character. He still was the strongest warrior in the forest and needs to be respected!

Tigerstar is terrible but Sol is still worse!

NOOO! ARE YOU CRAZY? He's THE WORST! NO ONE LOVES HIM BECAUSE HE WAS CRUEL AND UNFAIR! He would have been a great leader but his ambitions were too strong and he was exiled and killed TWICE with good reason.(Sorry for all you tigerstar fans. He was a dick)

Tigerclaw stinks he broke Goldenflower's heart and left his two kits Tawnykit and Bramblekit. He tried to murder Blustar killed Redtail and Brindleface also if I was Sandstorm I'd be very angry if someone killed both of her parents!

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62 Thornclaw

I really like Thornclaw. He's brave, loyal, and is not afraid to speak his mind. What else could you ask for in a cat?

He deserves a mate.


63 Sunstar

He was a really great leader and such a good mentor!

He's bringing sexy back


Oh StarClan I had to add Sunstar?! Who here knows the HEARTBREAKING LOVE SUNSTAR HAD FOR MOONFLOWER?! But Moonflower loved Stormfail (no, that's no typo.) instead! OMfrickinG HE OPENLY FLIRTED WITH DAPPLETAIL! I-HATE-FLIPPING-STORMFAIL! HE STOLE SUNSTARS LOVE JUST TO THEN DITCH HER AND DISLIKE HER KITS. Sunstar is amazing. I wrote a poem for him.
Sunstar, you pelt a-shines in the sun.
So fast through the forest you run,
I'd like to be mates, but I don't the we can,
For I am the leader of RIVERCLAN

64 Cinderheart

GIIIRL LOVE HER though - Spottedleafsucks

65 Darkstripe Darkstripe

Okay this list is just pure bestiality, I mean what is wrong with you people, Seriously

My sweet gay child that needs more love

Darkstripe, unlike other evil cats, had no reason to be evil. What was his mother thinking with the prefix? Darkkit/paw/stripe? Dark Forest?

Sure maybe

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66 Ashfur Ashfur

DUCK. YEAH. ASHFUR. I hate when people say they hated him, even my only friend who reads warriors hates him. Why? All he did was love too much, even a StarClan cat said that (I don't remember which). He is a good warrior, he could have even been clan leader one day. I like Brambleclaw, too, and Squirrelflight only followed her heart, but no one likes Ashfur like I said before. (this is getting long) does anyone actually know what he looks like? Sure, in the novels it says he is a light grey tom with blue eyes and darker grey flecks, but in the official warriors pictures of him he has striped legs, face and tail as well as a body almost filled with flecks of dark grey. I dare you to search what he actually looks like on Google, like the official pic.

Ashfur was a loyal and great warrior until he got his heart broken and was so kind he even volunteered himself on a fatal mission with his sister ferncloud when they were apprentices. If you think of it if the mission went wrong Firestar, Sandstorm him or his sister could be dead.

I remember watching a drama that had like the exact same love story as Ashfur, Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight's. You know how that turned out? The Ashfur of the story. Yes, and the Bramblestar of the story didn't go all crazy. He had a pretty good life after that. (And no, he didn't die right after.)

Ashfur CHOSE how he acted. I wouldn't want to date someone who tried to murder his crush's kids, and that's what Ashfur did. Hate all you like, but I don't really agree with his choices.

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67 Onestar

I am absolutely in love with Onestar, in my mind's eye he is the most powerful cat in wind clan. List of Deeds: Helped thunder clan through badger attack, survived Mudclaw and hawk frost rebelling against him, and a whole lot of other stuff! GO ONESTAR!

Don't you think its funny that Tallstar's plans for WindClan to be friends with ThunderClan kind of backfired because Onestar didn't really change things?

I loved him as onewhisker and wanted him BAD but as onestar... MEH

Boo! You were mean to Firestar. Shame on you. ;( (for Onestar)

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68 Mousewhisker

OML YES HE IS THE BEST CAT EVER! HE IS SO CUTE! And how he went to the dark forest trainging with, erm, Mintfur I think, just so they could see each other is real sweet

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69 BrokenStar BrokenStar

I don't love him I think he is cool but murderous! Poor Yellowfang!

Love ya Brokenstar even if you're crazy

Poor kitty he was so abused growing up! We need a manga!

YESs, I don't like him because he is evil or anything I like him because his character development is one of the best I have seen, I love him in yellowfang's secret and I do believe a fox killed brightflower's kits not him. Go brokenstar!

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70 Waspwhisker

Lol, no...I don't want to be mates with a cat-wasp hybrid, no thank you.

Yes my smol bean

Do you, perhaps, mean Waspwhisker?

71 Gorsepaw

Cri poor Gorsepaw

He had to die so early😟

72 Nutwhisker


smol bean


73 Nightstar

I like him because he's noble, handsome, loyal to the warrior code, and brave without constantly getting into fights: all things you don't see too much in ShadowClan (except for Littlecloud and Rowanclaw! ) StarClan was insane to not give him nine lives.

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74 Littlecloud

Yes, big yes, real softie, real cute, loveable

Y'know. I think he had a thing for Cinderpelt. They would be cute together.

I don't care if he's med, paws down shadowclan Tom.

So cute! Cinderpelt and him would make THE cutest canon (besides Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves) :3333

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75 Billystorm

Sounds like a tornado of raging goats...

His name is so bad

Sorry, but I don't like goats or tornadoes


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76 Bramblestar Bramblestar

I would not mate with him lol he would probably dump you if you didn't tell him something what an idiot him and Squirrelflight are meant to be.


Ok, why is Bramblestar so far down?! He is amazing, loyal, and brave. He deserves to be much higher than 60! ~Smokestar


77 Ferncloud

I do think she is a kindhearted cat. - Dasiy

So true. Her name sounds beautiful therefor she must be

Dustpelt didn't deserve Ferncloud. When she died, he kept her fur! How creepy is that?

I like Ferncloud!

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78 Dustpelt

Didn't mean to press the thumbs down button on post #2 sorry bout that. I agree

One of my favorite characters in the whole series; he's super!

Never mind it was two until I added the post. I'm an idiot

Dustpelt and Crowfether are very alike ⚡️🌪

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79 Snailpaw

Who the heck is snailpaw

He is awesome :D From Cloudstar's Journey.

80 Beetlewhisker

So many Beetles I forget which one is which

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