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81 Shellheart

Best. Dad. Ever. (You go! Break up with Rainflower! )

Brave RiverClan deputy whom is extremely loyal to his family and his Clan. He would have been a great leader.

If you have read Crookedstar's Promise, you would agree with me. Shellheart stood up for Crookedkit (at the time, still Stormkit) but Rainflower had to call him ugly. I think Shellheart should have been another cat's mate. He was a great deputy!

Such a sweetheart... he would've made an amazing leader :((((

82 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Yeah dovewing is so much better than ivypool I wish ivypool would die instead of precious hollyleaf. Oh, an guys, this is Flameheart. You probably know me. I commented on Firestar... newest comment... and I REALLY HATE IVYPOOL!

Dovewing is mine and nobody can have her Bumble And Dove RULE!

Covering is so Mary Sue in my opinion Ivypool should have been the Third cat with Lionblaze and Jayfeather... Better yet the Erin's shouldn't have killed Hollyleaf at all or make her a bad cat I LOVED HOLLYLEAF ERINS

I love Dovewing and would like to see her be a little higher, but okay. :) ~Smokestar

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83 Russetfur

The best duputy in shadowclan. Met sasha, instead of taking her kits, she fed her prey and told her to leave as soon as possible. Sadly she was accidentally killed by lionblaze in war.

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84 Redscar

His name sounds hot.

You know he was really sweet and kind on the inside and he would be kinder if he was in STARCLAN the DARK FOREST because dark forest makes you more evil

85 Adderfang

You know he was really sweet and kind on the inside and he would be kinder if he was in STARCLAN the DARK FOREST because dark forest makes you more evil

I love Adderfang, and he was awesome and deserved to be leader one day! ~Smokestar

86 Smokefoot
87 Redwillow V 3 Comments
88 Runningnose

I want to date a guy with a constant cold! -Said nobody ever.

Sweet ouo

89 Raggedstar

I really liked Raggedstar in Yellowfang's Secret. Why'd Brokenstar have to be evil?


I love Raggedstar. He is one of my favorite leaders, and I don't think he deserves all the hate he gets. He was adorable to Yellowfang, and treated Brokenstar lovingly. He should be much higher up. ~Smokestar

I liked Raggedstar. He and Yellowfang were great together until Brokenstar comes out and decides "Screw this! I'ma gonna be evil! " Ugh! Sorry, got off topic. The point is Raggedstar is fierce, strong, brave, selfless, cool, smart, independent, and HAWT.
(Did I just actually type that? )
- Lightningstar

90 Sootfur

I love you so much! Sootfur, truly after Squirrelflight's problems with Ashfur and Bramble'claw' she should've turned to you!
You guys are perfect for each other! Soot x Squirrel forever!
But really I love you sooo much! LOVE YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME? THIS IS TRUE LOVE!
~ Dawnheart

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91 Frostfur

Oh my gosh why did frost fur have to die I actually cried when she retired and stayed in the forest I love you frostfur

I LOVE Frostfur, she inspired my first warrior cat name and major OC. I absolutely love her, I'd be her mate any day

92 Spiderleg

I love this guy ouo

He's cool...

I am one of the few people to actually love Spiderleg. He may seem mean and grumpy, but his father IS Dustpelt, he's not gonna be the happiest. I know he's not a good father, but in Bramblestar's Storm he was trying to be nice to daisy. Maybe this is one step to becoming mates again. ~Smokestar

93 Halfmoon

Jayfeather and HalfMoon are a cute couple!

Jayfeather and Half Moon is probably my favorite couple.

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94 Honeyfern

Her death was really sad. Top ten saddest deaths.

Who couldn't love this BEAUTIFUL daughter of Sorreltail? I can't believe I had to add her! She was so perfect!
AGAIN! Who couldn't love Honeyfern? If you hate her I will hunt you down and kill you!

95 Willowbreeze
96 Briarlight

Briarlight is AWESOME! I don't understand how anyone couldn't like her. When she first (SPOILERS) lost use of her hind legs, she was sad and lonely but after that, she got so strong! Physically and emotionally.

97 Flametail V 1 Comment
98 Crag Where Eagles Nest V 1 Comment
99 Podlight
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