Top 10 Warrior Groups of All Time

This means the strongest kinds of soldiers that all nations ever possessed.

The Top Ten

1 Mongol Warriors

Mongol warriors should be #1 on this list, first of all. After all, its just amazing how they turned from a divided tiny country into a vast empire that rivaled that of Europe, Islamic, African, and Chinese. The Mongol Warriors were the ones who took down the Chinese Dynasty of Song, and was the one who sacked Baghdad, and the one who crippled Austria's knights. Although Mongols are hated much by the world's historians for destroying countless works of knowledge made by the Islamic Empire, the Mongols should be ranked #2 in great empires next to Rome. That's how powerful the tribes of Mongolia are.

Well, although the Mongols are rated 2nd on this list, they deserve to be the 1st. First of all, they were a bunch of divided tribes in the small area of Mongolia. Food and farming was scarce here. Then, they were united under a khan and took down the Chinese Empire. They also launched raids against the Islamic Empire, which at the time was the most powerful empire around, and they launched attacks on Europe, beating down armored knights and warriors. The Mongols then established an empire in the territories they conquered. Although their empire lasted only about three generations, they connected Far East Asia and Far West Europe together, far better than the Hellenistic Empire.

Under Genghis Khan, the Mongol army had built one of the largest empires in history.

The Mongol warriors should be #1 RIGHT NOW. They defeated #1 on this list, the weak knights.

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2 Knights

Many European kingdoms used the knights for almost the entire medieval age. They were very highly trained warriors for defense and invasions.

3 Samurais

They were well trained Japanese knights and were the most used soldiers in Japan during the middle and Renaissance age.

4 Karankawas

They were tough fighting native Americans and were some of the toughest warriors.

5 Spartans

They were one of the greatest and most experienced ancient troops.

6 Viet Cong

They kept on trying until finally they defeat the world main power, The United States of America.

7 Roman Legionary

They were good at conquering and built what is known as the famous Roman empire.

8 Comanche/Apache

They were united by two strong tribes of the natives in America.

9 Vikings Vikings The Minnesota Vikings are an American football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960, and first took the field for the 1961 season.

They were powerful northern invaders that were truly the first European men to set foot on America.

10 Boers

The Boers were legendary in fighting. They became known during the Boer war that was waged between the British Empire and the few settlers of South Africa. The battle of blood river was another famous encounter where the Boers had 400 men ready to fight against 15 000 Zulu tribe warriors. Take note that the Zulu tribe was by far one of the best combatants that was native to Africa.

The Contenders

11 Franks

It was the Franks who conquered much of the Roman Empire, and they booted other barbarian groups in their way. They later forged the largest empire during the Middle Ages (If you don't count Islamic Empire), and they also made and gave their name to what is today a world power, France.

12 Huns

The Huns were the ones who took down much of the crippled Western Roman Empire, and they forged a vast empire in Europe. It is amazing how they started out as a small barbaric army to climb to a great empire...largest in Europe.

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