Top Ten Best Warrior Names for Apprentices or Kits Who Died Before They Could Be Given a Warrior Name.

This may include cats who died an unfair death. Each cat will be given 3 warrior names to chose from.

The Top Ten

1 Mintkit - Mintfeather, Mintberry, Mintfire

Mintkit is a tom, actually. - IcetailofWishClan

Mintberry was the best - AliciaMae

2 Mosskit - Mosspool, Mossdapple, Mosswillow Mosskit - Mosspool, Mossdapple, Mosswillow

Mosswillow for the win! - AliciaMae

Mossdapple for the win. Mossheart wow that's wrong.

I like Mossheart

Mosswillow - Rosewhisker

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3 Duskpaw - Duskwing, Duskstrike, Duskfeather

He is Hawkwing's brother. Duskpaw unfortunately died in a Twoleg fire. I hope everyone at least remembered who he is. ­čÉ║Wolfsoul­čÉ║

4 Ravenpaw - Ravenwing, Ravenclaw, Ravenfeather

They were going to name him ravenwing

Ravenfeather - Rosewhisker

RAVENCLAW! - Astralium

Ravenflight would be better. But, I'll chose one of the names up above...
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Oh dang...

5 Marigoldkit - Marigoldeye, Marigoldleaf, Marigoldbreeze

I wish they didn't die :( I would've named them marigoldleaf and mintberry

6 Gorsepaw - Gorsetail, Gorsebranch, Gorseberry

I loved Gorsepaw He was my fave WindClan apprentice and then when I here the he died I was like "NOO NOOO NOOO NOO STARCLAN NOOO F! @##$#% NOOO! " - Marshmellow

7 Sweetpaw - Sweettooth, Sweetberry, Sweetsong

Sweetpaw did not die she was buried alive and then died - Marshmellow

Sweettooth? - Astralium

8 Larchkit - Larchpool, Larchwhisker, Larchwillow Larchkit - Larchpool, Larchwhisker, Larchwillow

I liked larchkit and hollykit

9 Shrewpaw - Shrewnose, Shrewdapple, Shrewfur
10 Hollykit - Hollybranch, Hollystem, Hollyfang

I Kinda liked Hollykit but in the end Leafpool named Hollyleaf after the first cat she lost - Marshmellow

I actually think Hollyfire would fit. - IcetailofWishClan

The Contenders

11 Swiftpaw - Swiftflight, Swiftfire, Swiftheart

I liked Swiftpaw SO WHY THE! #@! # YOU TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME! - Marshmellow

12 Morningkit - Morningheart, Morningleaf, Morningsong
13 Splashkit - Splashfur, Splashnose, Splashpelt

To my opion, Splashkit is in fact a good name. I'm making up her scenario. (its gonna be a NEW kit). It was a riverclan meeting, the riverclan leader wanted to see Spashkit. Splashkit went in the den and said " Is there something you need of me? " the leader replied "only, come closer." the leader smiled after Splashkit went on closer..."Now, have you ever killed a cat?..." Before Splashkit could speak, The leader slashed open Splashkits neck. The leader banged Splashkits neck against a hard rock breaking it, killing Splashkit instantly. The Med cat looked in the room, and gasped of horror as seeing that the leader had murdered a small kit! Splashkits blood was on the leaders paws and mouth. Splashkits blood, dripping on the the cold moist den bottom as the med cat ran away to tell others. The leader laughed "Oh Splashkit, I guess you Don't get second chances after all..."

14 Hopekit - Hopeleaf, Hopefeather, Hopesplash

Hopewing's my character - Aquastar_of_DewClan

15 Smokepaw - Smokebreeze, Smokefur, Smokefire

Smokepaw had died but then was born into ShadowClan with the same name and still an apprentice - Marshmellow

16 Riverkit - Riverpelt, Riverheart, Rivermist
17 Echokit - Echobright, Echoflower, Echoshine
18 Wishkit - Wishlight, Wishwhisper,Wishflower
19 Snowkit - Snowpool, Snowbreeze, Snow Flight, Snowwing
20 Minnowkit - Minnowswim, Minnowpool, Minnowtail
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