Top Ten Warrior Names for ThunderClan Cats that Don't Exist


The Top Ten

1 Feathermist

" Sounds like a silver tabby " = Basically every Feathermist MARY-SUE!

I picture her as a feather colored cat with mist around her

Ugh, feathermist is a nice name. duh.

2 Ivystripe
3 Mistbreeze
4 Blackstorm
5 Flamefur
6 Ashfire

Does anyone else picture this cat with red eyes? I think the name is cool! - Falconflight

7 Leafheart
8 Morningleaf
9 Speckledcloud

I'm thinking of a speckled, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat. I like the name, very unique.

Share your thoughts.

A white she-cat with tiny black spots and blue eyes, has a mate, Rainheart (gray tom), and four kits, Streamkit (black and gray she-kit), Willowkit (dark gray she-kit with black and white spots), and Crackkit (gray and white tom-kit) and Stonekit (black tom-kit with light gray paws and underbelly) they all go to Starclan in the end except for Crackclaw, who killed Ashheart from Windclan for no reason. Willowpool and Streamfall and Stonewing all joined their father and mother in Starclan after they all had mates and kits that were:Willowpool+Blackstripe (black and gray-striped tom)= Sunkit (white and dark gray she-kit with black paws then Sunheart) Streamfall+Stagfur (brown tabby tom)= Flickkit (brown and gray tom then Flicknose) and Wishkit (white she-kit with gray spots then Wishberry) Stonewing+Larkpool (blue-gray she-cat with brown tail tip)= Flowerkit (gray she-kit with petal-looking black markings on fur then Flowerpelt) and Ashkit (dark gray and light gray tabby tom-kit then ...more

10 Swiftdawn

Isn't she a toptenner?

... Uh. No. Thankzzz.

The Contenders

11 Fernpelt
12 Duskwhisker
13 Squirreltail

Coloration: Ginger, Mate: Brackenfang, Kits: Flashkit, Barkkit, and Redkit (Flashfur, Barktooth, and Redpelt) Siblings: Lionclaw, Nightpool, Lichenkit. Rank: Warrior.

14 Fernclaw
15 Willowfern
16 Ivyleaf
17 Pebblesong
18 Assassin


Umm - Falconflight

19 Haypaw

Cat with ginger fur the color of hay

20 Memefur
21 Silent Thunder

I don't know what I’m doing with my life rn I’m with my friend and she’s on the same website as me

22 Snowstorm

A white fluffy she-cat with ice blue eyes

Love it. This is the name I have looked for. I have an oc named Snowstar, and I just found her warrior name.

23 Miststorm
24 Sunwater
25 Graystorm
26 Gingerflame
27 Ivoryheart
28 Poppyfall
29 Ivywhisper
30 Rumblefoot
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