Top Ten Warrior Names for ThunderClan Cats that Don't Exist


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1 Feathermist

" Sounds like a silver tabby " = Basically every Feathermist MARY-SUE!

I picture her as a feather colored cat with mist around her

Lovely queen name definitely using it in my Oc's

Ugh, feathermist is a nice name. duh.

2 Ivystripe

A white tom with black tabby stripes and dark green eyes. He would have short, rough fur, a dark pink nose, scars on one of his front legs, and sharp fangs and claws. He would be a dark ThunderClan elder with a mysterious past that he refuses to reveal, and he is often seen near trees and other plants, some calling that scenery his only happy place. At the same time, he is somehow able to comfort pregnant queens as their kits gestate. He would have had a mate and kits as a rogue. I could imagine him having his own Super Edition: Ivystripe's Fall. :3 Fox the Rogue

3 Mistbreeze

This should be first

4 Ashfire

Does anyone else picture this cat with red eyes? I think the name is cool! - Falconflight

Ooh, why isn’t this first? Sounds like an ash-gray cat with orangish yellow eyes. He is related to Ashfur and and wants revenge on Squirrelflight...

5 Blackstorm
6 Flamefur
7 Leafheart
8 Morningleaf
9 Speckledcloud

I'm thinking of a speckled, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat. I like the name, very unique.

Share your thoughts.

A white she-cat with tiny black spots and blue eyes, has a mate, Rainheart (gray tom), and four kits, Streamkit (black and gray she-kit), Willowkit (dark gray she-kit with black and white spots), and Crackkit (gray and white tom-kit) and Stonekit (black tom-kit with light gray paws and underbelly) they all go to Starclan in the end except for Crackclaw, who killed Ashheart from Windclan for no reason. Willowpool and Streamfall and Stonewing all joined their father and mother in Starclan after they all had mates and kits that were:Willowpool+Blackstripe (black and gray-striped tom)= Sunkit (white and dark gray she-kit with black paws then Sunheart) Streamfall+Stagfur (brown tabby tom)= Flickkit (brown and gray tom then Flicknose) and Wishkit (white she-kit with gray spots then Wishberry) Stonewing+Larkpool (blue-gray she-cat with brown tail tip)= Flowerkit (gray she-kit with petal-looking black markings on fur then Flowerpelt) and Ashkit (dark gray and light gray tabby tom-kit then ...more

10 Swiftdawn

Isn't she a toptenner?

... Uh. No. Thankzzz.

The Contenders

11 Fernpelt
12 Duskwhisker
13 Squirreltail

Coloration: Ginger, Mate: Brackenfang, Kits: Flashkit, Barkkit, and Redkit (Flashfur, Barktooth, and Redpelt) Siblings: Lionclaw, Nightpool, Lichenkit. Rank: Warrior.

14 Fernclaw
15 Willowfern
16 Ivyleaf
17 Pebblesong
18 Assassin


Umm - Falconflight

19 Haypaw

Cat with ginger fur the color of hay

20 Memefur
21 Silent Thunder

I don't know what I’m doing with my life rn I’m with my friend and she’s on the same website as me

22 Snowstorm

A white fluffy she-cat with ice blue eyes

Love it. This is the name I have looked for. I have an oc named Snowstar, and I just found her warrior name.

23 Miststorm
24 Sunwater
25 Graystorm
26 Gingerflame
27 Ivoryheart
28 Poppyfall
29 Ivywhisper
30 Rumblefoot
31 Fierywing

You are welcomed to use it. @Hawkflight

32 Stormwing

Original character take it if u want a silver she cat with white right ear and blue eyes. Mother was overprotective Grayflower and father was kind Snowstep. Her sister whitekit never payed attention to her and her brother Thunderkit was always mean. But Bramblekit always played with her. Her mentor was Skypelt a blue Russian she cat. She became mates with brambleblaze and had kits brown tabby shekit Marshkit ginger she cat Applekit and grey Tom named CloudKit

33 Doeheart

She’s another OC I created u can take her she’s a small she cat with green eyes she’s brown with white tints paws ear and underbelly she is kind and helpful, but sorta weak to keep it balanced. She’s an only child to parents Dovefeather and Voleleap. They’re kind too. She had a mentor named Oakbreeze. They had feelings for each other. After doeheart received her warrior name, oakbreeze and her had three kits Blossomkit, Muddykit, And Tinselkit

34 Blossomleap

She is kit to Doeheart and to Oakbreeze. Her siblings Tinselkit and mudkit are her friends. She was apprenticed to Thunderclan med cat Dawnfoot (White shecat with orange paw and green eyes) by the way Blossomleap is white with pinkish tints to her ears. She is kind and careful. Blue eyes. So her mentor was kind. At a gathering she fell in love by accident. Tinselpaw suspected it. But she fell in love with Breezepaw. A black Tom with white spots and blue eyes. They ran away at first but then came back to receive names alongside Tinselcloud, and Mudheart. They had two kits Snowkit and Dapplekit shekits

35 Geiserheart

Of up for adoption he is a bad cat. At first he is a little gray and ginger patched kit with blue eyes. He is bullied and his mother named Gingerflight spoils him. So he becomes apprentice to black and brown Tom cat named Pinepatch. When he earns his name, he act so like clan leader. When pinepatch disobeyed him, he killed him. Only one she cat loved him. Bengal cat with amber eyes Spottedthunder. (I know bad names :() so they had one kit. A bengal she cat with blue eyes. Cherry spot. She helped drive him out and got judged but stayed strong. Geiserheart got hit by a car in the head haha take that

36 Duckfeather

Pretty she cat up for adoption in o c clan haha lol
Thunder clan cat tortoiseshell tabby with deep brown eyes. Mother:Bell (Tortoiseshell she cat kitty pet pretty has green eyes father:Brownstripe brown tabby with amber eyes kind and loyal. She was apprenticed to Ambernut (based on amber leaf and nut paw haha) she was strict. But she got her name quickly. She had drama. People making fun of her kitty pet blood and love. But in the end she chose Berryheart. A navy blue cat with orange eyes. They had a lot of kits. She died a loyal death fighting alliance of shadow clan and wind clan. O C clan lost.

37 Emberstar

Leader of o.c. Clan she is a dark ginger shecat with greenish yellow eyes. Her mom died during kitting her name was Sparksong and she was light ginger. Her dad was black with blue eyes currently the eldest elder his name is Nightshine. So her mentor was Sagefall a pretty ragdoll she cat and she’s died on the thunder path recently So Emberpaw got an a on the assessment and changed into ember pool. She mated Saturnleap. They had a kit named Orangepaw, a ginger Tom, and a silver she cat Silverpaw. They once faced annoying purpleeyes an annoying deputy
Evil but they are a great family. Beetle star made her deputy and died sadly to yellowcough. Her bff is medicine cat Lupineheart

38 Lupineheart

Lupineheart is med cat. She is beautiful fluffy baby blue cat with blue eyes. Her mom Skyleaf loved that she’s wanted to take that path. Skyleaf was a kind white shecat with blue eyes. Her father, Floodclaw, a blue Russian with green eyes, wanted her to be a warrior. Luckily when she was apprenticed to Fallshade the med cat Floodclaw was taken by a two leg haha kitty pet. Lupineheart is very successful. She has no kits, but however feels for strong kind red cat named Firesoul. Lupineheart is kind and sweet, but also dishonest and a tad too over protective. No Mary Sues allowed in o c clan

39 Ravenswoop
40 Pigfart
41 Loveheart
42 Sapphirewing

Sapphire wing is a blue cat with green eyes and wispytail
Her mom is Dovetalon and her father is Blueclaw. She I said kind nice loyal. She is perfect. No flaws. (This is for lovers of Mary Sue) he can speak to two legs, fly, see visions, never loses battles, and is in five prophecies. Mary Sue in the house!

43 Mistybrook

She is a wise blueish gray tabby with blue gray eyes. She is maternal and friendly. She Is also kind of dishonest at times. So her mother is Riverpelt and her Father is Ashwhisker. She was mentored by Jaystorm.
O.c. Cat up for adoption so comment for her

44 Stormfrost

I added this! I picture it as a light gray tom with darker ears, a fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes.

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