Top 10 Warrior Names for Tribes That Don't Exist


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1 Night of Fallen Stars

Wow that's so pretty

Love it! Thick-furred black she-cat with white flecks on her back and pale blue eyes. Her mate is Spark of Sun on Water. Their kits and Bird that Flies through Clouds, Mist of Cold Sunrise, and Swallow that Swoops on Stream.
~ Skyheart

I think this name is fantastic! It really blends in somehow. 'Night of Fallen Stars... Night of Fallen Star...'
OKAY! Now that I'm saying it lots of times, it's starting to sound weird!
ANYWAY! I would like to join your tribe please!


This..this name. So good for tribes. Probably a black or dark grey she cat with light grey,normal grey and white dapples. Or maybe a aggressive, loyal Tom with black fur and white dots flowing down his back like stars in a sky.

2 Bird That Soars High

I imagine her a golden brown she cat with white patterns around her body. She's a beautiful she cat, but there is only one Tom she loves called Shadow of fluffy cloud. They have two kits, one dies by being carried away by a hawk.

3 Sparkling Dew On Spiderwebs

The problem with this one is it starts with an adjective. The tribe names need to start with a noun, because they are called the first word in their name. I don't think the name "Sparkling" would work. Try "Dew That Sparkles On Spiderwebs" instead.

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4 Flowers That Sway In Breeze

I love this name! I imagine a tabby and white she-cat with blue or amber eyes.

5 Snow That Drifts Down
6 Dappled Leaf of Oaks
7 Shadow of Large Tree
8 Feather Drifting from Sky V 1 Comment
9 A Fart That Makes the Air Fresh

Ha ha lol this made me laugh my head off where do people get the ideas from LoL

Farts always freshen air. Beautiful. I'm crying.

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10 Creek Where Minnows Swim V 1 Comment

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11 Stars Of The Valley Sky
12 Flame that Burns in Darkness

I LOVE IT black or dark gray she cat and amber eyes

Sounds like a black she cat with amber eyes

I love this
Pure genius
All I can think of this name is a torch lighting up the darkness

13 Dusk that Slays the Dawn

This is a really beautiful name!

This is amazing!

I love it

14 Dark Cloud of Storms
15 Raven That Flies Far
16 Wings of a Brown Hawk

Long-legged brown she-cat with white underbelly and paws, ice blue eyes. She is a caveguard - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

17 Fart that Cuts Through Silence V 1 Comment
18 Song Of Falling Rain

A pale grey she cat with white tipped fur and storm blue eyes.
Awesome name

19 Cougars Hunting In Night
20 Orange Sky After Dusk
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