Top Ten Warrior She-Cat Names That Should Be In the Books


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1 Oliveleaf

Oliveleaf agree with a lot of these names but one of them should be Skyheart - Skyheart

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2 Rosedapple

Rosedapple is a fox red she cat. Her mate is Thorntail. She has three kits, Littlekit, Mistkit, and Foxkit. Her father is Firethorn and her mother is Gracie, a kittypet. Her brother is Cloudwhisker and her sister is Gracefulswan.

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3 Flowerheart

You know, I have a friend who knows warriors in a online game, and this is her name in it. Her clan name, and her username too!

4 Snowfeather

Nice name! I imagine a white she-cat with amber eyes and ark grey marks on her tail that look like feathers

I like this one, I like the name "snow" in a lot of warrior cat names, if yo need proof check out my user name. - Snowpelt

5 Featherwind
6 Sunshine

This name is to... fitty.. warrior cats usually have random names like Whitestorm for instance, this name is as good as Buringfire

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8 Fawnleap

A very small, pale brown she cat with white spots on her back and light ginger eyes. Her mother was GoldSpot, a white she cat with yellow/brown spots on her pelt. Her father was SpruceLeaf, a dark brown tom with lighter brown spots on his back.

9 Frostwing

I used to play warriors with my friends and this was my best friends name. - Snowpelt

10 Smokeshade

A very boss name! I imagine a dark grey tabby Tom with stripes and Amber eyes

Black she-cat with blue eyes. It could also be a tom. - Oliveleaf

This is supposed to be for she cats..

A grey she cat with dark splotches and black spot around her body. Smoke shade's mother was YellowRose and her father was BlackFoot. She was born into NightClan.
Smokeshade was loved by two toms. GreyStorm from NightClan and MossFlame from DesertClan. GreyStorm noticed her and how graceful she pounced on a mouse. He started following her around and bring her food. MossFlame helped her out of a gorge many moons ago. He loved her so much. Yet she had chosen GreyStorm. She could never betray her own Clan

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11 Sparrowwing
12 Skyheart

There is a Skyheart - she's from Crookedstar's Promise!

13 Wispwater
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15 Owlfrost
16 Applefrost

Actually, there is a cat called Applefrost. - Walla

Dark red she cat with frost blue eyes - Gassystar

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20 Sunfeather
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