Top Ten Warrior She-Cat Names That Should Be In the Books


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41 Snowblossom

Beautiful white she-cat with gray paws, ear tip, and tail tip. Ice blue eyes. Mate of Nightclaw and mother of Patchfur, Silverpetal, and Frostcloud

42 Hollyfrost

Pure black she-cat with blue eyes, long claws and long tail.

43 Owleye

A hazel/brown she cat with black flecks. Good eyesight.

44 Foxclaw

Ginger she cat, orange eyes, when Foxclaw was a kit a fox broke in the Mersey and made a scratch on her back that will never heal.

45 Mapledawn
46 Mistymoon
47 Breezeflower
48 Willowfern

A a grey and white she-cat with blue eyes. She later becomes leader!

49 Tortiecloud

Your description sounds like my cat

Half tortieshell and half white with one green eye and one blue eye. Becomes leader after Willowstar and is in Treeclan.

50 Silentblaze

I think of her as a golden tabby she-cat with golden eyes. She's from Thunderclan, but she likes a guy in Windclan,

51 Sorrelfrost V 1 Comment
52 Rippledflares
53 Amberleaf
54 Littlefrost
55 Amberflight
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