Top Ten Warrior She-Cat Names That Should Be In the Books


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41 Goldenflame

Golden-furred she-cat with ginger streaks and green eyes.

42 Silverpetal
43 Hollyfrost

Pure black she-cat with blue eyes, long claws and long tail.

44 Owleye

A hazel/brown she cat with black flecks. Good eyesight.

45 Foxclaw

Ginger she cat, orange eyes, when Foxclaw was a kit a fox broke in the Mersey and made a scratch on her back that will never heal.

46 Mapledawn
47 Mistymoon
48 Breezeflower
49 Willowfern

A a grey and white she-cat with blue eyes. She later becomes leader!

50 Silentblaze

I think of her as a golden tabby she-cat with golden eyes. She's from Thunderclan, but she likes a guy in Windclan,

51 Sorrelfrost V 1 Comment
52 Rippledflares
53 Amberleaf
54 Littlefrost
55 Amberflight
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