Top Ten Warrior She Cats that Should Exist


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1 Swiftdawn

I am so sorry I didn't add your name! But since you already added it, I TOTALLY THINK YOU SHOULD EXIST! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! - Swiftdawn

Thanks, Maplecloud! Please make an account so I can follow you! - Swiftdawn

Of course you should exist! We all want to exist if we could, too! I would love it if there was a Maplecloud! Or is there? And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Swiftdawn! I became 13 on March 28, too! - Maplecloud

A slender ginger and white she-cat with lime green eyes. Swiftkit was always teased about being the runt especially after her mother, Stormfall (fox-red she-cat with blue eyes) and her father, Eaglewing (light ginger tom with green eyes) died in a border skirmish and in a battle between Windclan. After that she became an apprentice and Swiftpaw trained especially hard. She became a warrior half a moon earlier than the other jealous apprentices because she saved a young warrior, Flamestripe (a dark ginger tabby tom with blue eyes) from drowning. Then she became Swiftdawn and fell in love with Flamestripe. They were really happy when Swiftdawn found out she was expecting kits. They had Creamkit (a ginger and cream colored she-kit with blue eyes later Creamsky) and Petalkit (ginger and white she-kit with green eyes later Petalspalsh) and Rainkit (dark ginger and white tabby tom-kit with blue eyes later Raincreek) and Redkit (very dark ginger tabby tom-kit with green eyes later Redfur) ...more - Swiftdawn

2 Briarpool
3 Gingerflame

I love this name. I imagine a dark ginger cat with lighter ginger stripes.

A dark ginger she-cat with pale ginger tabby markings - Feathermist

A light ginger tabby she-cat - Swiftdawn

Love this name! - Swiftdawn

4 Petalsplash
5 Shimmersky
6 Skycloud
7 Rosewing
8 Goldenpoppy
9 Mintleaf
10 Marigoldnose

The Contenders

11 Foxtail

Foxtail's my OC but he's a ginger tom! :D - Aquastar_of_DewClan

12 Icestorm
13 Goldensong
14 Maplecloud

A white and silver she-cat with eyes the color of maple-syrup! I love maple-syrup!

15 Lilyfrost
16 Redpelt
17 Brackenspots
18 Vixentail

Pretty light fox red she cat with light cream stripes and pale blue eyes - Darkshadedroses

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