Top Ten Warrior She Cats that Should Exist

The Top Ten

1 Swiftdawn

I am so sorry I didn't add your name! But since you already added it, I TOTALLY THINK YOU SHOULD EXIST! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! - Swiftdawn

Thanks, Maplecloud! Please make an account so I can follow you! - Swiftdawn

Of course you should exist! We all want to exist if we could, too! I would love it if there was a Maplecloud! Or is there? And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Swiftdawn! I became 13 on March 28, too! - Maplecloud

A slender black she-cat with lime green eyes and white paws. Swiftkit was always teased about being the runt especially after her mother, Nova (she-cat with blue eyes) and her father, Brackenfur (light ginger tom with green eyes) died in a border skirmish and in a battle between Windclan. After that she became an apprentice and Swiftpaw trained especially hard. She became a warrior half a moon earlier than the other jealous apprentices because she saved a young warrior, Stormfrost (a dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes) from drowning. Then she became Swiftdawn and fell in love with Flamestripe. They were really happy when Swiftdawn found out she was expecting kits. They had Mintkit. Swiftdawn died under the paws of a monster and Stormfrost died in a battle with Shadowclan two moons after. They were reunited in Starclan and watched their kits have kits and then come join Starclan. - Swiftdawn

2 Briarpool

Brialpool Short Story
Briarpool: Tortishell she-cat with lime green eyes, and white paws.
Briarpool let her tail flow behind her in the wind as she leaped over a patch of tall grass. Panting, but not slowing down, she raced against the breeze, running down the never ending moors. Briarpool felt her heart sink as the moor started to collapse down on the earth. She started to panic, seeing the ground was crumbling down beneath her. Clawing on to anything she could hold desperately, the ground she was on failed her. Tumbling down she went...
"Briarpool? BRIARPOOL? " A familiar voice spoke, and Briarlight felt paws tugging her. Opening her eyes, she realized she was in the medicine cat den. Trying to stand up, Briarlight felt a sharp pain explode through her leg, and she crumpled down again.
"Briarpool! I'm so sorry! " The smaller voice said again, and Briarlight remembered how the dog had viciously bitten her leg just a couple of sunrises ago. She finally realized the voice ...more

3 Petalsplash

This name sounds so vibrant and calm. It really reminds me of a water lily!

4 Gingerflame

I love this name. I imagine a dark ginger cat with lighter ginger stripes.

A dark ginger she-cat with pale ginger tabby markings - Feathermist

A light ginger tabby she-cat - Swiftdawn

Love this name! - Swiftdawn

5 Shimmersky

This name is awesome! Must be a pretty she cat. - BloodFang

6 Skycloud

I see a grey she cat with white paws and splotches. She is kind and loving.

7 Rosewing
8 Goldenpoppy
9 Mintleaf

Dang it, you stole my OC. - Firemist

10 Marigoldnose

The Contenders

11 Foxtail

Foxtail's my OC but he's a ginger tom! :D - Aquastar_of_DewClan

12 Goldensong
13 Whitefang

Reminds me of RWBY. - RoseWeasley

Exists. - Firemist

Ivory white she-cat with small cream speckles, and bright blue eyes.

14 Icestorm
15 Maplecloud

A white and silver she-cat with eyes the color of maple-syrup! I love maple-syrup!

16 Lilyfrost
17 Redpelt
18 Brackenspots

Could be great for a spotted she-cat with a prickly attitude but can be sweet when she wants to. She's impatient with kits but not her own.

19 Vixentail

Pretty light fox red she cat with light cream stripes and pale blue eyes - Darkshadedroses

20 Dottedsky

Speckled gray she-cat with blue eyes.

21 Frostfern

Tortishell she-cat with bright green eyes.

22 Dovesong

Snow white she-cat with sky blue eyes.

23 Silverwish

Gray she-cat with small white blotches, and shining gray eyes.

24 Coalmist

Mottled black she-cat with dark blue eyes.

25 Spottedeye

Calico she-cat with white blotches around her eyes, and shady green eyes.

26 Gingerstripe

Ginger and white tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.

27 Rosethorn

Cream she-cat with golden blotches, and hazel eyes.

28 Brightfoot

Black she-cat with one white foot, and hazel eyes.

29 Briarsong

Oh, cute. - Firemist

Clan:crystal clan
Mate:shadow fang
Kit(s):Ash flame (she)
Is she
Rank:dep(will be lead)
Fluffy light brown tabby with sky blue eyes
She is VEARY loyal to her clan but has a sense of hummer
Mother:sun fern
Father:lion star
Litter mate(s):cloud paw(she)drowned at 12 moons in flood

30 Ocean Breeze

Silver with ocean blue eyes

31 Rainbowcloud
32 Rabbitbreeze
33 Lightningstrike
34 Sagepelt

A cream colored she-cat with green eyes
Belongs to DreamClan
Sister is Eagletalon

35 Leafdawn

A dark orange she-cat
Belongs to BayClan
Daughter is Ferngrasp
Medicine Cat

36 Eagletalon

Dark brown she-cat with Dark forest green eyes

37 Falconflight
38 Reedtail
39 Skyheart
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