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1 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

And do we need to remember that she helped Feathertail and Stormfur get born (It's not her Fault that Silverstream died) - Badgerflame

She saved Sorreltail from deathberries, then died SAVING Sorreltail from the badger attack when she had her kits. Why not give her some credit? She worked so hard during her existence in ThunderClan, after Tigerstar crippled her leg. Her life was a series of twists and turns, and ended as Sorreltail's kit Cinderheart came into the world. - SandstormJr

Cinderpelt is my favorite warrrior medicine cat AND character. Even after her leg was crippled by a car, she still was a really good medicine cat. She also died a noble death, and gave up her dreams of being a warrior. I'm glad she was re-born into Cinderheart. - Silvermoon77

Cinders is the best cat ever. Nothing else needs be said.đŸ˜ș

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2 Yellowfang Yellowfang

She was the bravest ever and different her death was so sad REST IN PEACE YELLOWFANG

She and Cinderpelt are the best! Love them. - Swiftdawn

Yellowfang and Jayfeather are the best

She trained Cinderpelt, trained as both a warrior and a med cat, knows her herbs well, trained Runningnose as well (Who went on to train Littlecloud, another amazing med cat! ) can feel other cats' pain. If everyone likes Jayfeather so much, then why don't you vote for Yellowfang, the OG cranky cat? - whattheheckamidoing

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3 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws." That was the prophecy given to Firestar by Skywatcher, an ancient SkyClan cat. It turned out that the three cats were Jayfeather, his brother Lionblaze, and their kin Dovewing. Jayfeather was born blind, but that didn't stop him from carrying out his powers: The ability to walk in other cats' dreams and read their minds. In the dreams, he was not blind. He could see! Jayfeather did all that he could to save his sister Hollyleaf, but the wounds from Hawkfrost and his Dark Forest cats were too strong, and Hollyleaf died of blood loss. Jayfeather was the best medicine cat a Clan could wish to have. - SandstormJr

Jayfeather will always be one of my favorite medicine cats, along with Spottedleaf, Brambleberry, Willowshine and Yellowfang. He had an interesting personality and I loved how he adjusted to being blind. It was really cool how he could see in dreams. I think it was kind of Firestar to give him a chance at being a warrior; but he always belonged as a medicine cat. Half Moon + Jay's Wind forever.

He is awesome

People don't understand, JAYFEATHER IS AWESOME.
"After the sharp-eyed jay, and the roaring lion, peace will come on a dove's wing". He is part of an amazing prophecy, and is a blind, but brace cat. Yes, he can be moody, grumpy, and stubborn, but that's not at all how he's like on the inside.

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4 Littlecloud

Littlecloud seeked shelter in ThunderClan with Whitethroat during ShadowClan's Great Sickness. Thankfully, Cinderpelt cared for them and sent them away as night dawned. Once the sickness ended, Littlecloud was inspired by Cinderpelt to become a med cat. He was a great med cat and lived for many, many long moons. His death was never shown, but he is remembered as a brave and loyal med cat. - SandstormJr

5 Flametail

This playful young tom was a great addition to ShadowClan's medicine supply, full of energy and strong. He had a vast knowledge of herbs and plants, and he was ShadowClan's medicine cat for a short time, as he died playing on the frozen lake, falling through and drowning under the ice. Jayfeather attempted to save him, and almost drowned himself, but Rock pushed him away and made him leave Flametail to die. - SandstormJr

I love flamie, did he have to die?

6 Runningnose

Runningnose was Yellowfang's loyal apprentice. Unlike his mentor, he was born with an interest in herbs. He was a med cat from the start. After Yellowfang was thrown out, Runningnose was still young and didn't know what to do. His herb store was dry and unused because the cats that he tried to treat were already dead by the time he reached them. Runningnose died free of Brokenstar's reign. - SandstormJr

7 Mothwing Mothwing

She's pretty intelligent. I like how she keeps herself, calm and proud. She is a good medicine cat. Beliefs can't be forced on you, Even in the human world.

Mothwing. The med cat that didn't believe in StarClan was skilled and brave when it came to the Moonpool and sharing with her ancestors. Instead of faking signs, she left the stone, prey, and cloud telling to her apprentice, Willowshine. When the time came, her brother Hawkfrost made her fake a sign that two troubled stones in the river meant that Stormfur and Brook had to leave. Mothwing finally admitted to Mistystar that she didn't believe in StarClan, and continued as a medicine cat, a good friend of Leafpool's. - SandstormJr

8 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf

Just one mistake I mean I love Spottedleaf I named a kitten after her but Clawface was killed by Graystripe on accident; not Firestar. Spottedleaf was amazing; she shouldn't have died and she belonged with Lionheart. I know no one thinks about it but take a moment to they would make a really great couple.

I so agree that Spottedleaf and Lionheart would make a great couple! And it's true! I would have never thought about it. Huh. - Swiftdawn

When the kittypet Rusty entered the forest, Spottedleaf trusted him. She knew he would grow to be a leader one day, as muscles rippled beneath his flame-colored pelt. She enjoyed having him in the camp, and her body was discovered with the ShadowClan rogue Clawface's fur between her claws. Firestar was deeply upset, and in anger killed Clawface against the warrior code. When the battle with the Daek Forest came, Spottedleaf gave up her life in StarClan to save Firestar's love Sandstorm (my idol) from Mapleshade. - SandstormJr

Spottedleaf leaf for life I cried when she dies I was like “why oh why I fell the same why firestar”.

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9 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

NO. Lapful is a HORRIBLE medicine cat, and not just because she fell in love, fell in love with someone from another Clan, ran away, had kits, lied about the kits, etc. She sucks and herbs and didn't even bother to save Honeyfern. Other stuff, too.

I don't think Jayfeather and Leafpool had time to save Honeyfern but...Do you even have a grammar... (Not trying to offend you) - cassiabez

Leafpool's cool. She's flawed, yes, but this only makes her more interesting to read about.

I personally like Leafpool the best. Don't know why, but I just do. - AeropostaleWolf

Okay she COULDN"T save honeyfern (Starclan rest your soul lovely daughter of Sorreltail) she said the poison was already in her blood there was nothing she could do. Leafpool may have lied about the kits and Crowfeather but she still went back to Thunderclan in the end and deserves to be on this list. That's my opinion.

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10 Barkface

Read Tallstar's Revenge I really like Barkface; he always supported his friend against his own brother. He didn't blame Tallpaw that much when Brackenwing died, he forgave him quicker than others and always encouraged Tallstar to do what he thought was right. He was also a loyal Windclan medicine cat till the day he died.

Strange name, huh? Barkface was WindClan's medicine cat. When WindClan was brought home, he predicted the clouds as a sign that there would be an unexplained death that day. Later on, as Barkface predicted, Whiteclaw of RiverClan plunged into the gorge after fighting with Graystripe over them crossing the border to return WindClan. - SandstormJr

The Contenders

11 Moth Flight

Moth Flight was WindClan's first medicine cat. Her mother never thought she could amount to something, but she proved her wrong. She also discovered the Moonstone, that leaders could get 9 lives (which saved her mother's life), and why medicine cats couldn't have mates or kits. Her mate was Micah, medicine cat of SkyClan, who died from falling off a tree. I personally love Moth Flight.

She was awesome! - IcetailofWishClan


12 Cloudspots

First thunderclan med cat

13 Micah

Micah! love him!
sooo sad bout Moth Flight though...
R.I.P. Micah!
we love ya!

14 Hawkheart Hawkheart

Seriously what the freak why is this even on here get him off r u kidding me agree with the person down there he killed moonflower what is wrong with u people

No never in a million years. Get him off this list. Please I'm begging you.

Moonflower everyone! Remember her? Yeah, NOW LEAVE HAWKHEART! - Swiftdawn

Haaate him. He killed Moonflower!

15 Brambleberry

Brambleberry always was kind to Crookedstar even when he was a kit. I always felt a especially strong connection between the two and she was for sure one of the cats that loved Crookedstar most along with Willowbreeze, Oakheart, Shellheart, and herself. No one could've asked for a better medicine cat who was always as kind and forgiving as Brambleberry. I liked how she led Crookedstar to Starclan; that was really a special moment between the two. I think if she had replaced Willowbreeze (no offense I still love you Willowbreeze) and not been a medicine cat they would've gone really nicely together (Crooked + Bramble) but I still think Crooked x Willow is better.

16 Pebble Heart

Son to Turtle Tail and Tom with a brother named Owl Eyes and a sister named Sparrow Fur. He had dreams her sometimes told to Gray Wing. He also helped Moth Flight in Moth Flight's Vision when she was depressed about her medicine cat work and her kits.

17 Rushpelt
18 Goosefeather Goosefeather

Not only was he apprenticed early but he saved many cats from death with his vivid visions. He also knew all the prophecies before other medicine cats and everyone under estimates him. he was hated by his whole clan but his loyalty never changed. And he could see kits future by touching them (sunstar and Featherwhisker)
Why is he 28th?

19 Alderheart
20 Meadowpelt
21 Splashburst

Splashburst is a loyal medicine cat of lavaclan who died too young

22 Dappledpelt
23 Oatspeckle

Was a thunderclan med cat - Gassystar

24 Featherwhisker Featherwhisker

He was so kind and understanding I hardcore ship him and Bluestar

25 Cherryleap
26 Pebblecloud
27 Willowbrook
28 Acornbreeze
29 Mapleface
30 Mudfur

Mudfur was a great father a great warrior and a great medicine cat. Is there much more to say?

31 Sagewhisker
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