Top 10 Most Misinterpreted Warrior Cats

This is a list of characters I believe people got the wrong idea on, or don’t appreciate them enough. I do not mean to offend anyone, but I would like to share my opinions on these characters. Please read this list, I’m not asking you to change your opinion, just, consider it. You don’t have to read it all, it’s pretty long. Just please read some, I worked hard (it took we a few months to actually finish it 😅) and these are my opinions. We all have different opinions. Please respect mine!
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The Top Ten
1 Dovewing

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2 Bramblestar

Ok I don’t really like Bramblestar, he treated Squirrelflight like trash, so that’s probably the reason I hate him
*contains spoilers for The New Prophecy, Power of Three and vision of Shadows*
1. First is the whole Tigerstar training thing in the New Prophecy. So to refresh your memory, Tigerstar was training Hawk and Bramble to become strong warriors, when in reality he was teaching them to be evil and rule their Clan under his influence. In the end Bramblestar pulled through, but it took him pretty long to do this, and it was only when Firestar was in danger. Who knows what would have happened if Ashfur and Hawkfrost hadn’t trapped Firestar! This made me kinda uneasy on how easy he can be manipulated.
Also, during this time Squirrelflight got mad at him for hanging with Hawkfrost. Because well he’s evil! Brambleclaw just assumed that when she said “Hawkfrost is bad” she meant “Brambleclaw is bad” witch is totally unfair to Squirrelflight.
2. Second is the whole Leaf’s kits thing. When Brambleclaw(Star) found out that Squirrelflight’s “kits” we’re actually Leafpool’s because of this he got so mad that he stopped being mates with Squirrel and completely ditched her. Witch I understand why he would be mad, but after a certain point you have to stop. He has to think for a second. If he was a she cat and Tawnypelt was in that situation, Bramblestar would have certainly done the same thing. That I don’t find fair at all.
3. He hit on Jessy. That was really annoying. I don’t have to go into much detail for this because it’s self explanatory, he hit on a random loner (or kittypet I don’t know what was it?)
and forgot about Squirrelflight. It just makes me mad.
4. He’s extremely bossy. Must I say more?
Basically, he treated Squirrelflight like trash and at times made everyone question his loyalty.

3 Leafpool

I believe Leafpool is very, very misunderstood. I’m going to go over the reasons people hate her and why I object
*contains Spoilers for Leafpool’s Wish and Power of Three*
1. “I hate Leafpool she’s a Mary Sue”
This I hear a lot.
I believe that Leafpool is not a Mary Sue. Leafpool definitely did not get everything she wanted. If she did then she would still be with Crow, and be a medicine cat at the same time, Cinderpelt would still be alive, and her kits would love her. See? Also Mary Sues don’t have flaws. Leafpool has flaws! One of them is she’s insecure. She has trouble making big choices, and when they effect her badly she feels very guilty. Also, she feels as if everything rests on her shoulders. And if also, Kate Cary, THE AUTHOR, said her flaws made her such an interesting character, witch I agree with.
2. “She broke the medicine cat code!”
So did Yellowfang, why are you obsessing over this if it happens all the time!? I don’t see hate for Yellowfang, so why should Leafpool be different. (I know she broke two codes, but still)
3. “She forces Squirrelflight to take her kits!”
No she does not, if you’ve read Leafpool’s Wish, Leafpool did not force her to take her kits, Feathertail guilt tripped her into it. (Sorry Feathertail)
4. “She and Crowfeather had
no connection”
Tell that to all the Fire X Spotted shippers. Also what’s that gotta do with Leafpool being a bad character?
5. “She ruined Hollyleaf’s life!”
No, this isn’t the Hollyleaf ruined her own life. Sure, Leafpool did not help Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf’s life be any better, but she did not ruin Hollyleaf’s life. Hollyleaf could have chosen to keep quiet and adjust to her new life, like Jayfeather and Lionblaze. But she didn’t, she murdered Ashfur, and ran away like a coward and ruined her own life. So no, Leafpool did sorta Made it worse, but Hollyleaf did the most to herself.

4 Bumblestripe

He treated Dovewing like trash. I actually made a post about this. So I’m copy and pasting from that actually. Here goes nothing!

Should Dovewing choose Bumblestripe?

Most people answer “heck yes! Tigerheart is in ShadowClan plus he sucks!”

I’m writing this to disagree. I’m a strong believer in that you should be with the person you love, despite being the same gender or in Warriors’s case, Clans. Dovewing clearly didn’t love Bumblestripe, yet Bumble still tried and tried and tried, even though it was SUPER obvious that it wasn’t going to work. Now many people say that she was playing Bumblestripe, witch I disagree with. It was SO DARN OBVIOUS that Dovewing was not interested that she didn’t need to refuse! The first time Bumblestripe actually says “hey wanna be mates?” He runs away so she can’t answer, so she can’t reject him! That in my opinion is wrong! When Bumble realizes that she doesn’t like him back, he throws a huge hissy fit, and when Dovewing comes to APOLOGIZE he yells at her yet again! Also the fact that he literally says that Dovewing should mate with him to.. CHEER UP, and Purdy’s “funereal”!? I don’t know what that sounds like in the Warriors world, but to humans that’s just wrong, and horrible!

People believe they MUST be together because he’s Graystipes kid, and he’s sweet and everyone loves him, but if Dovewing doesn’t want to be with him, she shouldn’t have to. It’s amazing how many fans Bumblestripe has! It’s crazy! Why do people still love him after all he did to Dovewing. It just doesn’t make sense!

5 Blossomfall

*spoilers for omen of the stars*
Blossomfall... oh Blossomfall. Many people are like “I hate Millie because she neglected Blossomfall” Now I’m not a fan of Millie, but this is a stupid reason to hate her. Now, let’s pretend warrior cats are humans. Blossomfall is a healthy young adult. She doesn’t need her mother obsessing over her all the time. So when Briarlight, literally breaks her back legs, and can’t walk! FOREVER! It makes sense how Millie would only care about Briarlight for a while. Blossomfall is old enough to make her own choices. She doesn’t need Millie to fuss over her! I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bumbelstripe was right! He didn’t try to get love from Millie he just went about his day. And then Blossomfall literally trains in cat heck, just because her mom is caring for her injured sister. It’s stupid

6 Thrushpelt

I believe Thrushpelt is HIGHLY underrated.
*spoilers for first arc and Bluestar’s prophecy*
We all love Bluestar (except for that one person) and we all know she had kits with Oakheart. When Bluestar has her kits, she doesn’t want ThunderClan to know the father. Everyone assumes it’s Thrushpelt, and only Bluestar and Thrushpelt know it isn’t. So Rosetail tells Thrushpelt he’s going to be a dad, and He goes up to Bluestar and asks what the heck is happening. Bluestar says the kits aren’t his. Thrushpelt then offers to pretend to be the father, for Bluestars sake.
Keep in mind Thrushpelt doesn’t even know who the father is!
Without Thrushpelt, the same thing that happened to Mapleshade, could have happened to Bluestar, and who would want that!? This poor guy needs more love

7 Firestar

*spoilers for like everything!*

Ok I honestly can’t believe I have to do this. Firestar (one of my favorites!) is misunderstood. And for two big reasons. People say “He is a Gary Sue, and he always gets what he wants, he’s always in the spotlight!l” Yes well just because he’s a spotlight character doesn’t mean he’s bad! People have no real reasons on why they hate this guy. They really don’t! Other than the fact that he is in the spotlight or “killed Scourge” but if he didn’t there would be no warriors. Any other reason is kinda pathetic though. Sure he broke the code! Everyone does. Sure he made some mistakes! Everyone does. Geez give him a break!

If you dislike him because he is boring well then I guess that’s your opinion. I personally don’t think anything in warrior cats is super boring. I love the book series so much that I guess I find everything awesome! Or I'm just really weird (But I haven’t read SkyClan’s destiny yet so...)

Well anyway, Firestar is an amazing leader in my opinion

8 Hollyleaf

Yes she’s on the list, yes I hate her, yes you can fight me. Haha jk. Okay anyway I don’t like Hollyleaf. And here’s why.
*spoilers for power of three and omen of the stars*
Sunrise was the book that really ruined her for me. She was adorable as an apprentice, I loved her back then. But when the whole secret got out and she ruined herself for me. She was WAY to obsessed with the warrior code, and she killed someone. She’s super obsessive, and I guess from experience I hate people like that. (Sorry) Also, I probably wouldn’t be hating her as much if she wasn’t so adored by the fandom. It’s like everyone forgot Sunrise. Everyone! What really bugged me was that she was she killed Ashfur so he wouldn’t give away the secret but she gave it away her self. Why did you kill him then? You don’t kill cats and then do what they were going to do! It’s stupid! Sorry. Just my opinion.

9 Brackenfur

*contains spoilers for Dovewing’s Silence, Vision of Shadows, and the New prophecy*
Since I added Thrushpelt in here, Brackenfur deserves a spot to. Can I just say BRACKENFUR IS UNDERRATED! Thank you. Literally on Top Ten Warrior cats Tigerstar, Scourge, Ashfur, and Darkstripe! What?! And why oh why is Bramblestar so high in the list? What? Brackenfur is super underrated the poor guy. He did so much for his Clan, and he suffered so much when Sorreltail died. Just watch the Brackenfur King MAP on YouTube. It’s amazing. I really wanted a Brackenstar! Why Bramblestar? Ugh. And Sorreltail is SO much higher than him! I love Sorreltail, but shouldn’t Brackenfur be right behind, or higher? It’s sad

10 Crowfeather

*contains spoilers for everything okay!*
I know he was a bad dad... but I mean he was scared of what would happen if he loved to much again. He loved Feathertail and she died. He loved Leafpool, but she rejected him. He never wanted to feel those losses again. I always kinda liked Crowfeather. Poor guy