Top Ten Reasons Why Ivypool Is Better Than Dovewing (Warriors)

Yeah. The two sisters. One is my favorite and the other.. , not so much
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1 Dovewing acts like an idiot sometimes

She literally fell for a shady shadow clan cousin of hers, and didn't even t4ry to understand what her sister was going through, and the sacrifices ivy pool was making. She literally didn't deserve to have the gift, and Ivypool could've done better than her :)

Well, both Ivypool and Dovewing are idiots. Ivypool didn't want to be a mother (she was a terrible mother anyway, letting Flipkit wander off!), Dovewing abandoned ThunderClan for that stupid Tigerheart. Dovewing tried to be nice to Ivypool, but Ivypool was rude and jealous and joined the Dark Forest (sore loser!)

Absolutely. When Dovewing lost her powers, she totally lost it, and didn't really think of others. I mean... HELLO? Did we see Lionblaze and Jayfeather acting like they were dirt? I mean sure, they had to figure out how to cope with their own power loss, but they didn't shun their loved ones, and go sulk somewhere.

SO DOES LIKE EVERYCAT. Ivypool whines and complains about her sister not wanting her, and then pushes her sister away when Dovewing tries to include her in stuff and Dovewing DOES care about her sister. if she didn't love her sister then why would she beg Jayfeather to tell Ivypool the truth about the prophecy? Why would she tell her about Tigerstar? Because she's worried about her.

2 Even after the battle, Ivypool fought for her rights

Even though Ivypool didn't need to, she still agreed to an oath of loyalty and worked her tail off. Dovewing on the other hand just sulked.

Ivypool, as a cat who trained in the Dark Forest, had to prove and re-prove herself over and over while Dovewing sat there examining her claws and not lifting one of them to help her. - Honeyspirit

YEA! Ivypool fought so much in her life that I think she needs a rest sometimes.

See Ivypool will always fight for what she thinks is right. dovewing on the other hand...

3 Ivypool was tricked and then she tricked them

Ivypool was such a good and successful spy in the dark forest, and after realizing that it was bad, she immediately decided what's best for ALL the clans and risked her life every single night.

Ooooo Ivypool wanted to make up for her mistake! When Dovewing told her she was being tricked, she instantly had an Idea! What if she could make this useful and spy on them?! Of course, she had to kill somebody doing so and I didn't like that part but she had to for her clan. Nobody said she wanted to, besides, she was in the battle of the death, of course somebody was gonna die! -IvypoolfanknownasWidowsight

Finally, dumb Ivypool used her brains.

So true though, ivypool is a trickster!

4 Dovewing is a Mary-Sue Dovewing is a Mary-Sue

I'm tired of seeing people arguing who of the sisters is better! To be honest, I love them BOTH and there are not many people who think like me.

I love them because they have flaws - Dovewing's whining is a flaw (stop calling her a Mary Sue.) She can act stupid sometimes and be stubborn (these are flaws too). If she was a Mary Sue, she would know that her falling in love with Tigerheart is wrong! Other flaws (from dlrTsTrlpE's comment) are that she is indecisive, works badly under pressure, tries to help but only makes things worse, has a lack of self-control and judgement, keeping secrets from trusted cats. When Dovewing lost her powers, it was normal to whine for it because it is like feeling that she is deaf.

Ivypool, on the other hand, has flaws - can be super jealous and mean. She pushed Dovewing away, not understanding that Dovewing wanted her sister to be happy (this is a flaw). And I have to say that everyone was a bit jealous a bit in their life! Yeah, Ivypool ...more

Dovewing is actually a lot more flawed than Ivypool. Her appearance isn't mary sueish, and she has flaws! She is stubborn, naive, and pretty idiotic. And she never seemed to be that good of a fighter either. And just because she has two toms who love her, doesn't mean she's perfect! I mean, Crowfeather had three mates/love interests, yet he's not even close to a gary stu! If you're gonna complain about Dovewing, complain about Ivypool too, because she honestly has less flaws than Dovewing!

PURE MARY SUE. Well, that's my opinion. Dove just always does the right thing! Even when she's doing bad things, it's like she's doing something good!-Shadowstrike of Silentclan.

Stop hating Dovewing! She's one of my favorite cats. And Tigerheart x Dovewing is my favorite ship. haters of Dovewing, go sit in the corner and cry.

5 Everybody loved Dovewing and she was complaining the whole time

1. She did care for Ivypool. Ivypool kinda treated her like dirt in Fading Echoes because of her jealousy. Dovewing didn't really treat her like trash, only as an apprentice a bit because Ivypool was the one who started it.
2. Dovewing wasn't with Tigerheart all the time. She also began to use her senses, and think - Have you ever thought how Dovewing woke Ivypool up when she was in the Dark Forest so Ivypool could suffer less?
3. The reason she whined was because she was used to her powers. Think of it - You were able to see a oak tree from a hundred of miles away while sitting in front of a television, but then something happens and you only see the television like if you zoomed a hundred times?
4. Rather Dovewing not act like a real mate to Bumblestripe, or Bumblestripe to get a new mate that does like him? I honestly don't care about forbidden relationships, since it was just part of the code to not have a mate from another Clan, pretty much explained in Code of the Clans.

OMG YES! Every cat in the Clan, especially Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Firestar, treated Dovewing like a spoiled little princess who could do no wrong. Why? Because they knew about her powers! But even the rest of the Clan, who didn't know about her powers, still spoiled her and treated her like she was a princess, while no one even knew Ivypaw/pool existed. Seriously! Dovewing did nothing but whine and cry and complain about Bumblestripe, Tigerheart, and her powers, and everyone still cared for her and loved her and made sure she was always feeling at her best. But that one page of that one book in that one chapter that one time where Ivypool was upset about something, NO ONE EVEN NOTICED! If I had've been there, I would've told Dovepaw to go away and leave her sister alone, and I would go and cheer up Ivypaw and make sure she felt like she was actually loved and cared for. I mean, can you really blame Ivypaw/pool for being jealous? Her sister who was her best friend during childhood ...more

Dovewing, I think, is not a Mary Sue, however she is complaining about her powers throughout Bramblestar's Storm. She acts like every cat can see beavers making a dam or Leopardstar dying in the fourth apprentice, when clearly what elders, her mother, and other warriors must have told her prove it wrong! My problem is not only she complained, she complained while she was loved by her Clanmates and kin and it was as if she thought every cat hated her instead of adoring her like a sister/mate. - Honeyspirit

Dovewing did complain, but honestly Ivypool complained a lot more! Ivypool was always like "Oh everyone loves Dovewing and nobody likes me!" She never tried to understand how Dovewing was feeling, and lashed out on her all the time.

6 Dove freaked out when she lost her powers

Okay, I get it, if you had something for your whole life and then all of a sudden lost if forever, you'd probably be upset, and I understand that. But what I DON'T understand, is this: Dovewing did nothing but whine and complain that she didn't want powers and wanted to be normal, and then her powers were taken away and she finally got her wish, and she whines and complains that she's blind and deaf now! How does that make any sense? If she didn't want the powers, she should be HAPPY they were taken away. I don't understand that whiny brat. I'll respect your opinion if you like her, but don't try and make me change my mind because I won't. Even now, Dovewing's still a whiny brat, and in my opinion, she always will be. -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

Wouldn't you? She lived most of her life with her powers and wasn't used to not having them (it should had been Hollyleaf tho) but why do people hate lionblaze and dovewing for having powers when they like jayfeather? Big brain!

Dovewing was born with powers. She grew up with them. She learned everything when she had her powers. She used them ALL THE TIME. They were a part of her life.
OF COURSE she would freak out when she lost them! Imagine wearing glasses your whole life and then losing them. How blind would you feel? And I know that wearing glasses doesn't nearly compare to the abilities that Dovewing's powers gave her.
Dovewing was so accustomed to her powers, so of course she would feel upset and confused when she lost them! I don't understand how this is a problem with Dovewing's character. Her reaction only feels realistic to me. I would freak out too!

Yes, I get that Dove should be a little uncomfortable without her powers but I believe that she acted a bit dramatic. She kept complaining, were jay or lion doing that? No! I think Dove was kinda acting like a kit. Dove shouldn't just complain, but understand that other cats have the same senses as her EVERY DAY. It kinda made me feel like she just wanted people to like her and when she lost her powers she felt like the attention would go to Ivy, thus, making her more whiny. Please do not attack me, this is just my opinion.-Darklight.

7 Dovewing was rude to Bumblestripe, lied to her sister, complained that she was blind and deaf when she lost her powers, and made poor decisions that not only affected her, but the cats around her as well.

Dovewing was never really honest with her opinions for him, yet her fans call bumblestripe annoying even though dovewing just left him without any clear answers and definitely made him feel bad when they found out she was with tiger heart illegally.

Rude to Bumblestripe: Um… Bumblestripe was a creep. He is one of my least favorite characters. Dovewing was right to leave him!

Lied to her sister: She really wanted to tell Ivypaw about her powers, but Lionblaze and Jayfeather told her not to! That wasn't her choice!

Complained that she was blind and deaf when she had lost her powers: I mean, I would too. The powers felt normal to her!

Made poor decisions: Yes, she made some bad decisions, but those just make her a better character!

Also, how do the points you are making make her a Mary Sue?

Yeah, but Ivypool's mate was already related to her (Ivypool's grandfather is Cloudtail, who's uncle is Firestar, who's grandchild is Lionblaze who's son is Fernsong, so Ivypool is weird!) and Dovewing and Ivypool are both dumb.

She can't go around messing with cats' feelings! And Bumblestripe cared for her so much! BumbleXDove is better then TigerXDove

8 Ivypool had to deal with a type of depression

Ivypool was risking her life every night in the dark forest, which was obviously hard enough. She also was confused and hurt by how her sister was receiving special attention from the leader and star clan, and also kept secrets from her, which made ivy pool sad, obviously.

Ivypool, who is my favorite, had to deal with snarky comments on how Dovewing was better, and this is why Blossomfall is one of my absolute least favorite cats. Dovewing didn't have to hunt every mouse, leave something for Ivypool from time to time! Other cats viewed her as something like "the best hunter" while it was not because she was good at it, it was because StarClan had given her powers. I absolutely am angry at Dovewing for letting other cats bully her sister while she clearly could have heard that! - Honeyspirit

Poor Ivypool. She struggled so much in life, a lot of it because of Dovewing. Now I know that Dovewing wasn't always intending to hurt Ivypool, because I think they genuinely loved each other, but Dovewing's single mindedness set off a course of actions that would forever ruin Ivypool.

First of all, Dovewing was a better hunter. This isn't Dovewing's fault - she had a power given to her by StarClan which would obviously end up with her being better than Ivypool at hunting. But just the fact that she flaunted it - that she didn't even think about what her sister would feel - started Ivypool's envy which would lead to her training in the Dark Forest.

Secondly, Dovewing didn't use her head. It was her relationship with Tigerheart that got Ivypool KIDNAPPED by ShadowClan. And as far as I can remember, she didn't take responsibility. This is now one action that Ivypool suffered for that was directly, or almost directly, Dovewing's fault.

Now, after this, things begin ...more

I didn't see any signs of depression in Ivypool at all. Just a brat who's jealous of her sister (I like Ivypool, but there's no doubt that she was a brat to Dovewing when she was younger)

9 Dovewing fell in love with a ShadowClan

Ok, I'm gonna be honest. I HATE Tigerheart. But honestly, I'm glad she left ThunderClan to join him. It's rare that we get a cat that chooses love over Clan, and this doesn't make Dovewing a bad cat. But I absolutely loathed their romance, so I'll give you that.

Oh boy, forbidden love!
Why, Erin(s), why? You drove this trope into the ground.

I don't care about "ships", I care about plots, and this one is adds more garbage to the so-called "storyline".

Poor Bumblestripe, a truly nice cat in the same Clan, turned away because the glorified Dovewing wanted to get down with a different cat from a different clan.

What a disappointment.

I don't care that this created a very important protagonist. I don't care that it took a cat out of ThunderClan, the overflow of cats. I don't care that "Oh, but Dovewing is 'special' ". It is against the warrior code, and DOVEWING BE EVIL!

So? Graystripe and Silverstream don't get hate. But Dovewing does? Half the ships are forbidden. Bluestar...Leafpool...reread the dang books.

10 Ivypool was determined to stop the dark forest

Ivypool worked so hard every sing night to stop the dark forest while doevwing was breaking the warrior code to sneak out with some shady shadow clan cat, and dove wing kept secrets from her sister and wouldn't really let ivy pool explain her feelings about everything.

Ivypool: Dovewing? We're gonna stop the Dark Forest. As one of the Three, can you help -
Dovewing: No! I gotta eat, then drink, meet up with Tigerheart, sleep, sleep again, repeat!
Ivypool: mouse-brained fox-hearted stupid idiot

Hey Ivypool haters I know some of the reasons on this list aren't true but this one is, so let her go for once! There are plenty of things dovewing and Ivypool both did for their clan, so stop it! Ivypool risked a lot to go to the Dark Forest, and even if she didn't report much to the Three, she still WENT there, like a brave cat. Dovewing risked a lot going to stop the beavers, and used her powers to help her clan, and Ivypool turned half of the Dark Forest on her side during the fight, while also spying on them for information. and to the people who hate her for not reporting much information, it's because she didn't think there was much useful information. I mean, I guess she could have told the Three which thunderclan cats were going to the Dark Forest, but could you really tell on your dad?Dovewing and Ivypool are both good characters, BACK OFF HATERS OF BOTH CATS, they both aren't Mary Sues either. Omg I basically wrote the same exact comment for glory/tsunami haters :/ come on ...more

Imagine if you lived your whole life, set aside and shadowed buy another sibling. Not only that, but they were unaware that they did so. When you tried to tell them, they just accused you of being jealous and that they were always better than you. (Fading Echoes) By now, the person reading this should know that they're acting as Ivypool. Anyways, once Ivypool found a way to compete with her sister, she took it as her only hope. That hope was fighting, and through the dark forest. Once Ivypool figured out the dark forest were purely evil, she risked her life to spy and give information. When all came down to the battle, Ivypool was the main reason the dark forest didn't win the battle. She stayed loyal to Thunderclan and almost died while protecting her belief. Now, Dovewing, is...a different story. Dovewing whines all thetime, when she has everything a she-cat could want. She broke and mended Tigerheart's heart a numerous amount of times, showing that she doesn't really care. She ...more

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11 Dovewing whined about pointless relationships.

OMG Dovewing whined about something? Who knew!? Dovewing NEVER whines, she's always so kind and sweet, and she has no flaws! Dovewing's the best I didn't know she knew HOW to whine! Sarcasm. Is this really a surprise? Dovewing whined about EVERYTHING! I'll respect your opinion if you like her, but don't try and make me change my mind because I won't. Even now, Dovewing's still a whiny brat, and in my opinion, she always will be. -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

Dovewing:Bumblestripe I'm breaking up with you cause I Have a kind mate that is related to me in Shadowclan Bumblestipe:What, that's pointless Dovewing:SHUT UP I'm joining Shadowclan because I don't get treated right here. I totally agree with this one.

Dopewing is so annoying like literally she is too overrated.

True. that's literally all she did besides complain about her powers

12 Dovewing didn't care about her sister

Wow, what a very concrete reason with so many evidence. Don't mind that dovewing begged her sister to not spy on the dark forest, consistently asked her not to go back, always woke her up when Ivypool seemed stressed in her sleep, blew up on jayfeather and lionblaze and was absolutely livid when they asked Ivypool to spy on the evil cats because she didn't want them to ask Ivypool to do that because she was starks her sister would get hurt, dovewings just totally doesn't care for Ivypool still, yep, makes total sense.

While ivy pool was risking her life being a spy and saving ALL the clans, dove wing was breaking the code with shady little tiger heart, and ignored ivy pool, which was rude, then blamed her for not caring. Dovewing also kept secrets from her sister and was awful at explaining herself. :)

True story. Ivypool was getting bullied by Blossomfall when they were apprentices, and Dovewing was too busy complaining and whining about Tigerheart and her powers to notice, and even if she did, she wouldn't care. She was too busy with her own life to worry about her so-called "loved ones." I'll respect your opinion if you like her, but don't try and make me change my mind because I won't. -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

Oh my gosh I hate these reasonings. use LOGIC people. she's proved her actions that she does love Ivy. It even said at one point that she wouldn't have left her sister for Tigerheart, because she loved her more. And if she didn't love her sister then why would she beg Jayfeather to tell Ivypool the truth about the prophecy? Why would she tell her about Tigerstar? Because she's worried about her. She's even said to Jayfeather that she's worried about her sister training in the Dark Forest, about what he might do to her, that she might get killed. She constantly told Ivy over and over again that she doesn't have to spy because she is worried about her. How is her love for her sister not shown? It's been shown multiple times.

13 Dopewing ruined everything

Her name is not DOPEWING, won't you just leave her alone?! Dovewing had serious things going on! Tigerheart, Her powers, she saved her clan, Ivypool was being a lazy kittypet!

Oh yes she did

14 Dovewing sucks

That's, an opinion, there is no evidence in this. I like Ivypool more then Dovewing but seriously, people are running out of ideas.

No, Ivypool does, because the brainless little fox though the Dark Forest was GOOD

Yes- Dove does suck, she sucks more then the badgers that killed Cinderpelt

15 Dovewing was super mean to Bumblestripe Dovewing was super mean to Bumblestripe

She wasn't honest with her feeling AT ALL and just left the poor boy confused and hurt, with no clear answer. She just led him on and now the fandom thinks bumblestripe is annoying because of his clinginess, but really he just like dove wing and wanted to know what she felt, while she was breaking the code with tiger heart and still no clear answer for our poor boy. :(

DUDE. STOP. Dovewing NEVER loved Bumblestripe! She was pressured to be mates with Bumblestripe. A love triangle doesn't automatically make someone a Mary-Sue. Just because Dovewing had two toms who liked her doesn't make her a terrible cat. Dovewing was never even actually in a relationship with Bumblestripe. Squirrelflight had FOUR after her (Brambleclaw, Ashfur, Stormfur, and Shrewpaw) and do I see people complaining?

Dove Wing obviously didn't like him and he didn't back off. Dovewing should not be forced to love someone and if Bumble Stripe is SUPER creepy

To the person before, If she was unhappy why did she become mates with him in the first place?

16 Ivypool would die to her clan

Dovewing would also.

17 Dovewing is just horrible

Literally. She broke the code, left the clans in general, and only came back for the cat she originally broke the code for, and not even her own sister, who she claimed to care about even though she just lied to ivy pool and eventually left her, then expecting ivypool to be nice to her, even though ivy pool went through a lot worse, fighting for her life as an undercover spy in the dark forest at night while doevwing was off with tigerheart, even though Ivypool really cared about her and warned her.

18 Ivypool is humble

She is humble! She spied in the DarkForest every night, willing risking her life for her Clan without so much as a complain! Unlike her sister. Dovewing had her whole Clan's attention, and all she had to do was listen, and she was complaining her head off. Ivypool deserved so much more credit than Dovewing. Without her, the Clans would probably be destroyed anyways since there's only one Lionblaze and he could only fight at one place at a time.

Yes. She spied on the Dark Forest for her clan, and never bragged or went on about it. She deserves credit, much more than Dovewing.

What? When her was an apprentice, she was an attention hungry cat!

She wasn't very humble at first but I still like her!

19 Ivypool is not useless

SHE IS DEF NOT! She risked her life every night in cat hell and turned half of the cats against the DF (Dark Forest) She lied straight to the faces of the most menacing cats who lived and wasn't afraid.

Actually, if Ivypool hadn't warned the Clans, all four would have been destroyed.

She actually is useless. Ivypoop didn't do anything durning the battle with the DF.

No! Ivypool is the best!

20 Dovewing shut Ivypool out

Okay, although I love Ivypool A LOT more then Dovewing... This isn't true. Ivypool shut Dovewing out... but I would've too. Who would want to listen to that whiny brat? -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

Quite the opposite. Ivypool shut Dovewing out, even when Dovewing tried to reason with her. I remember Dovewing lashing out at her once, but the argument itself was caused by Ivypool.

NOT TRUE! I'm an Ivypool fan but this is not what happened, Dovewing tried to get Ivypool to listen okay?! It's the other way around! -IvypoolfanknownasWidowsight

Nope. Ivy shut Dovewing out, Dovewing literally tries to include her sister in everything. These people need to reread the books

21 Ivypool is prettier

Okay, an opinion again! Both sisters are really pretty, it just depends on how you draw them! Like sometimes, Ivypool looks very ugly and Dovewing looks very ugly, it just depends on how you draw them! But in real Warrior cats, I think there both beautiful


Not only is she prettier, but she had a reason to spend time in the Dark Forest, and it was because of a good cause! Dovewing completely ignored her and acted like a brat towards Ivypool. Ivypool is more highly skilled and more intelligent and knowledgeable, while Dovewing is annoying, lazy, and whiny. Lionblaze never gets hurt. Jayfeather can walk in dreams. And Dovewing... can... um... hear things...

22 Ivypool did brave tasks

I don't think I need to say anything. She almost died in cat hell every night.

23 Dovewing played with Bumblestripe's feelings

Dovewing played with Bumblestripe's FEELINGS! that's just rude. I know in Dovewing fans defense for her *she didn't know* or *she thought she liked him back* but then why did she go for Tigerheart a second time? There are some things I don't like about Dovewing. She's my third favorite so I don't hate her. I just have some problems with her. -IvypoolfanknownasWidowsight

That's not true! She didn't mean to! She didn't know how Bumblestripe felt about her!

24 She ditched thunderclan

This is the main reason I like Ivypool better than Dovewing. This just pains me honestly when she left to be a rouge and then went to Shadowclan. Basically ditching her sister, if Tigerheart loved her so much, he would go to Thunderclan! Honestly, Dovewing cared about her sister the whole time and then just straight up left. I just can't stand that.


Very true. She left ThunderClan for her mate in ShadowClan because she was having kits. Dovewing's loyalty should remain with her Clan, and not go lumbering off to a new Clan only because of Tigerheart/star.

25 Dovewing didn't pay attention to Ivypool once she got more attention

Yeah, Dovewing was all in the attention and Ivypool felt broken away. I know what this feels like because my sister is always said to be 'perfect' and MANY people (Including myself) think I'm imperfect.

Oml I hate Dovewing! Imma do a skit. that explain EVERYTHING.
Clan cats: Yay for Dovewing! She's so awesome!
Dovewing: I noe rigt people?! I lied to all of you, was super mean to Ivypool and Bumblestripe, Broke the warrior code, complained a ton, was a mary-sue, and I even shut my loser sister who is better than me out! I'm so awesome.
Ivypool: 'sarcastic' Oh, your majesty, you forgot to put an exclamation mark at the end. Oh. and you forgot to be nice, too...
Bumblestripe: Oml your right, Ivypool. Dovewing SUCKS!
Dovewing: Peasants! Get out of my way! You guys are SO meann! WAHH
Ivypool to Bumblestripe: Is she, like, fine in the head?
Bumblestripe to Ivypool: Uhh, probably not...
Tigerheart sneaks in and jumps in the conversation.
Tigerheart: Sorry 'bout my girlfriend, guys... I'll admit I don't know how we met...
Ivypool: Geez.. tell me about it...

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