Worst Warrior Cat Deaths

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1 Willowbreeze

I forgot about that death! SAD SAD SAD! Although this was sad, I think Mosskit's death was so so sad as well, because Bluestar already lost, like EVERYTHING, and right then was a really bad time, because she was giving up her other kits. But I can't believe had bad Crookedstar had it. Why is it always the great leaders who have horrible lives?

I never really read 'Crookedstar's Promise', but I do know Willowbreeze got killed by Mapleshade. But I can't really blame Mapleshade, her kit DIED in front of her eyes for StarClan's sake! But most of it is Crookedstar's fault (I dun hate Crookedstar), he let Mapleshade 'take over' him, he was pretty much the reason Willowbreeze died.

Willowbreeze's death should be really sad if it's not to you then your crazy! Willowbreeze gave birth to crookedstar's kits and died days after. Willowbreeze died right after naming the kits! Also two of the three lots died with their mother and joined her in starclan. Silverkit was the only kit and lucky Crookedstar have enough love to give to her.Crookedstar also had so much pain seeing Silverkit cause she looks like her mother :-(

It wasn't Mapleshade's fault, cats in the Dark Forest don't have that power, if they did the Last Hope wouldn't exist(I like this future.) Mapleshade convinced Crookedstar it was her fault so he felt like it was his fault for trusting her. Though I have to admit Willowbreeze's death was still very sad, even if some of her fans make me rant.

2 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost.

The authors did Hollyleaf poorly in my opinion. She was my favorite character in Warriors. Not giving her a power just because they couldn't think of one for her and then not making her the fourth cat was wrong. They bring her back in OotS in the fifth book just to kill her off the next book. If they wanted her to prove her loyalty to ThunderClan, they should've let her live instead. Now she's kinda forgotten in the current series and I think she deserved better. RIP Hollyleaf.

HOllyleaf was such a sad death! She never deserved yto die in that kind of way she saved Ivypool. Hollyleaf was one of my favourite characters. SHe was Sad and Lonely when the tunnels collapsed but then she found FallenLeaves. I was So surprised (SPOILER ALERT) THe tunnels didn't crush her. Thankfully Fallen Leaves had saved her. No One could have ever re-paid Holly for what she did. She died saving her clanmate. HEr last words were so sad I ended up bursting into tears (This is so a spoiler) "at least I go to know my mother." Something along those lines... I never wanted her too die Holly shouldn't be in 13th place she should be one of the top five's... Shame Shame Shame... But at least Hollyleaf did forgive and knew her mother. I hate those dark forest cats. If I was a Warrior cat I would have ripped Hawkfrost to shreds a scare the living crap out of him (yes that was nessasary) Soplease Forgive Hollyleaf for her stupendous act at the Gathering.R.I. P Hollyleaf. I hope your doing ...more

Even though she never spent time with leafpool I'm still kinda glad that she forgave her. I mean, leafpool didn't intend to have kits. Ivy pool might have not died.
Or make someone else die for her. Hollyleaf should have been the fourth cat! It was so sad when her siblings were still part of it and then Dovewing comes along. I would think her real power is changing eye color.

Hollyleaf's death was one of only two book character deaths that have ever made me cry. I was also reading it in school when it happened. People probably looked at me funny.
Hollyleaf may have killed a cat, but she was amazing. I couldn't believe that they just killed off such a great character.

3 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

As my favorite warrior cat, I cried so much when she died. If I could go inside this book I would save her one hundred times over. She didn't have to be heartbroken by Raggedstar. She didn't have to be kicked out of her clan by her own son. She didn't have to kill her son at all for that matter. But she did. And that gave me all the more reason to feel heartache when she passed away. She was a teacher, a helpful hand, a leader, and will always be a warrior.

Yellowfang was my favourite cat. For a start, I don't like Brokenstar for exiling her. Secondly, he should have never killed his father, Yellowfang certainly didn't like hearing that. Thirdly, Yellowfang had no choice but to kill Brokentail as, although he was blind, he had managed to plot with Tigerclaw by speaking to him. Fourthly, Yellowfang was killed by a much hated fire, and that is sad, because it said 'Fire would save the Clan' and instead, it killed her. Fifthly, (and finally) I LOVE YELLOWFANG!

YellowFang was originally a ShadowClan medicine cat. She was driven out of the clan by BrokenStar. She stumbled upon ThunderClan territory and was taken hostage until SpottedLeaf, the medicine cat was murdered by ClawFace, a ShadowClan warrior in the ShadowClan attack. After SpottedLeaf's death, YellowFang was named the new ThunderClan medicine cat. She had to kill her son, who was now blind, with deathberries. When a fire raged through the ThunderClan camp, she died of smoke inhalation. CinderPelt became the new medicine cat. YellowFang was forgiven by StarClan and she hunts with them to this day. R.I.P YellowFang!

STUPID FIRE! Why did she had to die?! She was one of my favorites! She protected her clan... Thunderclan... She did everything she could to save her clan! She gave Cinderpelt another chance! And took over when Spottedleaf died! She helped during Greencough... She killed her own son to protect Thunderclan! Her own clan! She helped Thunderclan... And how she must of felt when Raggedstar died! Yeah she left Shadowclan, but it was because Brokenstar, her son, kicked her out! R.I.P. yellowfang. Poor Yellowfang!

4 Honeyfern Honeyfern is a character in the Warriors series created by Erin Hunter. She is a pretty ginger she-cat. Her siblings were Molekit, Cinderheart, and Poppyfrost. Honeyfern's parents may be known as Brackenfur and Sorreltail. Honeyfern died young after being bitten by a deadly adder while saving Brairlight ...read more.

And let's not forget about how torn up Mousefur was, I mean if she hadnt moved away from that area, it would've been her who died. It's even sadder because Berrynose admits his feelings for her, and says that they'll have kits one day. It isn't really Briarkit's fault, since the code says that you cannot neglect a kit in pain or in danger, and she had no idea that the snake was near her. Honeyfern died a noble death, and yes, I think Leafpool should've done something more, given her nettleseed (Goosefeather gave Smallear that when an Adder bit him) or something, instead of just standing there and staring at the reincarnation of Cinderpelt. Not hating on Leafpool, I just think that she should've been more quick to act and not rely on the spirit of her dead mentor.

Briarkit! What have you done?! Not that I hate you, but I felt so sad when Honeyfern died! She was less than a mouse-length away from being her true love's mate! I even remember what she said: "Help me! My blood is on fire! It hurts! Please help me! " And Leafpool didn't do a THING! That's the second time I thought Leafpool was stupid. (First was being mates with that brat Crowfeather and how she had kits)

Honeyfern died just to bring deathberries into the camp! What a stupid reason! Couldn't they have killed a character nobody likes that came into their camp, or maybe a cat saw a snake? I mean, why did it HAVE to be Honeyfern! Now Briarlight probably feels guilty, her family is grieving, and so is Berrynose! I mean, come on!

Honeyfern died a horrible death. She didn't deserve to die. It was a horrible tragedy. I feel so bad for Berrynose! Honeyfern and Berrynose are two of my favorite characters! They should've been together! If only Honeyfern didn't die...

5 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty. Firestar is a bright flame-colored tom with emerald-green eyes.

Yes. I like Firestar. I didn't wanted to read warriors book after he died. But then I got so bored in school. So I'm still reading lol. And many of you believe that Firestar died of the tree. But he didn't. He died because of wounds Tigerstar give to him.

I love Firestar, I don't know why because I have only Barely read two random warrior books. The sign of the moon, and the one when rusty become a warrior. So I really don't know much, but I have searched up a lot about warriors, even though I just started reading. So I guess nothings a surprise for me. I don't know how he died, but I like him, so I might as well just vote for him.

Uh...anyone else gonna question his death...from a tree?

There's nothing noble about dying from a tree. Obviously Erin Hunter just wanted to kill him off for the drama as well as Spottedleaf for even MORE drama.

They could have given them both a better, more respectful end instead of lazily having him get killed off from something easily avoidable.

Firestar is my fave cat, its with him that the warrior cat book bagains and he was the best leader ever! Why him?! I love YOU FIRESTAR! Why brambleclaw is the leader?! It should be Graystripe the best friend of firestar because graystripe was also in the warrior cat book frome the 1 book! I'm craying that Firestar dies! No leader could be beter then Firestar NO LEADER and bramble"star" will not be better then Firestar never!

6 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a small, fluffy, sleek and soft-furred, smoky dark gray she-cat with wide blue eyes. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a medicine cat instead after a monster breaking her leg on the Thunderpath. ...read more.

CinderPelt was the medicine cat after YellowFang. She originally trained to become a warrior until she was hit by a Monster and broke her leg. She was said to be one of the best medicine cats ThunderClan ever had. She was secretly in love with her former mentor, FireHeart who had become FireStar and became mates with SandStorm. A badger attack in the camp occurred and she was killed protecting SorrelTail and her newborn kits. LeafPool became the new ThunderClan medicine cat. CinderPelt was given a second chance by StarClan, and came back as CinderPaw who later in the book becomes CinderHeart. When you get to StarClan CinderPelt, R.I.P!

Cinderpelt didn't deserve to die, just as she didn't deserve to be hit by a car. Her life was just full of misery but she did her best to power through and help others. She died helping others and that is the mark of the warrior she always wanted to be.R.I. P Cinderpelt :, (

If only leafpool stayed in thunder clan but where would the power of three be! But still Conderpelt didn't deserve to die. She was Firestar's first apprentice, became crippled, never got to be a warrior, and then decided to be a med cat under Yellowfang's wing. She has had so much lost

She was sooo awesome. She was the medicine cat for like the longest time. It was cute that she had a crush on fire heart/star. I had to like re read it 5 times before I got over it. I was crying in the middle os SCHOOL! At least she went to star clan

7 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a ...read more.

When Bluestar died, she had gone mad. She only felt joy in her very last seconds of life, which is really, REALLY depressing. Her kits forgave her, but she KNEW that they were pretty much being forced to do so. She couldn't have died happily... Which is a pretty depressing thought, especially because she was my favorite character. Also she's better then Firestar COUGH COUGH COUGH

She was the first leader we met, the one who introduced us to the idea of Clans and warriors. She let Rusty into the Clan and led him to a path of greatness, and she died saving him! She died saving her Clan, but was determined and strong enough to stay alive to say goodbye to her kits. She was an amazing cat, though she had her ups and downs, she was truly a leader to look up to.

I love Bluestar! I cried like heck when she died, it was so sad! I didn't think it was fair though, it was obvious that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were basically being forced to forgive her. And Bluestar was begging them like a puppy! I was like what?! Anyways, I cried when Bluestar died, she and Spottedleaf are mai favorites, Bluestar is better than Firestar, and my OC looks like Snowfur. Anything else? I don't think so. Well, now that I have that covered, you people should agree with this paragraph I just wrote. :3

BlueStar died with courage and honor. StarClan accepted her with open paws. She died saving her clan from the dogs that TigerStar set upon them. She drowned in the gorge with the three dogs. MistyFoot helped FireHeart drag her from the water. In the end, her son and daughter, StoneFur and MistyFoot, accepted her apology for not telling them sooner that she was their mother. With that, she gave her last breath, and went to hunt with StarClan. R.I.P BlueStar of ThunderClan!

8 Hailstar

Hailstar was an epic Riverclan leader, if you read the super editions you would know. He got killed in a stupid way, and they barely even mentioned him in the books! It's just like two cats from a different clan say something about Crookedstar that indirectly refers to Hailstar!

The death itself wasn't overall sad. The little conversation and how Crookedjaw reacted were what got me sad. :(. CURSE YOU RATS!

Yes, he died doing his job...

9 Shellheart

Oh Shellheart, you were a great father. Standing up for your son when your wife doesn't is the greatest deed a father can do.
(by the way How much I hate Rainflower and her pure stupidity can not be described through words.)

Poor Shellheart, he was a caring father, (much better parent than Rainflower) but he had to die. And he died of sickness, poor cat.

Poor Shellheart! Cookedstar's father didn't deserve such a painful sickness.

10 Redtail

Tigerclaw/Tigerstar sucks! Blue Star was so upset when she knew that Redtail died. Redtail was a kind and brave warrior. RIS ( Rest In Starclan) Redtail.

RedTail was the ThunderClan deputy before LionHeart. He was the first cat to die in the warrior cat series. He was said to have been killed by OakHeart, the RiverClan deputy, but it was later discovered that TigerClaw was responsible for his death. He did it in hopes of becoming the new ThunderClan deputy. We did not know RedTail long enough to form a bond with him, but we all hope he enjoys StarClan. R.I.P RedTail!

Stupid Tigerstar. He murdered many cats and tried to kill Bluestar buy cinderpaw/pelt got her back leg broken and tried to kill Firestarpawheart. Poor all those cats killed or tried to be killed by Tigerstar.

Tigerstar is a jerk! Also, I just found this out did anyone know that Redtail was Sandstorms father? I don't know who the mother is though

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11 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker ...read more.

Though SpottedLeaf was only alive for the first part of 'Into the Wild', it was easy to grow fond of her. Her young, beautiful figure made her one of the prettiest cats in the clan. After falling in love with FirePaw, originally a kittypet named Rusty, She was murdered by ClawFace, a ShadowClan warrior. FirePaw grieved and mourned the loss of his beloved crush, SpottedLeaf. YellowFang took the role of medicine cat afterwards because SpottedLeaf had yet to take on an apprentice. She even gave FireStar one of his lives. She gave him love and told him to use it for his clan and especially SandStorm, his mate. She stayed a main character in StarClan, helping to guide FirePaw, who became FireHeart, and eventually FireStar, up until the book 'The Last Hope' where she was killed again by a Dark Forest she-cat named MapleShade. In that death, her being was permanently erased from StarClan. She died to save SandStorm. When MapleShade asked why she saved the cat that 'stole' FireStar from her, ...more

I know this doesn't really relate, but I HAVE to say it. How is Firepaw in love with Spottedleaf when he knew her for like 2 days? And he was a KITTYPET AND AN APPRENTICE! He was way too young for her anyways, but also she was a medicine cat, so it never would have worked. And what drives me even crazier is that the Erins say she was into him. SO not true. She would never fall for an apprentice, and she was very loyal to her Clan, and probably never would have thought about romance. And she barely knew him! There are so much better OLDER cats out in that Clan than an apprentice who was a kittypet. Even if she wanted a mate, it would have been Whitestorm or Longtail, not Firepaw. Why him?

Spottedleaf was my favorite character from the very beginning, and I loved how she seemed to be there through the whole series. Then when Mapleshade murdered her in the Last Hope, I was absolutely devastated. She was the one cat who I think did not deserve to die.

This cat also died a second time, Mapleshade had Sandstorm pinned and then Spottedleaf died to save her and Firestar was like, "Why.. I was suppost to see you in Starclan.." Spottedleaf was like, "I guess that was never mean't to happen.." and Spottedleaf knew Sandstorm made Firestar happy... Firestar was so close to see her in Starclan... Sandstorm blamed herself I think

12 Minnowkit

She's Silverstream's sister, who died after her birth because of illness with her sister and her mother.

All kits deaths are sad!

How did she/he die

13 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be ...read more.

She was so nice and sweet! She was an incredible warrior, and would have been a great mate to CrowFeather (Still love the Leaf x Crow tho).

Feathertail is the most tragic in my opinion! She died beside the one who loved her, her friends that she journeyed with, and her brother! Willowbreeze's death is overrated! If Willowbreeze is up top why is Silverstream not number 2? I honestly think that Silverstream's death was more tragic than Willowbreeze's! Feathertail sacrificed herself for the Tribe of Rushing Water and Crowpaw! Crowfeather was actually depressed after she died! Poor Feathertail!

Seriously, this should be #1.
A lot of people look over her death as some other unimportant cat, but really her death was one of the biggests and most important.

If she didn't sacrifice herself the amount of cats that would've been dead...
No power of three.
Bramblestar and Squirrelflight maybe.. with the rest.
Ha, also no continuation.

The clans would've been DESTORYED. Lost, hopeless.
Ha and you look over her.

Her death made me CRY. No one else's did (maybe except WHITESTORM I felt so sad D:)
My point is closed I still dislike Squirrelflight and and Leafpool.

FeatherTail was the beautiful daughter of GrayStripe and SilverStream. Her mother died giving birth to her and her brother, StormFur. Her father left RiverClan to be with his original clan, ThunderClan, and left his two kits in RiverClan where he believed they belonged. When the two siblings took the journey to the sun-drown place, they encountered the Tribe of Rushing Water, a group of cats that were watched over by different warrior ancestors. A mountain lion named SharpTooth, attacked the tribe and tried to kill the clan cats too. As she watched in horror, SharpTooth tried to kill her true love, CrowPaw of WindClan. The tribe thought that StormFur was the cat destined to kill the mountain lion, but FeatherTail, being the cat who was originally chosen to go on the journey, was the one who was supposed to. She made a leap of faith and held tightly to a rock hanging from the ceiling of the cave. When it fell, she went down with it. It killed SharpTooth, but also fatally wounded her. ...more

14 Swiftpaw

If bluestar hadn't been mad swiftpaw wouldn't of had to get killed by the dogs. I know bluestar has her reasons but she grieved for too long. It was super unfair as swiftpaw and the others were just as good as cloudpaw yet she refused to trust the other apprentices just because of tigerstar. I apologize to bluestar fans about my criticism.

I also think it SUPER SAD because swift paw had his heart in the right place because he wanted to protect his clan. That is a TRUE warrior.

He died trying to convince Blustar that he was ready to be a warrior. Poor Swiftpaw. STUPID DOGS! I cried when he died, Swiftpaw didn't deserve to join Starclan that way.

It makes me cry to think about his death. :'C he saved bright paw from the dogs but he still died. He didn't even get his warrior name. Poor swiftpaw

15 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, ...read more.

These are the top ten WORST deaths (not saddest) deaths in my opinion
1. Tigerstar his nine lives were all ripped out with one blow from scourge. I was so happy I laughed. He deserved to die like that.
2. Raggedstar all nine lives ripped out at once by brokenstar I was really shocked when I read yellowfang's secret.
3. Brightsky died while giving birth, three of her kits were stillborn. I feel really sorry for leaporadstar, being the only kit to survive. She never got to see her own mother or siblings.
4. Silverstream died giving birth. I cried when she died.
5. Feathertail died from a fall off a 40 foot cave roof. She died saving crowfeather from a mountain lion. It was so sad!
6. Honeyfern bitten by a snake. Berrynose was devastated.
7. Snowkit carried away by a hawk. He was deaf, and he was only a kit!
8. Swiftpaw killed by dogs. At least he died the honorable death of a warrior, saving his clanmate.
9. Brokentail died from deathberry poisoning. The scene ...more

TigerStar died after being brutally torn apart by Scourge. He claimed Scourge a traitor and attacked. Scourge raked his claws down TigerStar's belly. As he did so, he hit 9 major organs which was the cause of losing all of his 9 lives at once. TigerStar was an evil cat with ambitions stronger than himself. He roams the Dark Forest, watching over the clan that he hates the most, ThunderClan, led by the cat he hates the most, FireStar.

I'm so happy he's gone. I agree that it was terrible that ALL of his nine lives were ripped away at once. For those of you who don't know how he lost all of them at once, when scourge raked his claws from tigerstars neck to his tail, he ruptured 9 major organs, for each one, tigerstar lost a life and star clan healed the organ. Basically he died with his organs intact and healthy. Kinda strange isn't it?

To be honest, I love Tigerstar. If you've read Bluestars prophecy, you would realize that it wasn't his fault that he became a traitor. It was all the fault of his mentor, Thistle. (Sorry I forget the suffix). And Pinestar leaving when Tigerstar was a kit, probably did not help. Plus, Thistletail (I think his name was) basically told Tigerstar that fighting was everything. I think he would have made a fine leader if he had a different mentor.

16 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver -and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe ...read more.

Silverstream used to be my favorite character in the past but I grew to loathe her after Millie appeared. In the end, I can't truly hate her because she died trying to follow her dream. A dream pretty much everyone wants to follow. To start a family and grow together. In the end, I am still angry at Graystripe for choosing a new mate after her but I can't blame him for finding his new happiness. I will always love Millie and Silverstream.

Honestly, I love Silverstream! I know the reason why most of you hate her. It's because she broke the warrior code, and people say she says "I'm Crooked'Star's daughter, I can do what I like! " Which is not true! When in the books did she sat that? I don't see people judging Leafpool for having forbidden love, in fact, Leafpool's forbidden love is even more forbidden - She is a med cat, and her mate is from a different clan! I know, they didn't have long to develop a love for each other (Greystripe and Silverstream, I mean) but you can't choose your soulmate or who you love, you just... Feel it! The reason I mentioned Leafpool is because she is the leader's daughter too, and she has extra forbidden love, and I don't see people judging her! I love Forbidden Love, I think it makes an interesting Story! I watch these fact videos on YouTube, and one said "If Silverstream didn't save Greystripe, then the series couldn't have happened! " So, without Silverstream, the series wouldn't be ...more

SilverStream was the mother of StormFur and FeatherTail. Her mate was GrayStripe. One day, SilverStream went into labor. GrayStripe, FireHeart, TigerClaw, and CinderPaw, were all there. CinderPaw tried to save SilverStream, but the blood loss from the birth was too much and she died shortly after seeing her kits. GrayStripe took the kits to RiverClan, and to FireHeart's horror, stayed there. After a while, GrayStripe began to realize that he didn't belong in RiverClan and went back to rejoin ThunderClan. GrayStripe eventually became mates with Millie, a former kittypet. SilverStream still waits in StarClan with her daughter, FeatherTail, and watches over her former mate and son. We all love you SilverStream. R.I.P SilverStream!

When she found out she was pregnant she was so elated! It was time to give birth but she died. Greystripe was soo upset (not as much as me). We all love you Silverstream.

17 Ferncloud

This death crushed me. It tore me apart. She died protecting the nursery SHE might've not been a "warrior". But she was a true warrior even with out the title. And the part that made me cry was that her kits thought she was asleep and not dead. And Dustpelt had the right to be angry. I was angry too!

18 Brightsky

I completely forgot about this death! It was so sad, there's something with Riverclan queens and giving birth that kills them.

I loved this cat! I am sad that she died

So sad! Brightsky died giving birth to her KITS! I can't imagine how mudfur felt

19 Whitestorm

It was so sad when he died. Poor Whitestorm. ): I wish he could have lived a little longer. He was brave, kind, wise, and noble. He was so cute as a kit too. He was also a really good deputy and he really deserved the position too. He was one of my favorite characters and he will be forever missed. I'm glad we see him in StarClan but it's still really sad. I cried at this part of the book.

Why is Whitestorm 9th? searisly guys...
Bluestar was whitestorms auntie! He deserved to be in the elder den!
I hate Bones guts! I laughed when I heard Bone died when a couple of apprentinces killed him... A real coward really... Whitestorm was a loyal warrior! I don't get that he isn't higher than DAPPLETAIL!

Whitestorm was amazing and should not have died! He was so brave and so wise--I personally believe Bluestar should've picked him as deputy instead of Firestar. When Bone killed him, I cried. When Bone was killed, I laughed. To me, Whitestorm's death was by far the sadest. I felt that I had a deep connection with the warrior. :'(

Whitestorm was one of the best warriors. I felt so bad when bluefur took his mother out hunting and when bluefur came back ""whitekit"" aka whitestorm was so devastated that his mother died then he practicly he only had the evil father thistleclaw and bluefur his moms sister! He deserved to live longer than he did!

R.I. P Whitestorm he was a noble warrior born to be a leader but was never destined to be.

20 Mosskit

Thistleclaw 'caused' her death. If Thistleclaw wasn't there, Bluestar(Bluefur, then) wouldn't had to give her kits to Oakheart, and Mosskit died while moving to RiverClan.

Mosskit's death was sad she freezed to death. Never got to see her brother and sister! And never saw her mother until she earned her nine lives! And when she joined starclan snowfur had to watch over her. So sad she couldn't even see her father. And of people think it Bluestar's fault no it isn't! Bluestar's followed her destiny no paths easy u know! Her mother died saving her clan and finally forgived by her other kits!

It is so sad that Mosskit had to die at such a young age. She was was never apprenticed and never got to be made a warrior. It is so unfair that she had to die. If she had lived to be a warrior I would have called her Mossfern. Rest in Peace Mosskit/Mossfern.

Why did Mosskit have to die? Bluefur took her away just so she could become deputy! She could have told Sunstar that Thistleclaw was much too bloodthirsty, and Mosskit wouldn't have died! If she had become a warrior, I would have named her Mosstail.

21 Rainflower

Love her! I hate when fans say she wasn't a good mother. She's a CAT. They sometimes abandon their weak offspring so the strong has a better chance of survival. It happens. Deal with it.

Even she is quite a bad mother, she still died pretty tragically. I mean she could have survived, but she still hit her head on a stone, and bleed to death. It was quite very gruesome.

You may have thinked she deserved to die, but Crookestar didn't want her to die Mapleshade just convinced him. This cat was mean but it deserved to live, because maybe she had a hard past and wanted revenge?

She was so mean to Crookedstar! She should have been proud! Her death was sad though ans I wished that in the end she could love Crookedstar for who he is.

22 Sandstorm

Who dies falling off a fence? I mean really! she's a great character! Can't she have a better death?!

23 Badgerpaw

Badgerpaw's death was probably one of the most uniquely tragic in the series, considering how young he was and the gravity of his last dying wish. The way you were not only able to get insight on the horrors of what was going on in Shadowclan, but how it was able to get you so attached to a character in so little time is painfully sad. Badgerpaw, or as he will forever be known, Badgerfang, was probably the quickest I've ever felt attached to a character, and the fact he will always be respected in Starclan as a warrior despite his early death is probably on of the most touching ends to his tale. It was also good to know Starclan accepted him with his warrior name in the extra mini story about how Tigerstar got his nine lives. Rip Baderfang, your sacrifice for your clan, even though it should have never had to happened, will always be remembered

This death was SO SAD when I read this I was like, why did Badgerpaw/fang have to die so young he was only 4 moons old when he die. I HATE Brokenstar for what he did because he trained kits too young and sentenced any one who challenged him to death. I was on the brink of tears when I read about Badgerfang and it takes a lot for me to cry and how he said he wanted to called Badgerfang in honor of his mentor Flintfang who went against Brokenstar's rule saying he would rather die then break the warrior code again.

I cried once in the warriors series. Guess when it was.

YOU ARE WRONG! I cried in Into the Wild when Smudge said "Don't go Rusty, I might never see you again! " And Rusty said "My housefolk will get another cat, and you'll get along with him fine, you get along with everyone." and Smudge wailed "But it won't be the same! " I cried the first time I read that.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

When I read Code of the Clans and Badgerpaw's Death is SO SAD! I don't think I cried, but he was like two moons old and was slaughtered in a battle! and his last words were like "Flintfang, did I do well? " I wAs seriously almost in tears.

24 Stonefur

Can you just tell when a warrior cat deserves to go to Starclan? Stonefur certainly did. He stood up for what was right and for that he died. Well done Stonefur you are one of the bravest cats ever.

He died defending his sister and featherpaw and StormPaw! He was weak but still fought! HE didn't deserve to die! I would have loved a StoneStar!

He died a very noble and honorable death. He knew that killing Stormkit and Feather kit would be wrong, evengeance knowing he would die protecting them. Stonefur was even beating Darkstripe when Blackfoot joined and killed him horribly. His death scene literally sent shivers up my spine. I'd say he would have been a good leader and RIP

I cried sooo bad when that happened. They killed him because he was half clan. Stupid leopardstar for falling in love with tigerstar and not stopping him. At least she made misty foot deputy to make up for her brothers death.

25 Gray Wing

Gray wing was my favorite why he die and not that hare brained idot clear sky? I got d in school thinking about his death and not paying attention to the teacher. Also can anyone find a gray wing image?!

Gray Wing was the best warrior cat ever! I cried for like two hours after his death. he didn't even get to see his kits grow up! he was so kind and loving, even though he is a fictional character I will always miss him.

How is Firestar ahead of him? Gray Wing's death is the saddest. Firestar's death isn't sad at all.

He died in front of HIS MATE AND KITS! His kits will only have memories of him and he will never get to raise his kits! I cried the most at his death, he's now officially one of my favorite characters!

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