Top Ten Worst Warrior Cat Ships

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1 Gray x Silver

Silverstream thinks that half clan relationships are ok, DUDE, THE WARRIOR CODE EXISTES 4 A REASON, OK? I personally HATE half clan relationships, and this one is just as bad as Blue X Oak. Silverstream thinks she owns the whole forest because her father is a leader.

Now Graystripe is just as bad, he won't liston to his friend Firestar, who was just trying to help him. He attacked Firestar, who was only trying to help him. And at the end, the result was his mate dying.

I don't know why but I hate silverstream shes so annoying and I'm not saying I like millie but silverstream was worse millie was just being a normal mother if you has a diabled child wouldńt you help it more just my instict!? also silverstream turned our goofy little greystripe into goo goo eyes and that's all he cared about! I could care less that silver die. sry any silver lovers but this is a site for opinions so.

Until I saw Cinderpelt's injury, I thought Cinderpelt and Greystripe would be mates.

Finally somebody else who hates this

2 Bramblestar x Jessy

I HATE Jessy! She is just another cat(Cough Ashfur cough) to help move Squirrelflight and Bramblestar's relationship along. I love Squirrelflight and Bramblestar together because they each needed a warrior to love, but to not have to watch them 24/7. Jessy just kind of strolled in and acted like every cat should act like she was the queen of all cats. - Lightfang

3 Firestar x Spottedleaf

Fire X Sand is SO much better. I know I have a lot of lists, but here’s another..

1. Well Sandstorm is um.. ALIVE
2. She’s not a med cat
3. Sandstorm is the same age as Firestar
4. Spottedleaf is a creepy stalker who wouldn’t let Firestar forget her
5. When she was alive they both showed zero signs that they loved each other, then POOF! Spotted dies and there in love.
6. Sandstorm had Firestars kits (who are amazing by the way)
7. Spottedleaf is just a childhood crush.

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

Spottedleaf is a nonce

Spotted leaf is a creepy stalker pedo

4 Jayfeather x Stick

this is troll shipping people. - BlackberryoftheRainWings

I love this ship. Deal with it

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

5 Mothwing x Leafpool

I don't like this ship, but its realistic and sensible, unlike Scourge and Ashfur - BlackberryoftheRainWings

It's not bad, but it takes popularity away from other lesbian ships like HollyShine and TawnyTail. - RoseWeasley

Really overrated in my opinion.

I like it, but what I don't like are those SJWs who claim that Crowfeather is abusive & think people are homophobes for not liking Mothpool. Any nice Mothpool shippers reading this, I'm sorry you have to deal with these types of people. - RoseWeasley

6 Firestar x Bramblestar

What the hell.

7 Ashfur x Scourge
8 Raggedstar x Foxheart
9 Tallstar x Bluestar
10 Graystripe x Millie

Make this ship die in a hole, throw it's body in the garbage, send it into a spaceships, place it on the sun

Worst ship and couple there ever was and every will be -leopardwhisker

I don't know about this ship to be honest

Whoever added this, read the Graystripe's Adventure mangas

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? Clear Sky x Star Flower


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11 Breezepelt x Hollyleaf

they. are. half. SIBLINGS. - BlackberryoftheRainWings

WTC GUYS HOLLYLEAF AND BREEZEPELT ARE HALF BROTHER AND HALF SISTER! YOU GUYS ARE SICK! EWWWwwwhaha I'm sorry (light chuckle) I cnat do this anymore sigh but seriousley guys! what were you thinking XDXDXD Just please stop also stop with the cinderxholly solxholly and ivyxholly gross you know what I ship? HOLLYXFALLEN

12 Daisy x Cloudtail

I Hate Daisy. Enough said

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

13 Tigerstar x Leopardstar

This ship is abusive. Tigerstar never cared for poor Leopardstar, he only used her. - RoseWeasley

She actually loved him. But... He saw her a power tool which sucked for Leopardstar once she found out. :( - Lightfang

14 Sourge x Ashfur

I feel like I can understand why people would ship this, because it's more like shipping them based on their characters rather than their interactions. I've seen people call this ship a "revengeship" because they both wanted revenge or something, so that's why people ship them - Heedrie

EW! Scourge and ashfur don't even know each other! it so gross just please stop!

15 TurtleTail x Tom

Horror - Danidragonite

16 Jinder x Mahal

This isn’t Warrior Cats (at least I don’t think) - KingSlayer93316

17 Skystar x Star Flower

I HATE Star Flower.

18 Scourge x Bluestar

I’ve never heard of this ship but I already hate it for many reasons..

1. It’s pretty obvious, they weren’t alive at the same time
2. If she was alive, she would have hated him because he wanted to take over the Clan she loved
3. He was “with” Tigerstar (well not really but that’s what they though) and when he killed Tigerstar she would NEVER like his killing nature
4. He killed Firestar! And she’s close with Firestar!
5. He’s evil for StarClans sake

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

19 Goldenflower x Firestar
20 Tallstar x Reena

Tallstar is GAY. He would never love Reena. DEAL WITH IT! Tall x Jake 4ever!

yeah I'm pretty sure Tallstar's heart belongs to Jake

21 Bloodthirsty x Prettyheart

Haha what? - RoseWeasley

22 Turtle Tail x Gray Wing
23 Rosetail X Bluestar
24 Lionblaze x Icecloud

I actually kinda like it... heh heh

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

Ehh, i’m not so sure. Its not my favorite cuple ever but I can sort of see it happen, I mean blossomfall and thornclaw.

25 Jayfeather x Half Moon

yo I was straight up laughing at all the weird ships on this list until I scrolled down to this and I went straight faced :l
Who put this here... I want to talk - Heedrie

shes too old for him and he was probably just desaprate because he's a medicine cat...
that, and bc he was in jays wing's body, he probably just felt what Jays Wing felt when he was alive. - BlackberryoftheRainWings

I loved this ship! So what if she’s from the past, Jay and her still love each other and I think it’s super sweet. I like it for few reasons. First, half moon is super sweet (I know dumb reason but I really like her) Second, Jayfeather actually (for once!) showed a heart felt love for Half Moon, I mean how many times does he ever do that?! Not much! So we really get to see a new side of Jayfeather, witch I like because he’s my favorite character.

-Frostfeather of SnowClan

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