Wars that Might Happen on This Site in the Future


The Top Ten

1 Bronie-Anti Bronie War

Side I would be on. Bronie side. If they like a kid's show, it's their opinion. - TeamRocket747

2 Bieber War

I would be on Bieber side because the bieber hate gets annoying after a while. (I am not a Belieber, I don't like him, but just don't put him on every "worst" or "talentless" list) - TeamRocket747

3 The Trolls and TopTenners War

This is already happening. - Userguy44

I wonder if it will start on JacksonTop10's SpongeBob list.. - TeamRocket747

4 Racism War
5 Sexism War
6 Barney War
7 Dora War
8 Frozen War

Frozen is considered bad and overhated. I would be Neutral and not be a member of the war - TeamRocket747

9 The Loud House War
10 Peach/Rosalina War

Side I would be on: Peach
People hate peach for no reason - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 Game Theory War

I would be on the GT hater side because Matpat and most of his fanbase are terrible - Randomator

12 Peach vs Daisy (Super Mario Bros.)

Even toad is not filler.

13 Modern Fans vs Nostalgiatards
14 Mario vs Luigi War

I like Luigi but I’m on team Mario because 99% of the Luigi Fanbase is stupid enough to believe in Matpat’s Lies - Randomator

15 Lion King fans vs Lion King haters War

I've been flamed by Lion King fans so many times for hating and telling the truth on that horrible, disgusting and overrated movie. They freak out and go beserk whenever I add The Lion King to any negative list on this site. What a bunch of morons. If they have nothing nice or respectful to say, then they should not say anything at all. If they don't want me adding it to negative lists then they shouldn't add it to positive lists all the time. There is nothing positive about this horrid flick and all the fans say is just personal opinion and not fact.

16 Daisy vs Rosalina
17 Madagascar Fans vs Madagascar Haters War
18 Kosovo vs Serbia
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