Wars that Might Happen on This Site in the Future


The Top Ten

1 Bronie-Anti Bronie War

Side I would be on. Bronie side. If they like a kid's show, it's their opinion. - TeamRocket747

2 Bieber War

I would be on Bieber side because the bieber hate gets annoying after a while. (I am not a Belieber, I don't like him, but just don't put him on every "worst" or "talentless" list) - TeamRocket747

3 The Trolls and TopTenners War

I wonder if it will start on JacksonTop10's SpongeBob list.. - TeamRocket747

4 Racism War
5 Sexism War
6 Barney War
7 Dora War
8 Frozen War

Frozen is considered bad and overhated. I would be Neutral and not be a member of the war - TeamRocket747

9 The Loud House War
10 Peach/Rosalina War

Side I would be on: Peach
People hate peach for no reason - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 Game Theory War

I would be on the GT hater side because Matpat and most of his fanbase are terrible - Randomator

12 Mario vs Luigi War

I like Luigi but I’m on team Mario because 99% of the Luigi Fanbase is stupid enough to believe in Matpat’s Lies - Randomator

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