Top Ten Water-Dwelling Mythical Creatures

Water-dwelling mythical creatures are very fascinating. Which one do you think is the best? Cast your votes and comment! Feel free to add more!

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1 Kraken Kraken

The kraken is the most interesting creature mentioned here, since it sums up most peoples' fears of the sea and generally looks great. Though, some of the more interesting creatures are less well-known, and not on this list.

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2 Hydra Hydra

Not to be confused with the animal. It's said that if 1 head is chopped off, more heads will grow from the place where a head is chopped off - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 Scylla Scylla

Scylla is depicted as a Goddess with fish tail and dog heads on her waist. Scylla lives near another sea monster, the Charybdis, so sailors who tried to escape Scylla will most likely run into Charybdis and vice versa - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 Mermaid/man
5 Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster (also known as Nessie) is an aquatic creature which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness (a lake in Scotland). Nessie is one of the most famous cryptids in history. The earliest report of the monster was in A.D. 565 where Irish monk Saint Columbia was the first person to record having more.

I really wish this was real. My life would be complete. I love giant monsters - Jonerman

6 Charybdis Charybdis

Charybdis is the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. She's depicted as a sea monster with many faces and all the faces only have mouths who makes whirlpools, but some also thought that Charybdis is the whirlpool itself. Charybdis was once beautiful, but cursed to a monster because Zeus was angry at how she engulfed too many lands with water and turn them into parts of the sea. Charybdis lives near Scylla - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

7 Naiad Naiad
8 Hippocampus Hippocampus

Hippocampus is depicted as a horse with fish lower part - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Thought it was a college for the calorically excessive.

9 Chinese Dragon Chinese Dragon

Chinese dragons are depicted with many animal forms like turtle and fish, but the most common one is a snake. The symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worth it - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

10 Kappa
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