Top 10 Water Type Pokemon That Need a Mega Evolution

Remember that this is my opinion, so don't hate me for some of these.

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1 Greninja Greninja

I love Greninja, and he is probably one of the coolest Pokemon in XY, and maybe the entire game. I think he definitely needs to get some kind of shuriken pocket, as he is a ninja. With a boost of speed and attack, this thing could become amazing (AND IT WOULD LOOK AWESOME AS A SHINY! ) - LowieHowie

Totally aggree the ninja pokemon should be a water fighting why because it's a ninja pokemon

He is so fast I think he should be faster than deoxys (speed forme) yeah and he is really strong ps: he is probally fast enough to dodge a bullet

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2 Carracosta

With a bigger shell with points on it, this could become a beast of a turtle. I think it could use a little higher HP. - LowieHowie

3 Lapras Lapras

This could become The Loch Ness Monster Pokemon. Haha, I'm just kidding, but this could become that kind of design. It would be cool if he lost the ice, got a giant metal shell, and became a water-steel type. Needs a higher defense, and with the loch ness idea, speed. - LowieHowie

4 Feraligatr Feraligatr

A water dragon pokemon only one weakness dragon that should be a perfect mega feraligatr

Bigger = Better with this Pokemon. More and sharper teeth to start with. Needs higher attack. - LowieHowie

5 Kingdra

Higher speed. Bigger. Maybe even a machine gun snout...? - LowieHowie

6 Mantine

Maybe not a mega-evolution, but this Pokemon needs something to finish it off. It just doesn't look like a final evolution Pokemon. - LowieHowie

7 Seismitoad

What to do, What to do. You guys got any ideas to help me out here? - LowieHowie

8 Octillery V 1 Comment
9 Milotic Milotic

Needs to be longer, and maybe more colorful. - LowieHowie

10 Samurott Samurott V 2 Comments

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11 Walrein V 1 Comment
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