After 1, 2, & 3


I like fell in love with this book. My best friend told me about it and at first I was like oh so it's going to be some boring fan fiction book that no one cares about. But then I started reading it and I just am in love with it it is not a book were they are together and they live happy ever after in 3 chapters and have babies they go through struggles like normal couples do and I love it because it is just so realistic. you have to read this.

I started reading it and got so addicted that finished the first book in one and a half day. I'm not to much into fan fiction but I started reading the first chapter and I liked it. I liked the way the author describes everything, its like I can picture everything in my mind. About the characters some times I got annoyed by Tessa and her "trusting and spilling intimate details" to anybody, but at the same time I understand she comes from a small town and maybe she doesn't think that people are malicious. Harry is just a broken boy, although I don't condone what he did, I think he needed Tessa to change him into a better person. I haven't finish the series yet but so far this is what I think.

I so love this book because even if it is so stressful and is giving me headaches, I just can't make myself to stop reading it. I was asking for good stories on wattpad and my friend told me to read this. I don't like to read it at first because I don't really like fan fictions because most of the time fan fiction always have the same plot and I find it corny using real person in the story. BUT this is different! The story is so good that I dreamed that I was Tessa haha. The author I guess just used the character because she is a huge fan of One direction but the way she described each of the member, the character and personality is different from the real Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. They are not even friends in the story. The author just use their name so yeaah! JUST READ IT! Haha

The After series is just... wow. Amazing. I'm a huge book geek and never was really into wattpad, let alone fan fictions. But wow. Don't let the 1D thing turn you away from it. The story is absolutely stunning, and I couldn't ever find myself putting my phone down. My friend told me about it and kept pushing me to read it. I decided to just to get her off my back and boy am I glad I did. I've never read a story that sucks you into it so much, (and I've read hundreds over the course of 19 years). Anna Todd did a great job creating these characters, the plot, everything. The whole book is one giant rollercoaster you really don't want to miss out on. And to make things better, they've officially announced the screen writer and producer for the movie that's said to hit theaters 2017!

This book is LITERALLY the best book I have EVER read! I just finished it and I already started reading it again! Anna Todd is an amazing writer and the plot is amazing. This book made me so emotional. I laughed, cried and it even made me frustrated at points, but that's what made it so good! A lot of the books I've read aren't very realistic but this one definitely is! I'm not even kidding this book is so good. Even if you are thinking about reading it, READ IT! I don't really like the ending of the third book but the rest of it is so good. Read it, it will be the best book you will ever read!

The book is surely a rollercoaster ride of the passionate love of Tessa and Harry which makes it so much amazing to read. My friend being a directioner recommended this book to me and this is the first fan fiction I have read and I absolutely love it. I personally love Harry's character in the book that makes me keep reading and each day in my school I'm waiting for the day to get over so that I can read the book once I'm home and my entire day goes in reading the book. The book is worth reading

This story is just so addicting and it makes you fall in love with the characters as well as sympathize with them. It grabs you and once you start reading you can't stop. This story is just one big emotional roller coaster and it makes you feel so many things that stories should make you feel. After reading this series I have not found any other books that have made me feel like this one. READ IT. JUST DO IT.

This book is and forever will be My favorite book and not only on Wattpad! The story isn't just the typical story with a bad boy and a good girl, it is so much more and it is so realistic and once you enter Atfer's world you really can't get out of it! The characters are well written with a great evolution, nothing is rushed so it makes the book more realistic. The Author did an awesome job, this book will make you cry, laugh, smile and angry well everything a good book is supposed to make you feel, so it is A MUST READ! I love it

This Is The Best Books I've Ever Read, And The World Agrees. Its Becoming Published Soon, & a Movie Too. It's Really Realistic & Keeps You Wanting More. Plus, There's One Direction in it So Who WOULDN'T LOVE IT?!?

One Direction Fan Fiction. Really realistic and fun to read. Theresa falls in love with a "bad boy" named Harry. Harry was a drinker but Tessa aka Theresa, changes him completely. They both change a lot!

This is the BEST BOOK I've ever read! It's like going on a roller coaster of emotion, I can actually feel it like I'm connected to the character and it's amazing! I've never felt this way about a book before! Gosh I've fallen in love with this book!

I fell in love with the stories the first time I read them. They are so amazing and keep you entertained the whole way through. I think the reason these books are loved so much is because the author did an amazing job at connecting the characters and the readers, so we feel everything. Overall I highly recommend these books to anyone.

I got to know about this series because of a friend and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with all 3 of these books. There was so much emotion, hatred, love, anger, passion etc, going on that I couldn't stop myself from reading. The book is literally Amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

Literally some of my favourite books of all time. I have all the published hard copies sitting on my shelf and I often read them. There is always a plot to keep you interested and the characters are some of my favourite ever written. You definitely have to read!

Seriously an amazing book, and while it gets a little cliche sometimes, there are seriously some amazing lines in that book. It's a great series and one of those stories that I wish would never end.

The After series is literally the best book in the whole of wattpad, Anna Todd is such an amazing writer, she is so creative. I recommend this books to whoever hasn't read them yet, you will definitely fall in love with it.

Word's aren't enough to say how wonderful it was.. After reading the story, I now realized how a man like Harry feels. I started to understand people who has the same situation... Every chapter was amazing... Must read too

Its twisted and filled with lots of romance and fights, but the main character she's weak and head over heels for the bad guy but this story is the reason I'm up till 4am in the morning on school days

The love story behind these books are absolutely beautiful. I can't even put into words on how amazing their love is. Their story is proven evidence that love never fails and love conquers all.

I can't explain how amazing these books are. You can literally feel the emotion in their love. You can feel their passion and hate. No book I've read after these books, have been good enough for me.

I'm in love with this series! I have read it twice now, and its unbelievingly amazing! I will probably read the whole series all over again a few more times. I recommend this story to anyone in need of a romantic story.

Read all of the After books twice now and I can't wait to read them again. It took me 3 days to read all 3 of the 100 chapter books. Couldn't put it down and I would recommend it to everybody and anybody!

I have read this book countless times already and still loving it. I have read a lot of books but none like this. This book is just simply mindblowing. I love the twist, the characters and the story itself. It will take you another kind of dimension and you just simply don't want to get out. I will totally recommend this book to everyone.

This was by far the best book I have read in such a long time. It deserves recognition! Love all the way from Kenya! Definitely a must read!

This story made me laugh, cry, any and every emotion you could ever think of, but I really did not like the end of the third book everything else was amazing