F.A.I.T.H: a Dorm. a Delinquent a Girl


This is book is way too good to not consider reading it. Honestly, this book is the best book on wattpad. How this is not on the first of the first page is beyond me. All other books pale in comparison to this one. With protagonists that are equally eye-rolling as well as humorous and mouth-watering, this book fills up every expectation of a character. Plot development is so incredibly planned out, you will without a doubt be surprised at every turn there is. There is not a more addictive book on wattpad, and it is definitely a must-read. Anyone with a taste of love for mystery and excitement and even romance will surely want to read this.

This is by far the best book on wattpad, even though there are technical problems right now and the completed book is no longer up at the moment it doesn't matter. This is one of the only wattpad books that doesn't appear to be written by a 14 year old. No predicable bad boy good girl plot. It's incredible honestly, when I read it for the first time when the completed book was still up I was literally on the edge of my seat, I couldn't finish it quick enough, if you haven't read this then please do yourself a favour and read it, it's so refreshing since wattpad is full of terrible cliche books with annoying self righteous main characters, F.A.I.T.H is a true masterpiece

This is honestly the best book on Wattpad. The characters are well rounded, realistic, and relatable unlike most stories. The overall plot is original, and there are so many twists and turns it will keep you in your seat thriving for more. You could tell how much work the author put into this and I would be disappointed if this didn't even make it to the first page. I pity those who never had the chance to read this book because it's honestly life-changing.

The beginning is confusing, BUT DON'T GIVE UP THERE! This book has so many plot twists that leave you hanging! It's beautifully written and its extremely dramatic. You know when you're playing with you chair and it tips too much and you get this mini heart attack? That's what its like. My heart ACTUALLY beats really fast during some dramatic scenes. I LOVED this book. You feel as if the characters are actually real, and you fall in love with them, like I did. I stayed up way past what I should stay up on a school night reading this, but I feel no regret because I got to know what happens. I'd sneak a peak on this during class, because I couldn't resist. You'll love this book, love the characters, love the drama, but hate when it ends. Give the book a try

This book is honestly amazing. It has so many cliffhangers and plot twists and you don't expect so many things to happen. I hope one day this book becomes published because with all the work the author does, it definitely deserves it. There are so many secrets and puzzle pieces that need to be solved in order to understand this book and that's what every good book has, a deep story, something that takes you on a journey and you just can't wait to read more and more each time. This book is one of my favorites on Wattpad, it deserves the recognition. All the readers are dedicated to the book which isn't something you often find, and F.A.I.T.H. leaves you guessing each time and that's an amazing quality and something I enjoy when reading.

This is the best book I've read on watt pad so far. I was so fed up with books like the bad boy's angel or the bad boy's favourite or the the bad boy something else which have basically the same story. This book has been such a respite from all that crap. It has moments which are astonishing, romantic, shocking, heart breaking and nerve wrecking. Each time you feel this is the limit to which a person can endure a particular kind of torture and then you are proven wrong. The characters are not distinctly black or white, they have different shades of grey. Each one of them is flawed yet they manage to inspire the reader in their own subtle ways

Fantastically UNIQUE! I've never read a book more intriguing, intense and gravitational than this. I bet you won't be able to stop until you reach the end once you've started reading it! It will break you, you'll get annoyed and even grief-stricken at certain times but you'll never get disappointed... It will make you feel the pain the characters go through but at the same time it will also heal your pain when you read those little moments of joy... I can assure each and everyone that they will thoroughly enjoy reading this super amazing book!

I've read practically all the top young adult novels and then I found this. I haven't even read the entire book and it's already better than the rest. The writing style, complicated characters, life lessons, unpredictability, and all the confusion and emotions that come with the book make it the most engaging, thought provoking read EVER. Beware: there's no putting down the book once you've started.

I have been reading this book for almost 3 months now and even if I haven't gotten to the end of it since the author re-written it, I fell in love with it the second I started reading it... THIS IS THE BEST STORY I HAVE EVER READ ON WATTPAD... this is so different from other books that I have read.. The twists are awesomely made like the whole thing is really unpredictable... THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK ON WATTPAD..

Absolutely one of the best books I've ever read. It's impossible to stop reading, you lose your self in this book. It's like you can feel what the characters are feeling and you really get attached to them in every way possible. The author makes you feel like you're one with the characters as if they are right next to you. This book is so amazing that you would believe it was a real story.

It's so addicting. You can't get this book out of your head and when you get that message that it's updated your heart beat accelerate and you get so happy. And when you finish the chapter you want to cry because you have to wait again. So you go through life numb experiencing withdrawals until the next update makes you super happy. This book is my drug.

How can this book not be NUMBER 1? However makes this lists is dead wrong. I mean just look at the comments in these two books, and it will tell you everything. When you read The comments in F.A.I.T.H. you can see that people are actually in love with this book and that it is a true love. You can see how much this book means to them. I think you people should re-evaluate this list and put F.A.I.T.H. in number one. I mean seriously, I am flabergasted

I really really love this book. I don't even know how many times I have read it. It's so awesome and inspirational mainly for girls. Seriously, I have changed a lot after reading this book. This book is on my top five novels. Love it to the core!

This is one of my favourite stories. It's not your typical good girl meets bad boy, or virgin meets rich man. This is a story that you have never seen before and will not regret reading. Truly and piece of art. Love it.

Honestly I love this book it is so amazing and full of emotion and twists. please take the time to read this book totally worth it.

This book has made me feel so many things. Love, hate, raw passion, anger, sadness, guilt, gratitude. This book is something one NEEDS to read. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! Never.

F.A.I.T.H. is my favorite story of all time, whether it be from Wattpad or not. I recommend this to absolutely everyone. Once you start, you will never be able to stop. Just trust me, and I'll promise you'll love it!

The best book on Wattpad. If you haven't read this book, then you haven't read anything! Read it. You. Will. Definitely. Love. It.

The most addictive story I've ever read. It isn't your normal girl love boy story. A story that challenges your patience. If you decide to read it don't make any plans for the next few days and don't even think of studying!

This is literally the best story you can ever find on wattpadd. No seriously, There is no other book like this one. It has all the twist that'll blow up your mind. It's a unique piece of work. It leaves you to read more and more. And all of the characters are perfectly developed with just perfect amount of everything. This book is just perfect.

It's a ground-breaking story with plot twists and unexpected outcomes galore. It's a must-read for any young teen searching for a good long book because it will get you hooked immediately.

I started reading this book and it's honestly one of the best books I've ever read. The suspense, the confusion, every part of it is amazing.

I have read this book over and over agian and I never get tired of it! Probably my favorite book on wattpad! It's got so many plot twists it really keeps you on your toes and completely interested trying to figure out the secrets behind the characters. Truly amazing and a work of art. Seriously want everyone to read this right now!

The best book I have ever read in my entire existence of life. This book contains amazing plot twists and even amazing storyline. You would want to read it again and again if you read it once. Book bugs! Don't miss this book. I assure you that it is a book you would never come across unless it is written by Jopr herself decides to write another one. Cheers!

I can sit here all day talking about how I love this book and how great it is, but at the end of the day I can truly say that there is no words to describe how amazing this book is