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181 Phantom by seasidestyles

Oh my god this is so amazing how isn't in the top 10?

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182 Hidden

Love this book, never gets old. Prepare for twists, turns, heartbreaks, laughter and jealousy.

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183 Alpha V 1 Comment
184 The Time Capsule
185 Death Is My BFF

Best book on Wattpad if you are interested in Supernatualy stuff. I have read over 120 books on Wattpad and trust me this is my Favorite. NOT ONE OF MY FAVORITES BUT MY FAVORITE. The whole series is amazing. I would recommend the whole series and the Published Version.

And one more thing the AUTHOR katrocks247 writes the best books, even if you don't like Death Is My BFF, the other books are great. One of her other book is Omerta, which has a whole lot of reads too.

Death Chronicles is like one in a million. ❤

186 Death Is My Frenemy
187 Death Is My Friend With Benefits
188 Death Is My Soulmate
189 Perfect Haters

This story makes me believe forever..

This story contains. Perfect character and humors.

And also this story that I found PERFECT

190 The Numb Princess is a Gangster

Great story so far

191 The Mischievous Nerdy Gangster
192 I Married the Ice King
193 I love you, Best friend

I loved it, I'd bet my life on it, best story on earth

194 Hopeless Romantic 2
195 Catching Jordan

I loved it so much. This book was really amazing... You must definitely read this

I swear this book was so good and sweet and it made me cry it's just amazing

196 Miss Assassin Meets The Gangsters

Great story its thrilling and awesome!

197 A and D by fallenbabybubu

I love this book so much. Story is little bit from Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me. It's perfect. Loved it

I'm in love with this book, it's perfect in every way.

Yeah took me one day to read. #Summer2014

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198 A Month To Live by OmfgItsBecky

I fell in love with the characters and the plot. The book is perfect in it's own way and it's unlike any other story I've ever read.

199 His Playboy Ways by Bookworm_Tina
200 Every Rose Has Its Thorns by YoMyManSup

This has got to be one of the best HP fanfics out there. It's got it all. OCs, Remus fluff, animals, and anything else a Harry Potter fan/fan girl would ever want.

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