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201 The Misfortunes of Lolita by Losangelesque

Just an amazing book with an amazingly talented author and one of my absolute favorites. It expresses, not that all love stories have a happily ever after, but that love is for everyone and anyone can be loved.

This is a really emotional book. I feel like you can really connect with the characters and at the same time you get so attached to them you can feel their pain as if it was your own, same with their happiness.

I think I cried and I rarely ever cry in books. It was soul crushing in the best way possible

202 The Proscriptive Relationship

Amazing book! Loved all the 3 books! Waiting for the third book to get completed.

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203 The Filthy, Rich, Bitch by Jhing Bautista
204 Rejected by WaitingForEnd V 1 Comment
205 Riley's Tale On The Opposite Gender

I reread this books so many times. From the cover to one sentence synopsis to the story itself was incredible. Definitely one of my favourite Wattpad books! Well written.

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206 Risk of Falling by Ninyatippett

I love this book so much, it is funny, looks real and all.

207 The Arrangement V 1 Comment
208 Men Who Sin

At first it drags really, but that's only because the author wanted to explain somethings. But the story is amazing, it gets better each episode. She's currently working on season two!
A magnificent historical fiction

209 Unofficially His
210 Twelve Ways to Spend One's Christmas Eve

This had me crying for hours. It's such a beautiful sad story. A must read. I thought it would be full of Christmas fluff but it has so much meaning. I'm going to read it every Christmas Eve.

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211 Mute by LiLaLeoniiie

Chills. Breathtaking writing with a fantastic storyline.

212 Sadist Lover by Arildaine V 4 Comments
213 A Night to Remember
214 Burn by bubblesirwin
215 She Died by Haveyouseenthisgirl





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216 Just Kenzie Things

Just Kenzie Things is a collection of very emotional, uplifting, entertaining and well written descriptions of life through the eyes of an eleven year old girl. Her book will make you laugh, cry, and smile. Her words have powerful impacts and it's really touched hearts of the people who have read it.

217 Invisible Man V 3 Comments
218 Stay Strong (Adam 12 fan-fiction)

In my opinion @mem5701 is an incredible author! She has so much talent and potential!

219 Four Realizations

"You have to live, kid, not just survive."

I love this book so much. ALL TIME FAVORITE

220 Saving Sawyer

I read many stories on wattpad but this one was amazing I cried over this story a lot especially the second part : finding sawyer go and read them noww because they are awfully awesome

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