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41 Heartless by Jonaxx

One of the best book I've read. The writer is also one of the most broad minded writer in terms of the genre General Fiction and Romance

The guy is hopelessly in love with the girl! One of my favorites. This story will make you feel so in love..

My number one favorite on wattpad


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42 The Mafia and His Angel

The best most amazing and well written story that I've ever read on wattpad. This book will captures your soul like you literally wont be able to stop reading. ITS EVERYTHING. I recommend it to everybody.

Oh God it is so nice. I absolutely LOVE the protagonist.

It's the best book I have ever read

Finally... thisbook is amazin g.. n o words my favorite... it honestly so good. Need alessio and viktor in my life

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43 Secretly Married

I like the story... I excited to read the book2

The first story I've read, I love it and make you laugh especially Phoebe.

Very very beautiful.


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44 Mated To The Werewolf King
45 The Girl He Never Noticed by Sweetdreamer33

The Girl he never noticed. A book that makes you smile and will make you feel the butterflies in your tummies

I love that book. It was so good and brought me too so many emotions lol

The best story I have ever read in wattpad

Definitely has the best plot twist

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46 Worthless

Worthless is a book that will make you weep tears for the girl. You'd feel very worthless. You'd always think he had finally paid her attention.

I really cried in this story.

I really felt conflicting emotions of this story! Its really great and JONAXX is a very talented author in Wattpad. It really has a nice plot.

This does not deserve to have 0 %. HELLO?! I LOVE MEGAN. say EAT ME NOAH

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47 My Brother's Best Friend

This book is possibly the best book I've read.
It's in Emily's point of view and it tells us her story. Occasionally flashing back to two years before, during her battle with anorexia. Emmett is Emily's twin brother who now lives with his best friend. Parker and Emily hate eachother at the start but eventually grow on each other.

This book is about Emily's (and those around her) struggles with perfection and Parkers struggles with guardianship of his little brother, Lee.

If you like this book I recommend Jefferson Lake. Its told in Lee's perspective and can get very very deep. Prepare yourself for tears, laughter and everything in between

One of my favourites! It really has some of the most thought about characters giving them personality and depth as you read. It focuses on the characters while developing a good plot. I would definitely recommend this! Also the sequel Jefferson Lakes is definitely with the read too!

I am still reading it but I like it

A good one this is...

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48 The Billionaire's Heir

This story made me cry. You should check this out.

One of the best out there

49 Talk Back And You're Dead

It's cool. It also shows how valuable friendship is. And it just really touching, the way the main characters prove themselves to their parents, oh my... Just read it for you to know.

The story is awesome. It would make you fall inlove, cry as well as laugh. The characters are great... Specially TOP AND RED

This story was very beatiful, specially when it become a movie of jadine!

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50 His Bubblegum Klutz

This book... wow. This book is amazing. There really isn't a book I love more than this one. Whenever I'm feeling down, I go and click on this book to read my favorite chapters. It's incredible humor never fails to make you cry with happy tears and it's amazing characters never fail to make your heart leap with joy. I mean, what can I say? Humor books really stick with me. - noomadison

This book should be most definitely in the top ten this list Is stupid it's put books like after ahead of this amazing book that has so much humor in it I do admit the second book was better but this book was most defiant ally amazing too

Best story I read on wattpad so far! It's just amazing! It always makes you laugh and the characters are the best! It's all about humor and bit of romance but it's my top 1 of all wattpad! Everyone should read this one!

*drowns in tears while saying this* whoever wants to read this book, its called pause now. yes I know I'm being dramatic but just...lets not even ok. *still crying*

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51 Something Inside
52 Seducing Drake Palma


53 Lady and the Wolf
54 The Lady Knight
55 Falling Too Far

This book is so far one of the only books that could get so much emotion out of me

56 Despicable Arrogance

Me saying that I've read this book over 7 times would not be an exaggeration. I swear its one of the best books I've ever read

57 She's with Me By Ava Violet

This book had me hooked in the first chapter! The characters are spunky and it's extremely amusing, and you'll love how Amelia's so SASSY, or how Mason is HILARIOUS. The chapters are nice and long, and the is a minimum is grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The plot is PERFECT! This isn't your usual cliche plot, where they say it's "surprising" but everyone already expects it, this has so many plot TWISTS that NOBODY expected. I read this book in a couple of hours(I'm a fast reader) and it was so addicting I could not put it down! I really suggest you try this book!

Hands down the best book I've ever read! I finished this in a day simply because I could not put it down. It's definitely not what you Gould traditionally expect from a teen fiction book but in my opinion, it's ten times better. Little hints and clues are dropped so perfectly throughout the story that it keeps you wondering and makes it impossible to put down. I think I've read it over 4 times and each time it's better. It's definitely a book worth reading.

Okay so I just read this book in 1.5 days because I was just not able to leave it. It's so addicting. The characters and the plot twists everything has been placed in the best way possible and you feel like you're one of the characters. The author has put an amazing effort and I am eagerly waiting for its sequel. All in all it's a must read!

THIS BOOK IS THE BEST and I reread it which is already a big achievement because I never reread any of my other books.

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58 Teen Clash

This was the first book I've ever read in the wattpad app. I don't really have the intention to read cause I thought the story's just an ordinary one. When I started to read it, I fall in love with the four love teams. I love the story so much. It's very adorable and awesome at the same time.

Teen Clash for the win! I wish the new two books (Battle between heart and mind and Trouble with the Rules) will get published though the Book 3 Trouble with the rule is still ongoing...

This should be at lest in the top ten. I mean, it is a really good book and one of the books with the most views!

Beceuse the story is beautiful and the story is almost perfect

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59 Waves of Memories

The FEELS baby, the FEELS! I so love it!

This story is so so good.. I mean really..

The author is so brilliant! She likes to let your brain really works because of so much flashbacks! Queen J is the best

60 He's Into Her by maxinejiji

It takes a lot of patience in reading a daily basis story scenario but its really WORTH the time and effort cause it's one helluva of a story!

Can't get enough of this story. Intense!

Intense and one of a kind, This story will definitely live in my library till the end... One word to describe this story "Masterpiece"...

Next stories for maxpein and deib lohr

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