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61 Fighting First Love by kauigirl

A more realistic story that I've read. The breakup made me cry because it was all so real and so possible.

Pulls my heartstrings every single time! If you want something realistic, then this is the book for you!

62 Saving Elliot by Northbynorth

I like how the character isn't as perfect as the ones people usually read. It's plot/storyline is one of the best I've seen. It's not cliche and that is a good thing. It's something new, extraordinary and it makes you read it a bunch of times I reckon you would get tired of it. My eyes weren't exactly dry throughout the book. But in the end of the day, it's your choice and taste in books. But this book will stick in my archive for a long time.

THE BEST STORY ON WATTPAD. PERIOD. True hate-that-turns-to-love relationship and the love actually PROGRESSES and it doesn't just come in the blink of an eye. Trust me, by the end of the book, you will be as sarcastic as Jensen and you will get insults references from Fintry and you will fall for both Elliots despite their faults and weaknesses. Because a great character is NEVER perfect. That's what make us human, too. And SE deals quite a lot with that. Both characters develop as the book progresses so don't worry about thinking that they have multiple personality disorders.
You know that phrase 'everything happens for a reason'? In SE, every aspects of the character, there's a reason behind it. It's also what I like. Fintry's morbid past and his way of overcoming it.
But don't worry of you think that this story will by all gloomy and depressing and all that stuff because it's quite the opposite. You can't help but love the Jensen brothers and how the always cause a wreck ...more

The BEST book on wattpad. so many feelings and emotions and deep and just amazing. I fell in love with all the characters. They all had flaws, and weren't the typical bad boy/good girl, and that's what made them realistic and human. You HAVE to read this. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

By far one of the best books on wattpad, I absolutely loved it!

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63 Diary Ng Panget

Funny tagalog story that swept the nation with hysterics. A story of an ugly duckling who found a love in a half-monster prince (without a cliche make over! )

Its just a kind of story that a total package sweetness, loving, etc. Great time to read

ILike the diary ng Panget..

Loved this during the 7th grade. we were happy every october 13, I'm not sure if its 13 cause that's a long time ago, birthday of the two lead roles right? haha.. though I was really disappointed upon watching the movie adaptation. it hadn't reached my expectations.

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64 Living With the Bad Boy

I loved it so much. Really a great book. I am sure all will like it. It's such an amazing book. You'll never regret reading it.

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65 Trip In Love or Fall In Love?

This is the most unforgettable story! I super love it

A story everyone should give time and read. It will make you feel mixed emotion but it will mostly let you feel, sadness, grief, and happiness.

This is absolutely beautiful

Trip in love Hindi ako na fa-fall in love trip tayo Palawan gusto nyo

66 The Guy Next Door by Percabeth5599

This book definitely makes my top 5 list! It's so sweet and yet not as cliche as some of the other 'guy next door' books... Definitely a must read!

This book has had me hooked from the very beginning! It's absolutely amazing! Best book on wattpad!

This book blew my mind and it continues to do so.

Jake hendersonšŸ˜
I LOVE this book especially jake.It's the best book I've read on wattpad. And if you think it is cliche you are SO wrong.

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67 How to Break Up With the Bad Boy

Kinda like tvd, but amazingly beautiful. Different from other stories

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68 Rebel One by xsnickerss

A fantastic gang land romance/comedy about two unlikely paired teens.

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69 Public vs. Private by hannalove

Una boring at last its very impressive

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70 Military's Girl

The story is amazingly wonderful. Two best friends with such a unique relationship. True love at its best!

71 Married to Mr.Famous

This story is very interesting and exciting to read.

Maganda to promise the boy was a successful buisnessman

72 Girlfriend For Hire

A story that makes you laugh all the time every chapter you read.

Haha one of my fave teen story. Really save money to buy the part 1 and part 2

A story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Bryle and Nami is

A cute and funny story.. lol

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73 Mafia Proctection

Amazing book! it got me hooked so quickly and I would always read it over and say like damn..that was good. as well as the sequel which was amazing as well. I recommend this book for sure. lit. it had me so excited

74 Maid Ako ng Ex Boyfriend Kong Casanova

I love this book too,even the story of their child,John Ace Santigo with Heira Chuaford,still waiting for the update!

75 Will You Be His Baby Maker by Kira1112

This story is not boring to read.

76 My Prince

It's cry it a lot. This is the first story I read!

My prince is great story I really like jiro

I can relate so much to the prequel... One of the best books

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77 Five Stages (NonFictionSim)
78 Revenge Never Tasted So Sweet by Julia_Eats_World

Another kickass heroine but this time she's in the mafia. Of course she finds the perfect man along the way to that revenge but it's all around a great story.

79 The Four Bad Boys and Me

How come that this story is on Top 101? It should be on top! This is the most viewed and most beautiful wattpad story I've ever seen in my entire life! It's just so unbelievable.

The best! My favorite. Book of all time.
This story makes me laugh, makes me cry. I love it specially the book 3!

This story was the best and nothing but the foremost beautiful wattpad story I've been read! My favorite so far! The author was so adorable... yie love you bluemaiden!

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80 Have You Seen This Girl

All emotions especially love isn't forever

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