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101 Storm and Silence by RobThier

Beautifully written, with great accuracy of historical time periods! You will be in awe of their's writing style, as in most romance books the plotline is unrealistic and delves straight into the mushy parts. This is where storm and silence differs. It is rich in fanciful eras (as its set in the victorian era) and has one of the only protagonists you would kill to have as a best friend in real life. You will cry, laugh and scream in this fantastic book, I asure you! Are you a feminist or interested in the womens suffrage movement? Then read THIS book. With over 1 million votes and 29 million reads you would be silly to miss out on a book that most definitely has a place in my heart! It even has its own Facebook, twitter and numerous instagram fan accounts! Who doesn't want to travel back in time? If you read this book you will be addicted and feel as if you too are walking beside lilly - the main character. simply marvellous! (Ahem and develop an unhealthy crush on the suit wearing ...more

This story is one of my all time favourites on Wattpad! And I can't for the life of me figure out why its ranked '140! ' Why isn't it in the top 5!? The author uses beautiful language and the humour makes you laugh on every page, well worth a read, you will not be disappointed and the plot will stay with you after the last page!

Don't let the start out u off. The first time I tried to read it, I thought it would be boring but the book is amazing! Chapter 69 of this book will make u feel all sorts of ways

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102 Famous Meets Bad Girl by Sweetadmirer
103 Give In To You by jonaxx

I can't believe there is no comment here.. JSL where art thou? HAHA. Logan is one of my top three Jonaxx boys.. His story is just amazing.. I cried ove this so many times. Plus, the story is not only about love, how it has opened my mind about mothers and family. Gosh I hate Portia's mother.. I f only I can smash her face.

104 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? by Janie1617

This book is amazing. Its pretty... Graphic. But the story line is good!

Please can you repost it with the full book or email it to me because, I've only started reading it yesterday and I have fallen in love pleeaassee I'm like really desperate @jani1617

105 What Happened That Night

This story tells of tragedy after the main character's sister murders her long time crush, griffin the golden boy of there world. filled with tons of detail this book will make you feel as though you are apart of the main characters life going through what she is going through.

Incredibly gripping and beautifully written

106 Psychotic

One the best stories I've read, I really liked besides the author has a way spot saying things that make your bones chill. Totally recommended

107 Nerd of the Year V 2 Comments
108 Mailboy

No other book has hit me as hard as this did, it is there first ever book that has brought me to
tears I LOVE IT

109 Skater Cinderella
110 Dark V 1 Comment
111 The Quirky Tale of April Hale by demonicblackcat

It was really good and had a lot of humor but wasn't this name mentioned above.

I wasn't a big fan of this book. Very immature

April Hale is one of the most innocent and the adorable girls at school, and most of all she's the twin sister of Quitin Hale, the most popular guy at school. However, she's the next door neighbour of Ryder Black, aka the Badboy. When he was finally kicked out from his house, he came crawling into his neighbour - April. Then he asks the most horryifying question of all:
"March, can I sleep in your room? "
He even gets her name wrong.
Join the hilarious, heart warming and the most tearing roller coaster ride of Quitin, April and Ryder, in the Quirky Tales of April Hale

112 Tales of Gorania: The Warrior's Path

This book is the best creation ever in the whole Wattpad world. And also it's 2nd book " Tales of Gorania:Rise of the Queen "

113 Miss Playgirl by shawievenice

This is a story that every girl wants.. Oh? Really? Well yes.. she is popular, beautiful and a brokenhearted heart breaker... But in the middle of her games... Love gave her a second chance to write her love story..

I just love the flow of the story

114 Avah Maldita (Oh Aarte 'pa?)

A story that has lots of maldita tips

A story that teach you how to protect yourself from bullies

A story that teaches you to defend yourself

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115 The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
116 3 Words 8 Letters

Coureans are one of the best couple!

the best



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117 Sink or Swim by Anne Lutz
118 Wizard's Tale 1 & 2

Fantasy, Romance, Action, Humor and so much more! This story is the best! This story will take you to a whole new world while reading it. So many twists and turns, this story can make you cry, laugh and fall in love at the same time. REALLY A MUST READ!

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119 Finvarra's Circus
120 The Hacker

Holy crap, this fanfiction is amazing. If you weren't aware, this is a story about a girl named Leaf who hacks her Pokemon Red Version. Her GameBoy explodes, and she wakes up from her coma to find that she is trapped in the game herself. The romance between her and Red is just too amazing. I love it! - Absolite

THE HACKER? Sounds Good. Yea?

This story was absolutely amazing. The plot line was like non-other and it wasn't THAT predictable. It surely engrossed me and I'm not even that huge of a Pokémon fan. I wish there was more books written this swell, a must read to be honest. It had a lot of meaningful messages too about life, love, hacking (lol) etc. again a must read.

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