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141 Catlin, Robert, and Summer

It truly is the best watt pad story ever! It is in the Fandom group as well as the short story catagory. :) Yeah. I wrote it! - catlinelizabethlaufeyson

142 Daemonium
143 How To Save A Life

This made me cry so much. It was an amazing sequel to How To Be Skinny and the storyline was really well planned - pjo

144 Confessions of a Moonlight Addict
145 Cliche? Cliche

Makes fun of all the typical Wattpad cliches all in one hilarious story. If you hate these cliches: "Bad Boy X Shy Girl", "Werewolf Mate Stories", "Kidnapping", "The protagonist won a week with One Direction/any other band/celeb", etc, I reccommend this. It's so funny. - Lunala

146 Body Rock 1, 2, 3, & 4

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction. Very good and realistic! I highly recommend it!

147 Soul Tear

A comment from one of the chapters:

"Firstly, WOW! I loved thus chapter. I'm a fan. And secondly, I love your book cover! :)"

Well, just to be clear I'm not replying to the comment I posted here, but from seeing the reads climb up.

This story is about a half Elven woman thief, Merryn who is thrown into a game of cat and mouse after opening the cursed book of Shadows in the grand city of Laaik. Opening the book, has drastic consequences. It's a race against time while she races back home in hopes of finding a way of stopping what she unleashed... As the ancient evil spreads throughout the world bent on destruction. Warning! This book has graphic bloody violent fight scenes through out the book. Sexual content: Rated - G (mild a little teasing but not much else. ) Copyright © 2012 by darkocean All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.

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148 Never Have I Ever

The feels in this story is just to much! The concept of it is new and fresh. Uniquely awesome!

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149 Love Is Just One Word

Its amazing so far

150 Whoa Baby

A book that helped me look at life through the eyes of a teen mom. was one of the best books that I have ever read and I hope more people read it for that reason

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151 I Like Your Batman Underwear
152 The Adventures of Zelda by Kristen Otte

It's funny. It's about a pug called Zelda who lives through many adventures.

153 She's One of the Boys by Lilly-Rain
154 Death Is My BFF

Best book on Wattpad if you are interested in Supernatualy stuff. I have read over 120 books on Wattpad and trust me this is my Favorite. NOT ONE OF MY FAVORITES BUT MY FAVORITE. The whole series is amazing. I would recommend the whole series and the Published Version.

And one more thing the AUTHOR katrocks247 writes the best books, even if you don't like Death Is My BFF, the other books are great. One of her other book is Omerta, which has a whole lot of reads too.

This story is just amazing! I just can't stop reading it.

Death Chronicles is like one in a million. ❤

155 Black Rose Shooter V 1 Comment
156 Love Fools by pajama_addict

Great story and so many kilig scenes. Full of colors! Green and Red are the best couple. MHIAMB also...

157 Hopeless Romantic V 3 Comments
158 Black Butterfly
159 Ace of Blades by KeziaOfAsgard

Underrated but there's nothing NOT to like about this. The plot line is on fleek, the characters make you want to be them, and the author knows when to shrug off criticism.

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160 Anxiety Attack

I can low key relate to the book because I have anxiety too. I always can't pay attention in class because I'm worrying about other things. Also, it includes funny little stories, and a cute guy with a lip ring!

The best book I have ever read.

This is a story I really enjoyed. It's just really well put together and has a beautiful storyling. I just wish there was a better ending or a sequel.

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