Best Way to Keep Your Wife Happy

Every person wants to keep his wife happy for all good reason or just for some peace in life may be! So lets lind out what you fellas think is the best way to may life easier and happy ;-)

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1 Always agree to what she says

You can't always agree to what every wives say because they could be in correct and sometimes hypocritical.

2 Give her gifts regularly

As long as a wife doesn't take advantage of her own husband by only using him for his money and that's it (gold diggers).

3 Tell sorry to her even if it is her fault

If it's the wife's fault, she should apologize!

That is true, a husband should defiantly apologize to his wife for his mistakes towards her. But I find this very hypocritical at the same time. If it's the wife's fault towards her husband, then off course she to apologize.

4 Spend quality time with her whenever possible
5 Take her shopping frequently
6 Go on vacations/outings with her

If you do them all by yourself, she may put a micro-camera in your shirt. - PositronWildhawk

7 Make breakfast/dinner for her

I would LOVE it if a husband actually does that for me, especially on special occasions.

8 Don't watch your favorite team playing when she is talking to you

That is true.

Although I do think this list is kinda sexist. I agree with this one. I hate it when guys do this! - Sjinkiie

9 Never ask her why and where is she using your credit card

That would make the wife very angry.

10 Never complaint about the way she cooks

I find this a bit hypocritical because sometimes a wife does the same thing about his cooking.

Be grateful!

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11 Sex

Women are terrible and hopeless because they don't satisfy their men at all.

Should be the most important thing, no sex = no happiness. - FamousOG

12 Love her and always be faithful

True. A wife should do the same for her husband as well.

Beautiful idea - in theory. - Britgirl

13 Allow her to cheat on you

Spouses should NEVER CHEAT on each other at all! Ever! It's WRONG!

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1. Give her gifts regularly
2. Always agree to what she says
3. Tell sorry to her even if it is her fault
1. Always agree to what she says
2. Tell sorry to her even if it is her fault
3. Spend quality time with her whenever possible


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