Top 10 Ways 2017 is Worse Than 2016


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1 Chuck Berry, a pioneer of rock music, died.

You guys are acting severely immature. Just because a few musicians died or disbanded DOES NOT mean that 2017 will be worse than 2016. Grow the hell up. Even people are overreacting over 2016. There are years where WARS and PLAGUES killed half of the planet, and you are worried about MUSIC being god awful? Grow the hell up! - DCfnaf

Good lord this list is garbage. It sucks how a few musicians died or disbanded this year but is it really worse than the wars and plagues that we're going on in other parts of the world?

He died at 90. That's pretty normal in my opinion. - djpenquin999


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2 Black Sabbath disbanded

You hate this year ALL because of Black Sabbath disbanding? Look for even worse events like mas shootings or attacks before making this list straight to point. - Neonco31

And we are still left with stupid emo bands. - 445956

Is everyone acting like music is above everything?
Seriously, there are many worse things that happened - wrests

3 Aretha Franklin is retiring

At least she made the most of her career. It's hard to spawn a career of around 50 years, - Swellow

Seriously, music isn't the only thing that matters, there are things much worse that happened. - naFrovivuS

4 The Chainsmokers keep on releasing new music

So? At least they're better than Closer - Neonco31

...and? - naFrovivuS

Yep, Because A Darn EDM Duo Making Music Is So Bad! (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

5 Manchester Bombing

Is this seriously below a bunch of musicians dying, breaking up, or continuing to make music? People need to be a little more open minded and realize the bigger issues. - naFrovivuS

This should be #1! Children were at that concert.

This was depressing, and you guys are complaining about an EMOJI MOVIE, and the Chainsmokers making music? , get real for once - VideoGamefan5

6 John Hurt died
7 Al Jarreau died
8 Tony Rosato (voice actor for Luigi from the Mario series) died
9 Mary Tyler Moore died

Lol 2017 was great. Who's Mary moo? - AlphaQ

That is messed up. She was a very important actress and feminist. It was very sad when she died. - 445956

10 Linkin Park is making a comeback

Take this off the list please. Linkin Park is suck an great band. I'm a linkin park fan and I do admit that Linkin Park is overrated. We lost Chester Bennington which is a great rock singer like Billie Joe Armstrong. - Kartman

Heavy sucks but that's not a good reason to hate this year - Neonco31

Stupid Imagine Dragons Fans - VideoGamefan5

And now the lead singer has comitted suicide, so take this off the list - VideoGamefan5

The Newcomers

? Hurricanes
? Jesse Lacey sexual allegations

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11 The Emoji Movie is being released

Again, movies have nothing to do with 2017 being awful - Neonco31

Aww, boo HOO! Guardians 2, Lego Batman Movie, Beauty and the Beast, Logan, Kong: Skull Island, etc. Are 2017 movies too! - DCfnaf

You hate a year all because of movies!? - Fullwalking2

Who cares? - VideoGamefan5

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12 The "Cash Me Outside" meme

It's a good meme for irony purposes. - Puga

13 Marawi crisis

The Maute group (supporters of ISIS) terrorized Marawi City in the Philippines. It causes the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao to end the terrorism, and support peace and order.

How is music worse than this? - Fullwalking2

14 The North Korea Crisis

This pissing contest is gonna result in so many innocent civilians and families getting killed if we can't find a way to resolve this conflict.

Donald, Kim,
Please grow up.

15 Blood on the Dance Floor got back together
16 Patriots won the Super Bowl
17 Trump hasn't done anything he's promised to do since becoming president

Focus on the bigger issues. This is one of them. - naFrovivuS

18 Vegas shooting
19 Chris Cornell died
20 Beauty and the Beast got a remake

Are you serious? , who cares? , its just a movie - VideoGamefan5

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