Top Ten Ways Adventure Time Is Better Than SpongeBob SquarePants


The Top Ten

1 Adventure Time Has a Better Plot
2 Adventure Time Has Better Characters

I like SpongeBob too,but adventure time is in my soul because marceline is my love

No adventure time dident leave any cultural impact while when you say Sponge automaticly you think of: sponge and SpongeBob

3 Finn and Jack Aren't as Stupid as Spongebob and Patrick

It's Jake, not jack.

4 Spongebob Has Gotten Worse Over Time

SpongeBob got better from seasons 9B-present

5 Spongebob Characters Are Annoying

Like the tiny sandys

6 Adventure Time Has Better Animation
7 Adventure Time Is More Hilarious

In your dreams Adventurw times is hlirus but SpongBob

8 SpongeBob is overrated, Adventure Time is underrated

Adventure Time is TOO overrated, moron! Almost as overrated as Family Guy and Ed, Edd n Eddy!

9 It doesn't take place underwater
10 SBSP is boring
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