Top Ten Ways to Alienate People

These are common things that people do either consciously or subconsciously. But just by feedback from my experiences, and others as well, I feel that these are the most common "don't do's" that people should understand.

The Top Ten Ways to Alienate People

Interrupt People

Nothing more rude and belittling than to walk in and cut off someones conversation because you think you're more important. And even ruder for the person who's listening to you to divert their attention to the interrupter. It really makes you feel unimportant and a social outcast. - walker209

Ukrainians do this all the time

Talk Peoples' Ear Off

Some people don't want to have a conversation. They just want to talk AT you. They think you need to know what they had for breakfast, what was on sale at the market, why they can't eat bananas because they repeat on them, etc. It's like a wall of sound that you can't respond to or escape from. Even when the talker pauses for a nanosecond and you try to say something, the talker will interrupt what you want to say with something irrelevant and resume talking at you again. I know a couple of ladies like this. They're tiresome, draining and lack the self awareness to realize that no one wants to hear their incessant chatter!

Invade Personal Space

Keeping a 3ft distance is a good rule of thumb. Its e very uncomfortable and uneasy feeling when someone gets close enough to kiss U. So just respond by saying "Welcome to my personal space". - walker209


I often work out a the gym, wearing average exercise clothes, yet get stared at as if I have just fallen from outer space. One of the more awkward, alienating, and weird feelings there is out there.

Its rude, uncomfortable and just plain disrespectful. Its ok to glance at someone just to be aware of your surroundings. But there should be a 2 second limit. - walker209

Repeat Yourself

"I SAID REPEATING YOURSELF" We tend to raise our voices naturally, because for some reason, we hate having to repeat what we said for the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th time. Why, I don't know, but this is more of an emotional response that we can't seem to control. So try to listen, and not just hear. - walker209

It's very annoying. This happened to me yesterday, and I was watching a movie, and I said to my brother,
"That can't ever happen. "
Him: "What? "
"That can't ever happen. "
"Huh? Sorry, what? "
Of course, my parents had to hush me. But what was I gonna do? I hate not being heard. And I hate not hearing the other person, because then you feel disrespectful.

Be Touchy-Feely

You can talk to someone with out having to touch or grab them. Now there's an exception to the rule if you've known them for awhile, or if the conversation requires a physical demonstration. But even then, know the person before you overstep your boundaries. Feel them out, but not literally. - walker209

Never Remember Their Names
Be Presumptuous

They say, when you assume, you make an ass out of You & Me (ASS_U_ME). Pretty self explanatory. We like to convince ourselves to think we have supernatural abilities to "read" people and have them figured out in 30 seconds. Take your time to do research the facts before you make your mind up. And have a towel handy to wipe the egg off your face when your wrong. - walker209

Act Like a Little Brat

I believe that this is the best way


It gives you that eerie feeling like you're being stalked. Seriously, if I'm doing something, or going somewhere, I don't need any company unless I give an official invite. - walker209

The Contenders

Ask Too Many Questions

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question, but there is a such thing as too many questions. I don't care who you are, too many questions can become irritating. Some people handle it better than others. I mean are you writing a book, or are you just plain nosy? - walker209

The first and second questions are fine, but when there's a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, it becomes irritating. A relative of mine does this, and as much as I love him, he doesn't seem to realize how much of an annoyance he can be.

So invasive to just drill people with questions. Hate it.


When someone raises their voice, your body automatically triggers a defense mode response. Yelling, to me, is a sign of belligerence. So if I look like I want to kick you in the head, then chances are, I probably will.

Be careful you you get loud with, you never know how they will react. - walker209

Also, if you repeat what someone says, or just yell at them as a come back it is very hard to say something back - maggot-104

I perceive yelling as anger. It only trigger an angry response.

Yelling is a sign of abuse when someone gives their opinion.

Make Obnoxious Comments

Gossipers are the worst kind of back stabbing human scum there is!

Gang Up On Them
Be Too Negative

If you are constantly complaining about everything or are angry all the time, no one will want to be around you.

Continuously Find Fault
Keep On Repeating Yourself to Someone Who Refuses to Understand
Share Your Dark Sense of Humor
Go Too Far Too Fast
Inconsistency In Relationships
Place Temporary People (Boyfriends, Girlfriends) Above Permanent People (Long Term Friends, Family Members).
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