Top 10 Ways that AM2R Improved Upon the Original Metroid 2: Ros


The Top Ten

1 It actually has a full soundtrack
2 Tightened controls
3 The environments now have actual personality and detail to them
4 There is actually a real legitimate map system now
5 Infinitely smarter Metroids and way more of them to kill
6 Excellent boss battles
7 The beam-stacking feature has been added, along with being able to turn items on and off
8 You can use nearly all of Samus' Super Metroid abilities now
9 Absolutely stellar graphics
10 The Spider Ball no longer gets stuck every five seconds

The Contenders

11 The Space Jump actually works consistently enough to be considered reliable
12 Bigger areas and more of them
13 Faster pacing
14 Secrets galore
15 The game actually has a real legit storyline with detailed lore now
16 The game actually has a timed escape sequence now
17 The game is now fun rather than needlessly frustrating
18 Better difficulty balance
19 You can now recharge your health and ammo without having to hunt down specific recharge stations for each
20 Power Bombs
21 Superb sound quality
22 Slightly less disappointing and lame final boss
23 WAY bigger Gamma, Zeta, and especially Omega Metroids
24 Far less linear, with vastly more interesting stuff to explore
25 Creative new gameplay mechanics and gimmicks
26 Fast-travel system
27 The main theme sounds a lot less cheesy now
28 Diagonal aiming
29 Super Missiles
30 Actual puzzles
31 No more fake difficulty
32 Speedrunner shortcuts
33 Difficulty settings
34 Much longer overall length
35 "The Last Metroid is in Captivity. the Galaxy is at Peace."
36 Midair Ball-Morphing
37 Infinite Bomb Jumping
38 Stellar Enemy Designs
39 Counter that Actually Shows How Many Metroids are Left in the Current Area Rather Than Just How Many are Left in the Game
40 Having to Constantly Farm Pickups is Now a Thing of the Past
41 Technically a Much More Challenging Game Overall Than Its Original Counterpart, but for All of the Right Reasons
42 Wall-jumping
43 Shinesparking
44 Samus is overall a lot faster now, especially in the air
45 Faster weapon firing rate
46 The game actually properly explains what each area is now
47 Metroids evolve into full-fledged dinosaurs now
48 New attacks for the Metroids
49 Dedicated button for ball-morphing
50 The areas actually have backgrounds now
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