Top 10 Ways Anime is Better Than Traditional Cartoons

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1 More genres to choose from

To me, Japanese anime have a large amount of pretty good genres. Cartoons on the other hand, are silly and not a lot of genres- today’s animation is too much jokes like Sanjay And Craig or Rick And Morty

I think you mean "Genres," not "Genders." - clusium

2 Better animation

Thanks a lot, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon

Not necessarily. Some western animations are pretty good. Some are even better than anime, in fact. - clusium

Most animes have pretty good animations and art.

Cartoons are kinda too unrealistic with those. - WoopDaWolfie

3 There's a plot

Agreed with same as manga counterparts

Animes have very very good plots and some have amayzing plot twist.

Cartoons don't have a plot at all there's just the same thing over and over. - WoopDaWolfie

4 Characters have personality

I wanted to be like Ran Kotobuki or that character from Yu Yu Hakusho, not the cartoon characters

In animes each character has it's unique personallity and traits.(Yuno I'm looking at u)

In cartoons, well not so much. - WoopDaWolfie

5 Not just for kids

Mature anime is also not just for kids, suits for adults as well

To anyone who thinks anime is just for kids: Elfen Lied

Cartoons aren't just for kids. For example: Looney Tunes

Anime is not just for kids I mean u can't put a kid watch Pico no buco or Tokyo ghoul.

Cartoons is just for kids. - WoopDaWolfie

6 Life lessons

Yes, every show has a life lesson for any viewer- including me by the way

Every anime gives the viewer a life lesson for example the importance of friendship and the fact that u need to work har to acomplice your dreams.

Cartoons.. uhh nothing. - WoopDaWolfie

7 Great intros

To anyone who’s singalong to the theme song of every single anime. Cartoons not so much.

In anime the opening songs are really catchy u don't need to know what is means cause u can still sing along and some apenings area really emotional.(oshiete oshiete yo)

Cartoons don't really do that. - WoopDaWolfie

8 More realistic

They looked better than the cartoon counterparts of the characters

9 Villains
10 They have a continued storyline and keeps you waiting for every next episode.
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