Top 10 Ways Anime is Better Than Traditional Cartoons


The Top Ten

1 More genres to choose from

I think you mean "Genres," not "Genders." - clusium

2 Better animation

Not necessarily. Some western animations are pretty good. Some are even better than anime, in fact. - clusium

Most animes have pretty good animations and art.

Cartoons are kinda too unrealistic with those. - WoopDaWolfie

3 There's a plot

Animes have very very good plots and some have amayzing plot twist.

Cartoons don't have a plot at all there's just the same thing over and over. - WoopDaWolfie

4 Characters have personality

In animes each character has it's unique personallity and traits.(Yuno I'm looking at u)

In cartoons, well not so much. - WoopDaWolfie

5 Not just for kids

Cartoons aren't just for kids. For example: Looney Tunes

Anime is not just for kids I mean u can't put a kid watch Pico no buco or Tokyo ghoul.

Cartoons is just for kids. - WoopDaWolfie

6 Life lessons

Every anime gives the viewer a life lesson for example the importance of friendship and the fact that u need to work har to acomplice your dreams.

Cartoons.. uhh nothing. - WoopDaWolfie

7 Great intros

In anime the opening songs are really catchy u don't need to know what is means cause u can still sing along and some apenings area really emotional.(oshiete oshiete yo)

Cartoons don't really do that. - WoopDaWolfie

8 More realistic
9 Villains
10 They have a continued storyline and keeps you waiting for every next episode.
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