Top Ten Ways to Annoy Batman

It's probably not a good idea to annoy Batman, but there are some things to do when wandering aroung Gotham with little to do.

The Top Ten

1 Claim to be Batman, doing the voice

That's overrated to begin with. Why can't we go for an informal "I'm that bat guy"? - SwagFlicks

*does batman voice* I'm batman and I work alone - Enderninja327

I'm Batman. - Catacorn


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2 Put up the Bat Signal because you need someone to open your pickle jar

I think one certain Cartoon Network elderly midget mayor would fit that job... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Plus you'll get a free face punch! - Toucan

Why does this part remind me of the Mayor of Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls? He always asks the girls to open his pickle jar from him. - AnimeDrawer


3 Tell him that Robin is better than him

I like both Batman and Robin, but I'm pretty sure Batman will be angry if I did that to him. ESPECIALLY if we say that the Robin from Teen Titans Go! is better than Batman! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yah. No one likes to be outshone by the underdog. - Britgirl

We all know it's not true, but I'm sure it'll piss batman off nonetheless. - Therandom

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4 Play poker with him, only ensure that he only has Joker cards V 1 Comment
5 Go bowling with him and keep referring to the bowling ball as "the thing that goes down an alley and is full of holes"


6 Give him a "Share a Coke with Dad" Coca-Cola can

Share a coke with Alfred - TwilightKitsune

Share a coke with JOKER! - AlphaQ

This is plain rude!

That's sad

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7 Give him a sex change and ask him, "do you bleed?"
8 Give him helium

I remember that The Brave And The Bold episode. Good times. - WonkeyDude98

9 Take him to the circus
10 Phone his Nana and hang up 16 times in a row

The Contenders

11 Put up the bat signal because you can't open your mayonnaise
12 Make Robin From Teen TItans Go! Annoy Him Until He Punches Him In The Face!
13 Put him in the cupboard under the stairs with the Dursleys
14 Sing the Waffles Song from Teen Titans Go

Wouldn't that also annoy the Justice League, Young Justice, and every person on the planet who would lose brain cells from listening to this god-awful song? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That would be annoying, I would understand Batman's pain by that. That would annoy the original Teen Titans as well. Why would they make this horrendous song? - AnimeDrawer

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15 Twerking
16 Bombard him with Chuck Norris memes

Chuck Norris is putting up the bat signal... - TwilightKitsune

17 Force him to listen to Tyga
18 Spank him
19 Make him play bad Batman games
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1. Claim to be Batman, doing the voice
2. Give him a "Share a Coke with Dad" Coca-Cola can
3. Give him helium
1. Claim to be Batman, doing the voice
2. Put up the Bat Signal because you need someone to open your pickle jar
3. Tell him that Robin is better than him



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