Top 10 Ways to Annoy Canadians


The Top Ten

1 Ask them why their prime minster is not Justin Bieber

They will get annoy at you for sure - BigBrotherSucks

2 Make a song about why Canada is bad

They will want to kill you for sure - BigBrotherSucks

3 Go and break the Canada Law

Extra points if you swear to the police - BigBrotherSucks

4 Swear in the town Taber

They ban swearing there - BigBrotherSucks

5 Say that they are the worst country

They will not be happy with you - BigBrotherSucks

Were one of the best countries - kingvoter

6 Sing the Weird Al Yankovic song Canadian Idiot to the Prime Minster

He will not be happy with you - BigBrotherSucks

7 Say that you are the worst country for music

They will not be happy with you - BigBrotherSucks

8 Say that this country makes the worst food

They will not be happy - BigBrotherSucks

9 Say at the airport "I am only here to commit crimes"

They will send you back home - BigBrotherSucks

10 With any meals they have, always offer them maple syrup

The Contenders

11 Pretend to be deaf and always say 'Eh' whenever they complete a sentence
12 At Halloween, say you've gotten them a costume and just send them a complete Lumberjack outfit with an axe
13 Be too polite
14 No matter what temperature it is, always complain about the temperature being cold
15 Tell them that small children are cute
16 Tell them that Justin Bieber sucks
17 Tell Them to Say "Oot and Aboot"
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