Ways to Annoy Metal Fans

This list is not made to attack metal fans but i put on this list the things that they dislike the most also this list is suppost to be called Ways To Kill Metal Fans and i think that is offensive metal fans know what things that annoys them

The Top Ten

1 Play pop songs everyday and non-stop

You said this list was supposed to be called ways to kill metal fans? Not only is that incredibly immature but that's also evil. If you really want metal fans dead for no other reason than "metal fans are so annoying because they hate pop music", then you're a horrible person!

I'd just put on headphones and listen to some Nile. - Metalhead1997

2 Say pop music is better than metal music

The only good pop came from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 80s. - Metalhead1997

3 Say metal music is satanic worshiping

Retaliate with "Satanism is a stupid religion." - Metalhead1997

4 Say metal music is all screaming

They're thinking of screamo. - Metalhead1997

5 Say metal songs are meaningless

This would make them angry - zxm

6 Say pop music was so great
7 Say that metal music are for idiots
8 Say that soft music was good

I am a metal fan,love bands like iron maiden,Metallica,Avenged Sevenfold,Dream Theater(little bit of),Deep Purple,Judas Priest,Blind Guardian etc and some foreign metal bands,but I love some soft songs of Bob Dylan,Simon & Garfunkel,The Everly Brothers,Pink Floyd,Bryan Adams etc,so I think its quite hard to annoy me with soft music and also many metal fans despite being of a metal fan/s - zxm

9 Talk how bad metal music is
10 Say that you hate metal because it doesn't use autotune

Metal artist don't need computers to help them sing - NikoX

Autotuning is musical cheating. - Metalhead1997

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