Top 10 Ways to Annoy Nicki Minaj

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1 Dirty Up her House AfterShe's Done Cleaning It

Well this would anyone EVERYONE. I hate chores and masturbating while doing them so this WILL annoy me. - AlphaQ

Oh my God! I'd so do this! - Powerfulgirl10

Break her back!

This is a very stupid list filled with stupid comments from some nicki minaj haters but look whose making more money than u oh yea her not you lames haha nicki fan forever!

2 Play Really Loud Sirens

Or just play her own songs really loud instead. - Lucretia

Or play songs from LuLu. - AlphaQ

3 Have Gordon Ramsay Yell at Her
4 Fool Her Into Drinking Horse Drool

What?! Seriously... this one is ridiculous but funny at the same time

5 Throw Her Dishes Everywhere
6 Throw Eggs at Her
7 Make Her Do All of Your Chores
8 Trick Her into Eating Sour Foods
9 Play the Piano Really Bad
10 Steal Her Car for a Joyride

Oh yah baby! Let go for a ride!

A Barbie reference - Neonco31

Drive at 350 km/h and drive into the beach and leave her car to drown. - ThePwoperMuser101

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11 Throw a Pizza In her Face

Make it a very nasty pizza, with liver and anchovies and spinach and goose fat, and make this sauce full of oil. - Lucretia

12 Play Her Own Songs for 54 Hours on End
13 Play the Guitar Really Bad

Would sound amazing compared to her music - Lucretia

14 Bring a Llama with You and Have It Spit in her Face V 1 Comment
15 Tell Her that Her Rapping Sucks and She Has No Talent

Lol if I could I would do this but I might be a bit more well... vulgar and aggressive.

Lets have a good rapper like... a good one... tell her that - Lucretia

16 Fill her Bathtub with Dirt

Or something nastier, like rotton cottage cheese, human stomach acid... dirt is a good idea. - Lucretia

17 Force Her to Play Flappy Bird for 30 Days
18 Force Her to Watch Barney the Dinosaur

Tell her the songs are better than Anaconda

Or force her to be arounf Barney the Dinasour - Lucretia

19 Duck Tape her Mouth Shut

Her rapping would be worse - Lucretia

20 Pepper Spray Her

I can already hear her screaming from the spray burning her eyes. Lol. - Powerfulgirl10

Or rubbing alcohol spray her eyes... - Lucretia

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1. Play Really Loud Sirens
2. Dirty Up her House AfterShe's Done Cleaning It
3. Throw Her Dishes Everywhere
1. Fool Her Into Drinking Horse Drool
2. Throw Eggs at Her
3. Trick Her into Eating Sour Foods



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