Top 10 Ways to Annoy Nicki Minaj

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21 Make Annoying Sounds

She will respond by making more annoying ones - Lucretia

22 Keep Interrupting Her while She's Talking
23 Shoot Her with Spitballs

I think Jacob Sartorius deserves that even more!

24 Dump Paint on Her
25 Give Her a Noogie
26 Glue Headphones to her Ears and Play Both Stupid Hoe and Anaconda for 73 Hours
27 Make Chicken Noises
28 Force Her to Listen to Justin Bieber

But Nicki Minaj hates anti-Beliebers! SCREW YOU THEN, NICKI MINAJ! So if you got Nicki Minaj to listen to Justin Bieber, it is impossible to force Nicki Minaj to listen to Justin Bieber unless she isn't in the mood for it.

I don't agree with anything on the list even though I hate her except this one, make it beauty and a beat

29 Give Her a Wet Willy
30 Fart On her Face

Now that just mean... but I love to do it in her face

31 Make Her do Homework

Would I have straght Fs or straght A's?

32 Call Her the Worst Rapper Ever

I could imagine how furious Ariana Grande, Jacob Sartorius and Justin Bieber would be if they heard Nicki Minaj be called the worst rapper ever.

33 Throw Tomatoes at Her
34 Say the Word "Balls" a Million Times
35 Compare Her to Poop

I'd say Jared Milton is more deserving of it.

36 Lock Her In a Locker

You betcha

Imagine how furious bieberluvr1234 wuld be if this officially happened. :O

37 Annoy Her with Slide Whistles

This is reminding me of SpongeBob... - Minecraftcrazy530

38 Have Pigeons Poop on her Car
39 Play Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"

She's a Beliber, and JB was the one who made the song famous so I assume she likes it.

40 Give Her a Wedgie
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