Top Ten Ways to Annoy Tall People

No offense tall people everyone feel free to type your height.

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1 Call them giraffe

I nickname my highschool bully Giraffe Girl in my head (I don't actually say it out loud) because she bullied me for being short but then the teachers punished her. Haha - Lunala

I Do That To Most Of My Classmates. I Can Get Pretty Annoying And I'm 5'2" - AlphaQ

I call a dude that at school. He's 6'4" - PizzaGuy

I'm 4'11 and I'm 10, my friends call me a giraffe. **** them all

2 Say "How is the weather up there?"

A little rainy. Is it rainy too down there- oh wait, I forgot, you're at the deep-sea level, so no rain... (jk lol. Anyways, I'm not very tall, I'm just among the tallest in class and in my family) - FireWasp2004

I did this once to a tall boy he said its good how is it down there little buddy I said good he just have me a noogie to embarrass me his arm pits smelled horrible but it was nasty his sweat was all over my face I learnt my lesson we are friends now though when we get mad at each other he says remember what happened you want another noogie but yeah I don't want to make him mad he could whup me.

3 Call them stretch
4 Ask if they play basketball

This really does annoy me. I often get surrounded by sports idiots who assume that I'm a Sports God because I'm 6'4". I can tolerate people asking me to reach for things, but this I just can't. - PositronWildhawk

I'll probably end up tall. And yes, everything on this list will annoy me. - funnyuser

I can thank you very much - AnonymousChick

I am tall, and my mom wants me to play basketball.

5 Call them tree top
6 Ask them if they can get you something from a high shelf

This happens all the time."Hey, girl, can you reach for that? ". I do it out of friendliness, but after a while it drives me insane. - DogsUnleashed

Hey can you reach my iPad Pro for me? - AlphaQ

7 Beat them up

This list is mean.

Yiu can't beat a tall guy up. That's physically impossible. - AlphaQ

8 Call them bigfoot

I do this all the time. And they give me a look that makes me thank god that looks can't kill! Laugh out loud - megadbz123

I do this all the time. - AlphaQ

9 Tell them they're tall

Random stranger: "Wow, buddy, you're tall! "
Positron: "What, really? Thank you, I had no idea! That would explain the ceiling being too close for comfort." - PositronWildhawk

It was fine at first, but now it just annoys me!

My modeling teacher: How old are you?
Me: I'm 11
Teacher: Wow! My son is 8 and like half of you!
Me: I'm 156cm tall (5'1''), what's the problem?
Teacher: You just are so tall!
Me: My classmates are 11 and 162cm tall (5'3''), call me tall again and I'll quit modelin

10 Tell them how big their foot is

I'm bout a size 6.5. - AlphaQ

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11 Kick their shins and say "no stilts, then?"

This is funny to me. You sit up there making a list that bullies short people but when it is the other way around its bad.

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12 Ask them for a piggyback ride

I do this all the time to my fat older brother who's 6'3" and he always drives me into a door which ends up broken. - AlphaQ

I do this to my big brother. I sometimes go ahead and jump on his back! - funnyuser

Gimme a piggyback ride, Pos. - AlphaQ

13 Do you shop at a tall person store?

I could just imagine... haha! - funnyuser

14 Call them a giant
15 "Skinny, just skinny, skinny"

I'm skinny too so... - AlphaQ

16 Get them mad and run in something where they can't fit
17 Ask them to come caving

Yes I would love to watch you crawl through spaces I can't fit.

18 If it's a girl tell them to wear high heels

I told a girl this once she picked me up and said don't mess with me I know your trying to do this cause I will look really tall.

19 Untie their shoe laces
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