Top Ten Ways to Annoy Tall People

No offense tall people everyone feel free to type your height.
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1 Call them giraffe

I nickname my highschool bully Giraffe Girl in my head (I don't actually say it out loud) because she bullied me for being short but then the teachers punished her. Haha

I call a dude that at school. He's 6'4"

2 Say "How is the weather up there?"
3 Call them tree top
4 Call them stretch
5 Ask if they play basketball

This really does annoy me. I often get surrounded by sports idiots who assume that I'm a Sports God because I'm 6'4". I can tolerate people asking me to reach for things, but this I just can't.

I'll probably end up tall. And yes, everything on this list will annoy me.

I am tall, and my mom wants me to play basketball.

6 Ask if they can get you something from a high shelf

This happens all the time."Hey, girl, can you reach for that? ". I do it out of friendliness, but after a while it drives me insane.

Hey can you reach my iPad Pro for me?

I am taller than my mom and aunts and sometimes I have to get stuff from tall shelves for them

7 Call them bigfoot

I do this all the time. And they give me a look that makes me thank god that looks can't kill! Laugh out loud

I do this all the time.

8 Tell them they're tall

Random stranger: "Wow, buddy, you're tall! "
Positron: "What, really? Thank you, I had no idea! That would explain the ceiling being too close for comfort."

It was fine at first, but now it just annoys me!

9 Kick their shins and say "no stilts, then?"

This is funny to me. You sit up there making a list that bullies short people but when it is the other way around its bad.

I'm pretty tall and this one is the only thing on this list that would actually annoy me.

I ask you, do you find anything comical about this? Shame on you.

10 Tell them how big their foot is

I'm bout a size 15.5

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11 Call them a giant
12 Get them mad and run in something where they can't fit

Similar to Tom and Jerry.

13 Call them an oversized weiner
14 Ask them for a piggyback ride

I do this all the time to my fat older brother who's 6'3" and he always drives me into a door which ends up broken.

I do this to my big brother. I sometimes go ahead and jump on his back!

15 Ask, do you shop at a tall person store?

I could just imagine... haha!

16 Ask them to come caving

Yes I would love to watch you crawl through spaces I can't fit.

17 Untie their shoe laces
18 Call them daddy long legs
19 If it's a girl tell them to wear high heels

I told a girl this once she picked me up and said don't mess with me I know your trying to do this cause I will look really tall.

20 Ask them to get out of the car and say, oh your legs are long enough, you’ll take 10 steps and you’re there.
21 Call them beanstalk
22 Call them flabby
23 Call them a pole
24 Ask if they are taller than their parents
25 Ask if they can dunk
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