Top Ten Ways to Annoy TheTopTens User Positronwildhawk

Ways to annoy the very white and nerdy Posi'. (This is not made to make fun of TopTenners)

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Call him MainstreamWildhawk

I'm going to call him this every day until this comment has 20 thumbs up.

This has to be number one, people.

I have no intention of calling him this, and I never will. But I voted for it anyway. 2% away from being number one.

Yo MainstreamWildhawk Nicki Minaj is awesome

Dislike his comment every time he says something nice about BritGirl

Thanks for killing me with this one.

Why is positron being teased with britgirl,is there something I missed?

I think that's also how you annoy Keyson.

Which I will do jk

Argue that science is boring

I can drive my arguments with my fists as well as my mind.

Mainstreamwildhawk, science is not fun in school, but if you actually do experiments for most of the time...

There are several types of science I find fascinating

Science is the coolest thing ever! My favorite type of science is astronomy.

Praise Nicki Minaj

Positron, Anaconda is the best! Try it! Yo' momma told me that you liked listening to Nicki Minaj!

I had a conversation with him about the worst singers. He convinced me that Nicki Minaj is the absolute worst.

Stupid Hoe is awesome, Positron. You should at least give it a try, haha!

Niki Minaj is amazing. (Okay, I hate her too, I was just trying to add a little humor. Heck, it's not working.)

Take his deadmau5 songs away from his iTunes (if he has iTunes) and replace it with a chainsaw noise

You can do better. Replace my awesome electronic music with hip-hop and country-western.

I don't like electronic music, but I would never do something cruel like that.

Replace his electronic songs with Blood On The Dance Floor, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, bad country music songs. Or even worse, Hello Kitty Suicide Squad, that music is nothing but a cheap beat and a girl screaming until your ears bleed.

I'd prefer hearing chainsaw noise than Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj.

Force him to watch sports and play rap music

Hey, watch FIFA! And hear 24 hours of Anaconda, Stupid Hoe and Monster by Nicki Minaj?

I would be really happy if that happened to me because I like them both

Hey you! Win the championship basketball game! and listen to Eminem! or I. Will kill you!

This would be my worst nightmare too.

Argue at him for hating rap and Eminem

This is something that I'm used to, if I'm honest.

Eminem is a decent rapper, but his fanbase annoy the hell out of me because they can't respect the people who don't love Eminem. If you hate/dislike him, that's fine, everyone has their opinion

I hate rap and Eminem too, you're not alone. I prefer Green Day.

Rap and Eminem are awesome and you should think that!

Dude, I agree with you 100%. I can't stand Eminem! Have you heard "Fack? "

Get him the song Beauty and the Beast

Its by Nicki Minaj an Justin Beiber your 2 worst singers

Again, see my Britgirl comment dislike comment

Haha hey watch it on YouTube it secretly has your fave singer ps just kidding also everyone one can read this but apart from positron

Ok,I just gotta put it in the folder with the chainsaw...

Argue that an interesting field of science serves no purpose

Excuse me,but your so called profile picture makes no sense and is probably a human lung instead


Ahhh! That stuck my brain,but if it worked on me it should work on anyone who loves science

Not understanding science in fact, diss it to his face

What is science?

Not understanding science? Well Pos, I'm afraid I've annoyed you... A lot! But hey, that's what friends do!

I don't understand science,TELL ME SCIENCE

I dunno what science is?! HELP ME

The Contenders

Tell him he got all that science stuff from his iPad

Which you just did

I just argued with you about how science serves no purpose,do you really want to prove your points that you got from your IPAD


Bruh u just got it from your I pad

Make him listen to Rap Music

Listen to Eminem or I will murder you!

You probably won't see this, but I implore you, PositronWildhawk, to check out instrumental hip hop. DJ Shadow and J Dilla are excellent examples. It's basically hip hop, but without lyrics.

He might at least like Tupac.

Muck up his chemical stuff

Please. I'm a physicist, not a chemist.

Ask if if he knows that he is tall

This needs to be higher than this.


Hey,doesn't planets behind earth revolve around your face

Are you tal?

Ask him if his username comes from a Transformer

My god. This should work.

Optimus Positron

Three Year Old: *Plays With Transformers And A Hawk*
Me: Hey, Come Look At This TopTenner

So I saw the title of the list,and I see the purpose of this list was how to annoy a transformer

Don't understand his sarcasm

Um,yes,your welcome-I didn't understand-

When he ask you to collaborate on his list say "Darude Sandstorm" and be gone

I'll think about this.

More like rickrolled

Um,darude sandstorm,byeee

Positron wildhawk:hey,wanna help me with my new list
Me:um,darude sandstorm-exits the website-
Positron wildhawk:well,that was awkward,

Diss deadmau5

SelfDestruct did a lot more than that to annoy me. It wasn't funny.

Hello class,welcome to a sarcastic overview of deadmau5

One word- SelfDestruct

Deadmau5 sucks,[it's a joke]

Ask him if he plays basketball

Do you play basketball

I also get kind of annoyed with this question

Do u play basketball,I've played for five years

But he is perfect for basketball,because of how tall he is,I need to ask him if he knows that

Make a post where you rant about how physics is boring

Physic is really boring because it is for nerds and is complicated even more than maths and even explaining how physics is boring takes ages to write it is related to science which sucks and u should understand real physics like how nicki and Bieber are awesome better than u even overall physics is boring and I got a d in it so that proves it's the worst in the world cause physics proved I'm completely awesome the only non boring physics and I am devoting this post to how boring physics is and life would be less boring without physics thank you for reading my comment on how boring physics is LOL I WANNA SEE YOUR FACE so BAD

I'm sure it would be a very tedious post.

Hey guess what I'm making people,a new blog post,it's called a sarcastic overview of physics!

Praise Justin Bieber

I'm pretty sure this would annoy anyone...

Bieber is my king. And I just love him he's music is great better than the Beatles baby is defs the best song ever

I heart Justin Bieber,he my homie(jk,he's nobody's homie,

Tell him that he should date Britgirl

Britgirl would be perfect for u

Positron,I see you are single,but no hard feelings,I have found the perfect match for you,her name is britgirl,and if keyson comes,I'll just tie him up

This isn't a dating sight though

Do you think he actually cares?

Make a blog post 'Sarcastic overview of Sarcasm'

A visitor already did.

This blog post is alrrady exist.

Tell him that you will eat his mom

I am a yoshi and I will eat your mom and turn her into a egg

I am a lion,and I will feast on your mother

Eat his bacon sandwich

*Munch munch* say what now? *munch munch*

Your sandwich is delicious buddy

I'll bury it on the ground for compost. It's eco-friendly!

Lol, good one, whoever posted this.

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