Why I Dislike "I'm a Bad User" Posts

Look, if I had a pet peeve on this site, it would be this crap about people saying that they're so horrible and they'll leave the site because they're so terrible because some people dislike them and they had a bad life.
I know I'm late on this. But after being gone most of the year, I thought I'd make a blog post expressing my opinion on these posts and lists.

I would go on about how it's just a bad way to make people sympathize with them, but let's just imagine that it's not about garnering sympathy. No, let's imagine these people want to talk about how sad they are about themselves. After all, nobody's perfect.

I think my main problem is that these lists and posts never seem to actually talk about the problems that people would talk about if they were reviewing them. No, most of them come from personal issues and issues from other websites and issues with opinions.

I'm going to bring up an example. Disney1994 made a list about why he's a bad user. Alright then, someone talking about why they're not that good. Here's the first reason on the page:
He hates Gravity Falls and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That's not something that makes you a bad user. It's an opinion. An unpopular opinion, but an opinion nonetheless. It doesn't make you the second coming of SelfDestruct.

The thing is, he talks about how much he goes on tangents, how long his posts are, and how melodramatic he is. But he never seems to actually try to stop himself doing it. When someone put The Fox And The Hound on the list "Top 10 Terrible Disney Movies That a Lot of People Like for Some Reason", he had this to say:
THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME! It proves that people who are different CAN be best friends! Whoever calls this a "vile and ugly movie" IS WRONG! I saw not one but TWO articles calling it racist, THEY ARE WRONG! And if you think "OMG it's too sad" or "OMG it's too scary" or "OMG it's too violent" or "OMG it's old" GET A LIFE PEOPLE! This is the sweetest, most beautiful movie ever made. The main characters are a young red fox named Tod and a young hound dog named Copper. Even though they are different, they still want to be best friends forever. Later when they grow up, a misunderstanding causes Copper to turn on Tod, but only because it involved the near-death of Copper's foster father Chief. When a bear corners Copper and his master Amos Slade, however, Tod steps in to save them, proving that you should always value your friends. The people calling it racist don't realize that they DO still get to be friends. It's funny, I always thought if Disney made a second Fox and the Hound it would be about them coming together again or something, but instead Disney decided to make The Fox and the Hound 2 a midquel about when Tod and Copper are still kids. If you think this film is too sad, scary, or violent, maybe you should try the second one instead. It's much more light-hearted."

It's long, melodramatic and starts becoming a tangent about why people who call the film vile are wrong. Didn't you say these were your flaws?

It's ingenious though. Since they're talking about their flaws, anyone who seems to disagree will get bombarded by people saying "But he went through a lot, how can you say that? You're a bad person." Even if the flaws seem to be minor issues, there's enough mention of how he dislikes his life to make everyone sympathize with him.

But hey, at least he didn't threaten to retire.

Christ on a bike, do people eat it up when people say that they'll leave.
For an example, RockStarr said that "he might retire", but if he gets enough "please stay" comments, he'll stay.

Can you see the problem already? It already feels like blatant sympathy grabbing. But again, people are going to eat it up.
Here's what JaysTop10List had to say:
"Oh god, another retirement post. There's a thing called messaging dum dum."

He seems to know that Rock has just made a retirement post, fishing for sympathy. Here's nateawesomeness with his reply:
"Jay,theirs a thing called attitude you ass"

There's an irony in saying that Jay should have a better attitude, promptly following up by saying he's an ass. That's like telling someone not to get angry, and then getting angry because they've just explained to you that emotions exist and can't be easily controlled.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they just want to retire. Maybe they just want to point out their flaws. But if they did want to do that, they've done that in the worst way possible.


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