Top 10 Ways Anti-SJWS Can Be Worse Than SJWS

I agree that SJWs, are a bad group of people but that's because I'm against extremists no matter what political side they're on.

Also if you're an anti-sjw you might be triggered (that's right I said it), by this list, you have been warned.

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1 They support Donald Trump no matter what he does

Donald Trump has scammed many people throughout the years, including his voters, and supporters, by lying and saying he would "bring all the jobs back". Yet he has gotten rid of more jobs than making. And he even pretended to be a populist, so he could get more voters. - RogerWatersfan1999

I'm anti-SJW and I hate trump - 445956

As a non-political user, I must say that this is one of the best lists I have seen here in the while. There's no right side, because both have their flawed viewpoints. It doesn't help that the anti-SJW movement tends to compose of people simply band-wagoning on things like supremacy because they just want something to hate on.
Also, I am not defending SJWs, but the term has really denigrated to "overly sensitive". - Swellow

2 They seem to think the Conservative side is 100% innocent, just because they are not on the same side as the SJWs

SJWs however, are a hate movement that are using a toxic website known as Tumblr to completely bash white men. They and Alex Jones are both scum. - 445956

So true!

You hit the nail on the head. Even though I despise SJWs, I wouldn’t just vote for someone on the opposite side because of them. I still disagree with policies like outlawing abortion or no option for government health care. - Zach808

3 They blame all of society's problems on SJWs, even if they have nothing to do with SJWs

I even saw some of these people blame SJWs for Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacists protests and lied about the protests being about saving a Civil War Statue from SJWs. Stupid I know. - RogerWatersfan1999

4 They can be more regressive than SJWs

At least SJWs want to move our society forward. Whether the ways they want to move us forward are good or not, that's a discussion for another day. Anti-SJWs, however, seem to want to move us back to the 1950s, just so there can be "less sjws". - RogerWatersfan1999

5 They act like college campuses are evil just because they are liberal

Don't get me wrong, I'm against the college students who try combat free speech as well, but not all colleges/college students are like that. - RogerWatersfan1999

You go to college to further your education, not boast about your political views. - Swellow

6 They think all liberals are SJWs

Two words: Hunter Avallone - BlackVelvetdixE

7 They scared Generation Z into becoming the most conservative generation since WWII

Generation Z either started around 1995 or 2001, depending who you ask. It seems that the conservative counterculture may be dying right now, but no matter what. The only reason why Generation Z became so conservative in the first place was those anti-sjw youtube videos scaring them so much. - RogerWatersfan1999

8 They dismiss any form of left wing protests as SJW protests

They dismiss all Gay, Female, and People of Color protests as SJWs, even if they act nothing like SJWs. It's crazy that these people say they are not racists because they hate any form of protests for any one who is not white and male. - RogerWatersfan1999

9 They support nationalism

Sure, I strongly agree that we should end the unnecessary wars overseas which have been happening for the past 15 or so years. However, a lot of these people seem to think that we should close the borders for anyone who is not from the western world which is a racist, and a bad idea. - RogerWatersfan1999

10 They criticize the mainstream media for being dishonest yet they listen to really dishonest alternative media news outlets like Breitbart, and Infowars

Breit Bart has some of the dumbest and most dishonest news articles I've seen in the nearly 19 years of my life. In fact, Breit Bart is not even news, it should be called Bullcrap. Want some examples, well they have articles Claiming that The Nazis made up Global Warming, just to destroy capitalism, that Gay Rights have made us dumber, many articles blatantly insulting any Celebrities who disagree with them, and much more, and I don't need to say anything about Infowars other than Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson, yuk. How about this anti-sjws? You can criticise the mainstream media all you want once you are smart enough to listen to real News sources, and no that does not mean just the mainstream news, how about just honest news of any kind. - RogerWatersfan1999

Everyone has an agenda. Trying to find a completely honest news source is like trying to find sharks swimming in your garden. Sadly, everything must be taken article by article. - Zach808

If you genuinely believe Milo Yiannopolous is an honest news article writer, he's just as BAD as the SJWs he mocking, if not, worse, because he's just hypocritical. - Swellow

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11 They downplay opposing arguments or act like they're fake

I miss the days where people could have more civilized discussions and debates regardless of their political ideology. Nowadays, it just seems like they scream "MY ARGUMENT IS AUTOMATICALLY RIGHT AND YOUR'S ISN'T BECAUSE I SAID SO RE" or "At least my side isn't as bad as yours! " at each other, with anti-SJWs seeming to be more prone to this behavior base on what I've seen online. - WindWakerFan

Wow. Those guys sound like they don't want to have a civilized discussion. Sorry that you had to go through that craziness. - WindWakerFan

12 They think you have to work for what you get

A terrible concept.

13 They think Conservatives are always right and Liberals never are.
14 They hate it when girls act masculine and boys act feminine
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1. They support Donald Trump no matter what he does
2. They think all liberals are SJWs
3. They blame all of society's problems on SJWs, even if they have nothing to do with SJWs
1. They seem to think the Conservative side is 100% innocent, just because they are not on the same side as the SJWs
2. They support Donald Trump no matter what he does
3. They act like college campuses are evil just because they are liberal


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