Top 10 Ways that Any Female Companion Can Be Better Than Serena from Pokemon

Both the older companions and the future ones. Basically this is how the anime writers can redeem themselves after what they did with Serena.

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1 She contributes to the plot as well as the group

Mallow has been really good so far, but so far I have only seen the first episode and then the first half of the second episode. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Okay, if Ash does get a 'companion' in his the sun and moon anime while he's in school. (like, a buddy/partner for assignments I guess), I hope at least some of the stuff happening on this list is true. come on Mallow, be good. Please. We beg you. - Ruee

2 She treats Ash like a close friend, role model, and a person instead of idealizing and fantasizing about him

At this point, I don't think they will do the "let's reset Ash's experiences with Pokemon like in Unova" any time soon because of how badly received it was. Ash will most likely be a mentor or an equal to the female companion. Ash didn't really have that treatment with Serena because they hardly communicate and Ash can hardly relate to her feelings. With Serena it feels unnatural that he would consider her as a friend to begin with because she idealizes him so much that she doesn't really treat him like a friend. - Ruee

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3 She isn't watered down to a huge stereotype

I don't mind a character being girly or a tomboy. What I do mind is them turning into a stereotype of those character traits. Which Serena is a complete girly girl stereotype and arguably worse than Barbie. - Ruee

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4 She can hold her own

I would love to see a punk girl companion.

5 She deeply cares about Pokemon

All of the female companions have this trait. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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6 She has a goal centered around Pokemon than herself

Well, her pokemon are involved with her performances though... - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 She is co starred with Ash

We haven't had a character like this since Dawn. I hope we get that again at some point. - Ruee

This is what I want to happen in the Sun and Moon anime. - eventer51314

But waiting and hoping is fun. And I don't think it needs to be said again but, surely anything they do will be better than Serena. - eventer51314

Maybe, just maybe, one of Ash's classmates will be co-starred? Mallow? Lillie? If not, I hope they get a lot of screen time and development if they will travel with him after they all graduate. - Ruee

8 She does things for herself and not for others

As in if she were to like fashion, she does it for herself and that she loves doing it, and not because she wants to impress someone. (Like Dawn) She grows as a trainer for herself and not to impress/prove to others that she can hold her own. Basically having confidence in herself and has self care instead of depending her life on how others think about her. - Ruee

9 Not having a crush on Ash

Most girls have had hints of having a crush on ash. Misty liking ash was practically canon in and of itself. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Or at least don't make it her main reason for going on a journey and her main goal

Ship bait for more views was a BIG MISTAKE for the writers of that damn XY (and Z) anime, hopefully for the Sun and Moon anime, we'll hope to see that none of Ash's female companions have a crush on Ash - ClassicGaminer

10 Doesn't just pay attention to Ash, but the rest of the group

Just like Serena did, I hope the (new? ) writers of the Sun and Moon anime don't have the characters to ignore the others Instead of focusing on Ash. - ClassicGaminer

Yes, please! Have the next traveling group be great ALL together! - eventer51314

Poor Clemont. I'm so sorry that Serena ignored your existence and didn't appreciate you. - Ruee

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11 She's a good role model to young girls V 1 Comment
12 Having feminine interests without being a stereotype

Basically how they wrote Dawn. Dawn is a good example on how a girly character can be written without ending up as stereotypical. - Ruee

Honestly, I feel this should be titled "top Ten Ways To Make A Female Protagonist Good In Pokemon" rather than just tmaking it a semi hate list. - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 She teaches Ash stuff about her region

Which would be perfect for Pokemon Sun and Moon anime because there are so many traditions in Alola. I can see amazing character interactions with this as they are both exchanging and educating each other. Ash teachers the companion to become a better Pokemon Trainer and she teaches Ash about her region and traditions and gets him involved in it. - Ruee

Well this is something that was never done before (? ), and that is clever. Very well thought, Ruee. They should have the characters show/teach Ash traditions or stuff about that region, now that's something that female companion should to for the first time. - ClassicGaminer

That sounds awesome, Ruee! Now that is what I want to see. And this would allow her to really contribute a lot to the group. - eventer51314

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14 She catches and raises more than 3 Pokemon

Because there are so many great Pokemon to catch that have already been revealed! - eventer51314

If I get some of those Pokemon right for her I'll probably scream - Ruee

15 Maybe fully evolves her starter and some other Pokemon

Serena's eevee evolved into sylveon. ANd dawn's piplup chose to never evolve, so what's the point of this choice? - HeavyDonkeyKong

If those chinese starter evolution rumors are real and we get the female heroine and she chooses Rowlet, I want her to fully evolve Rowlet so bad. That final evolution is so amazing. - Ruee

16 Having a personality that is fun loving and caring

Yes, like May and Dawn, but unique! - eventer51314

She is fun loving and caring, it show sit in XYZ 45, where she hosts a pokemon performance for everybody in the aftermath of the team flare arc, to ge tthem to have fun and recover. - HeavyDonkeyKong

17 Good character development
18 Being social
19 Having a very platonic or friendly sibling relationship like Ash

Again, like Dawn. People don't give Dawn enough credit of how progressive she was as a character. - Ruee

20 Doesn't let anyone push her around V 1 Comment
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