Top 10 Ways that Any Female Companion Can Be Better Than Serena from Pokemon

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21 Having a very platonic or friendly sibling relationship like Ash

Again, like Dawn. People don't give Dawn enough credit of how progressive she was as a character. - Ruee

22 Doesn't let anyone push her around

Serena did not let ash push her around. Just watch xyz episode 28. - HeavyDonkeyKong

23 She is her own person instead of trying to copy others
24 Having a significant connection with other characters

Gamefreak said that the legendaries in Sun and Moon will have a bigger role in the games than ever before so it's a great time for the anime writers to do the same where its not exclusive to the movies. Like ash can either have a connection with solgaleo or lunala and the female companion has a connection with the one ash doesn't have connections with. - Ruee

Yes! Ruee, I love your idea about the main female and Ash having a connection to Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively (i think it should be in that order, it fits nicely for Ash to be associated with the sun legendary). This would be very similar to what they did in DP with Ash, Brock and Dawn having connections with the 3 lake guardians. Only cooler! - eventer51314

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25 She dances, likes fashion, and/or cooks as a hobby and not to show off

I have a feeling because of the dancing traditions of Hawaii (which is what Alola is based on), the female companion will most likely be dancing in the anime. If Mallow is the female companion, then she will cook without a doubt because that is a part of her character.

As long as they don't glorify it and make it into a way to get attention, I am completely find with these qualities. This is one main reason why I got disappointed by Serena so quickly. She just did it for attention and to be a sexist stereotype. - Ruee

Yeah, if she dances, I hope it's because dancing is her passion. That would be really cool. Man, your great ideas just further show how badly the writers failed with Serena. - eventer51314

26 Having real struggles
27 Not a bench warmer
28 A goal based around old contests from Hoenn and Sinnoh and not showcases

Serena actually went to hoenn at the end of xyz. - HeavyDonkeyKong

29 Enter Battling tournaments

I feel like Alola will have a lot of those that isn't just the league. I liked that about the Unova anime. - Ruee

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