Best Ways to Apologize

Everyone makes mistakes but it takes the better person to man up (or woman up) and say they're sorry.

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1 Know that you may have been wrong

No one likes to admit they were wrong, but sometimes we are. - Sillykitty

2 Be sincere

Don't make up a pathetic apology and expect forgiveness - Sillykitty

3 Be honest
4 Be nice about it

(this is mostly for the break up apologies) - Sillykitty

5 Don't lie about it
6 Make a change

Tell the person how you will be different next time or how you will change for that person - Sillykitty

7 Fill it with love
8 Use a gift as maybe an offer

Giving gift doesn't mean to "buy their forgiving" that just means to do sth nice to them... - Fan_of_Good_Music

I didn't mean to put in that way, I meant maybe they will see a gift as a peace offering, now I feel bad about saying that:/ - Sillykitty

9 Don't do the mistake again

Mistakes should not be repeated is the way to apologize

10 Just be yourself
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1. Know that you may have been wrong
2. Be nice about it
3. Don't lie about it
1. Know that you may have been wrong
2. Be sincere
3. Be honest


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