Top 10 Ways Ariana Grande is Better Than Taylor Swift

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1 Taylor's Songs are Mostly About Her Ex Boyfriends

So true

2 Love Me Harder is Better Than Blank Space

All Ariana's songs are better than Blank Space.


Yesss I agree

3 Ariana Grande Can Reach High Notes

She uses good autotune. Must be expensive. - I80

Because that's all she sings!

4 Ariana is More Popular

Nope. I like Taylor Swift all they way!

Fame doesn't make talent

5 Taylor Has Blonde Hair

Yea, taylor is blonde, I like blondes and brunettes but taylor is more attractive than ariana

6 Taylor Swift Wears Too Much Red Lipstick

So shouldn't that be bad? - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Mabye that's because it's her signature look!

7 Ariana's Voice Was Better Than Taylor's

Really both of them have the same voice

Agree with this one but some of the other reasons are irrelevant like Taylor having blonde hair (what’s wrong with that) or inaccurate like Ariana being more popular (Taylor Swift has sold 2-3 times more records).

8 She is Better Singer
9 She Can Make Peace With Her Break Ups
10 Ariana's Voice Doesn't Sound The Same Every Time She Sings

Ariana has more octave range in her voice, with 4 octaves. Taylor has 2. So, Ariana can obviously change the way her voice sounds more than Taylor.

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11 Ariana is more talented
12 Ariana has occupied #1,2, and 3 on the Hot 100

Has Taylor ever done this? Obviously not. Ari's the 2nd person to do it. Ever.

13 Ariana has better live performances and she sings loud

Taylor whispers on stage

14 Taylor Has a Lot of Ex Boyfriends

Yeah too many but ariana has a similar amount

15 Ariana Doesn't Write Songs About Her Break Ups
16 Dangerous woman is better than 1989
17 Ariana is self made while Taylor needed exes to get famous
18 Ariana has more meaning to her songs than just being upset about break ups
19 Ariana doesn't play the victim about a boyfriend
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