Top Ten Ways to Ask a Girl to a Dance

I've gotten a girl's heart at a dance before, so why not help others with it?

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1 Write them a poem

.Nothing too over-the-top, but just enough to have them agree. - Garythesnail

2 Ask them with a gift

I did this with a chocolate rose. And I still don't know why I had to bend down on my knee like I was asking for her hand in marriage. - sdgeek2003

I may not be rich, but I could come up with something neat for the ladies, I presume. - Garythesnail

I'd like Three Days Grace concert tickets.. - TwilightKitsune

I recommend chocolates or flowers. - nintendofan126

3 Just walk right up and ask them

I am sorry, but I hate this list. Romance is the biggest con ever. Buying someone a gift seems dumb. If a girl doesn't like you, don't try, then she wont like real you, just the one who is trying. If you do any of these in real life, I'd be embarrassed for you. - gemcloben

We don't really care for all the bells and whistles. At least, I don't. Mostly because anything more romantic is a little too serious for a dance. - keycha1n

I'm not really the romantic type I mean it makes a guy kind of seems desperate if they do these things I like a prankster someone who plays sports someone sweet

It's just a dance. So just being frank is the best way. - Kiteretsunu

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4 Draw them something with an invitation

I thought of doing this once, but I thought, I'm not the world's best drawer. - Garythesnail

5 Use a quote from the list "most romantic things to say to her"

This is just horrible. Romance is for those who have nothing to do with life. - gemcloben

So if we don't do things exactly the way you do, we're all insensible? Stop acting like you rule the world. - Garythesnail

I haven't tried it, but I may soon. When people mature a bit... - Garythesnail

That would be a sweet way to ask a girl to a dance! These are all great reasons, good job Garythesnail! - Lina1028

6 Write a nice note

This got one of my friend's together and it was real sweet. - keycha1n

Hey, it worked for me, didn't it? Why wouldn't it work for virtually anyone else? - Garythesnail

Once I guy left a note in my locker asking me to be his girlfriend and it was really cute! It was corny, but adorable. Anyway we dated for a week...but it was fun while it lasted - ToptenPizza

7 Cheesy pick-up line

It'd probably be enough to make them laugh. Who doesn't like awkward humor, eh? - Garythesnail

8 Ask as a friend

Reminds me of a really stupid friend I had... - gemcloben

If you don't want it to be awkward, this is always option B. - Garythesnail

9 Make them laugh, then ask them

See the Cheesy Pick-Up Line. - Garythesnail

10 Get a friend to ask for you

This doesn’t work... I tried - VeganTurtle

This is more of a coward method, but I guess if it's effective, it's alright. - Garythesnail

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11 Sing a love song
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1. Write them a poem
2. Ask them with a gift
3. Draw them something with an invitation
1. Ask them with a gift
2. Write them a poem
3. Use a quote from the list "most romantic things to say to her"


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