Top Ten Ways to Avoid Getting Caught Playing On Your Mobile Device

I made this list on my Apple iPad at night my parents don't know

The Top Ten

1 Turn off your volume

I am using my electronic device in class. - mistyglow

Or you know don't play on your phone, but that's just too easy - RustyNail

2 Put on ear buds not earphones so you can hide ear plugs quickly

I wish I could listen to music in class. - mistyglow

3 Go to settings, go to brightness, and turn it low

I always have my brightness all the way down. - mistyglow

4 Get 2 blankets, one to cover yourself and one to cover up light

Um, depends on your location. - mistyglow

I should do that in class!

5 Get one person to help you not get caught by being a look-out
6 Lie in the back of the wall not near a window
7 Keep quiet
8 Don't turn on anything loud so you can hear your parents
9 Turn off all lights so when the lights turn on you know someone's up so you can turn your device off
10 Text people, don't call them
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