Top 10 Ways to Avoid Getting Spankings

The Top Ten Ways to Avoid Getting Spankings

1 Get out a weapon

Then the person who was trying to spank you would back away - EpicJake

Violence is not the answer!

Thankfully I have airsoft guns in my house! - Wolftail

2 Fight back

Tried this as a kid, it did not work, and I was threatened with more :(

It would sure be nice to fight back. - EpicJake

3 Go somewhere where the spanker can't find you

That's what my godfather did back then.

The spanker wouldn't stand a chance - EpicJake

4 Try to scare them somehow
5 Spank them back
6 Bonk them in the head
7 Try to annoy the spankers
8 Lie
9 Do the right thing

This is always best.

10 Fart, when they're about to spank

I won't work unless people absolutely CANNOT stand your farts.

The Contenders

11 Kill them


12 Be nice
13 Kick them in the crotch
14 Use karate on the spanker
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